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INTERNET NEWSBRIEF, January 15, 1999

INTERNET NEWSBRIEF, January 15, 1999

Internet NewsBrief is a weekly service from the EPA Headquarters Library
that provides a sampling of new and/or useful Internet resources for EPA
staff and other environmental professionals.  The Internet NewsBrief is
also available on the Web at:


Energy Star Buildings Program

EPA's ENERGY STAR Buildings program is a voluntary energy-efficiency
program for U.S. commercial buildings and focuses on profitable investment
opportunities available in most buildings using proven technologies.  The
Energy Star Buildings Upgrade Manual, available online from this site, is
a guide for Energy Star Buildings Partners to use in planning and
implementing profitable energy-efficiency upgrades in their facilities. 
Read case studies of partners' success in implementing ENERGY STAR
Buildings upgrades or download software that aids the planning,
management, tracking, and reporting of building upgrades.


Environmental Resources and Sustainable Building Technology Guide

Sponsored by NorthWest BuildNet, this site is a guide to environmental and
sustainable building news, resources, organizations, and hazardous and
toxic waste data.  See the Builders Environmental Guide for information on
companies and organizations, events, experts, and energy efficiency
topics.  Also available from this site are guides to environmental
publications particularly relevant to builders.  The NorthWest BuildNet
parent site serves as an online guide to a wider range of construction
resources in the Pacific Northwest.


Greening Federal Facilities

Provided by Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) of the U. S.
Department of Energy, Greening Federal Facilities is a resource guide for
Federal facility managers to assist them in reducing energy consumption
and costs, improving the working environment of the facilities they
manage, and reducing the environmental impacts of their operations.  The
guide highlights practical actions that facility managers, design and
construction staff, and facility planners can take to save energy and
money, improve the comfort and productivity of employees, and benefit the
environment.   See the Table of Contents for links to individual sections
of the guide.

e Design Online

This site is published by the Florida Design Initiative sponsored by the
Florida Energy Office, with funds provided by the U. S. Department of
Energy.  The mission of the Florida Design Initiative is to help those who
design, own, and use facilities and communities reorient toward new
standards of practice that include the design and construction of
high-performance, energy-efficient, and sustainable buildings and
communities through best design practices, commissioning, and life-cycle
costing.  In e design Online, find articles on sustainable development,
high-performance buildings, building commissioning, and working on the
web. In addition, there are reviews of books, videos, and Web sites
addressing best practices in community and facility design and operation
and a calendar of events.


U. S. Green Building Council

The U. S. Green Building Council believes that to remain competitive and
to continue to expand and produce profits in the future, the building
industry must address the economic and environmental consequences of its
actions.  Since its formation in 1993, the USGBC has become a center for
debate and action on environmental issues facing the industry's multiple
interests and has compiled a membership of over 150 leading international
organizations.  Among the many resources available at this site are
articles by members, conference proceedings, case studies, codes and
standards, and the Green Building Report, USGBC's quarterly newsletter.


The information provided in Internet NewsBrief was correct, to the best of
our knowledge, at the time of publication.  It is important to remember,
however, the dynamic nature of the Internet.  Resources that are free and
publicly available one day may require a fee or restrict access the next,
and the location of items may change as menus and homepages are

Permission is granted to make and distribute copies of Internet NewsBrief
provided appropriate credit is given to the U. S. EPA Headquarters Library
and the disclaimer paragraph is included.


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