Our pilot project of Inkom, located in southeastern Idaho. You can zoom-in, pan around, and find out more about the towers. Click Here to begin the tour.

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This is a very rough first draft, but I thought it was worth doing so that I could get begin to grasp the spatial magtitude of wireless RF (Radio Frequency) towers and antennas. In the future, if there is interest, the maps themselves will be "zoomable." Also, in the future, the various types of antennas will be differentiated by color and style of icon and the icons themselves will be hittable so that a visitor can view information about each item on the map. I left most of the needed detail out of these maps to get a clear view of all the sites. Clearly, more zoom levels and street level mapping is needed. the data I used for these sites came from the FCC website. Here are the totals for each category:
  • Cellular 20,455
  • Pager 39,730
  • Microwave 241,258
  • Television 1,714
  • AM 4,789
  • FM 6,014
  • Private 589,300
Note that the private antennas listed above were not included in the preliminary project.

If you are interested in mapping these wireless sources in your community, please contact me.

Data Source: FCC Licensing Database Extracts

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