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Chemical accidents can and do happen anytime. The Chemical Safety Board says that each year chemical fires, explosions and spills kill some 250 Americans. The more that we know about the 66,000 facilities that must report their "worst case scenarios" (and the thousands of smaller chemical handlers who do not have to report), the better we can protect our communities from the devastation of chemical accidents and chemical releases.

We would like to map all of these facilities. We have developed the infrastructure for this project. Take a look at we have done so far. I think that you will agree that this will be of great benefit to communities around the nation. We have the tools, expertise, and data to accomplish this goal. With your help we can make it a reality. Sponsors of this work will be listed below and elsewhere on our websites. Of course, anonymous donations are also welcome. If you are able to help support this work, please contact me.

Best and Thanks,

Michael R. Meuser

Thanks to the following organizations and individuals for helping to raise awareness and protect communities around the U.S. from the devastating consequences of chemical accidents and releases.

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