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Santa Cruz Toxics Release Inventory - The Santa Cruz TRI is an interactive map based resource for our community. It includes US EPA TRI releases and transfers from 1987 through 1997 (most recent data available from EPA). The Santa Cruz TRI also includes an extensive searchable right-to-know database and other resources central to communicating information about toxics.

History - five years ago we (Aran Meuser and Michael Meuser) began developing the Santa Cruz Toxics Release Inventory. We did this for two reasons. We wanted to communicate information about toxics in our community and we wanted to provide a model that other communities could follow. About a year ago EDF, after seeing our site, contracted with us to do interactive maps of TRI facilities for the entire nation - the Chemical Scorecard. Our work on the Santa Cruz TRI has also lead to our working on several community-based projects. We host and maintain this website as a community service project.

If you have comments, questions about any of the above projects, or if you would like to discuss a potential project please contact me.

Thank You,

Michael R. Meuser, M.A. (Ph.D. Candidate)
Environmental Sociologist, specializing in:
Environmental and Social Data Retrieval and
Analysis, GIS, and Environmental Justice Research,

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