See Krupp's (environmental defense) email below.  Send your 
recommendation as follows:

Send EPA recommendations  by JANUARY 11 to:

  [email protected]

and CC to Fred Krupp at :

  [email protected]

Also, please cc me at [email protected] as well.

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Re: Bush Environmental Transition

Fred Krupp's email is [email protected]

> From: [email protected]
> Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2001 12:14:04 -0600
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> Subject: Bush Environmental Transition
> I've received this email  from Fred Krupp (EDF) who is on the Bush
> Transition team. Note the short timeline of Jan 11th. 
> Sanford Lewis
> ---------
> I recently agreed to serve on a transition advisory committee for
> EPA.  The committee members have been asked to provide materials
> for a briefing book being prepared for EPA Administrator-designee
> Whitman to focus her attention on the critical issues she should be
> addressing should she be confirmed. 
> One of the reasons I accepted this invitation is that I wanted to
> make sure that the concerns of the full range of environmental
> groups were put before Governor Whitman. I am therefore
> particularly concerned that your views on the critical challenges
> still remaining be included in her briefing materials. 
> The timetable we have been given is a daunting one.  The
> transition staff has sent out the attached questionnaire.  They
> have asked that the questionnaire be emailed to them by the close
> of business on January 11th. The questionnaire should be submitted
> to [email protected] Please copy me on your response
> so that I can follow up in making sure your concerns are put before
> the incoming Administrator. 
> Fred Krupp
> These are meant to help you consider the types of issues you may
> want to think about and briefly react to as a member of the
> Bush-Cheney EPA Transition Advisory Team. 
> 1.   If a short list of top issues facing EPA were being
> developed, from your perspective what issues should be on that
> list? 
> 2.   Please identify any other major issues (including budget
> issues) that you think would or should require the new
> Administrator's involvement? 
> 3.   Are there any opportunities within EPA that may arise in the
> first year of the new Administration that the President-elect and
> Administrator should know about? 
> 4.   Are there any critical issues that you think might rise to
> the Presidential level for decision in the first year of the new
> Administration? 
> 5.   Are you aware of any significant opportunities or challenges
> that will face the new Administration in any of the following
> areas: Congress, private sector, public sector, interest groups,
> public perceptions, or the press? 
> 6.   Are there any management or administrative issues that need
> to be addressed? 
> 7.   Are there any significant administrative actions
> (organizational changes, executive orders, directives, program
> letters, rulemakings, or lawsuits) that should be reviewed early in
> the new Administration? 
> 8.   Please provide any other information you feel would be helpful.