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RTK-Watch (right to know watch) is an online forum that encourages lively discussion, news releases, and the like related to right to know including, but not limited to:

  • Risk assessment and the precautionary principle
  • Toxic release inventory changes
  • Internet communication of environmental data
  • Internet censorship - including worst case scenarios
  • Global rtk - PRTRs (pollutant release and transfer registry).
  • Raw vs. aggregated data
  • Environmental Justice data needs and research
  • Toxic ignorance and the precautionary principle
  • Politics of environmental disclosure
  • RTK successes and failures
  • Outreach
  • Corporate environmental reporting
  • Innovations
and ANYTHING that you think is related and needs to be discussed. With your help the list will grow into a lively discussion and resource for these and related issues.

Join the RTK-Watch email discussion list. This list is not moderated and anyone can join.

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To send a message to the list use the following email address:

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