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According to Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) reports submitted by manufacturing facilities in accordance with the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA), millions of pounds of toxic chemicals have been released and transferred in Santa Cruz County from 1987 through 1997. In 1991 the General Accounting Office (GAO) (GAO/RCED-91-121) estimated that these reported releases and transfers could represent as little as 5% of the actual toxic load we are exposed to in our communities. For more about what TRI is and is NOT see the menu items to the left and see:

Since the 1991 GAO report, the situation has improved somewhat. Additions have been made to the TRI list of reportable chemicals and federal facilities must now report their releases. The EPA is proposing to add more facilities and is considering, in response to a directive from President Clinton, a Chemical Use Inventory (CUI) that promises to track toxic chemicals throughout the cycle of production and consumption. For more information see the "links" menu selection (to the right) and see:

On the following pages you will find "hit-able" and "zoom-able" maps of Santa Cruz County. The first map indicates the general locations of (1) Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) facilities, (2) privately owned facilities that receive off-site transfers, and (3) publicly owned treatment works (POTWs). This map encompasses the entire county and within it you will find four clusters. "Zoom-in" on any cluster (Watsonville, Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley, and Ben Lomond) by pointing-and-clicking on the area of the map. A more detailed map will appear.
At this second level the map will indicate local streets, roads, and highways, and the location of each facility. Stickpins, like on a map at home, pinpoint the exact location of each facility. As well, the facilities are identified by the letters (T) for TRI facilities, (O) for privately owned facilities that receive off-site transfers, and (P) for POTWs. One of these letters is on the head of each of the stickpins indicating the type of that facility.
You can then point-and-click on any facility's "stickpin" to find its name, address, parent company, contact and other useful information, including a table summarizing their annual releases and transfers. You can click on a year (from 1987-1997) to view a facsimile of the detailed report submitted by the facility for that year explaining their releases and transfers in more detail.
Through various links or by using our search-engine you will also find many documents that explain, tell the history, the benefits, the shortcomings, and the future of TRI and Right-to-Know reporting. There are also tables listing the human health and environmental effects of the more commonly released chemicals and metals and New Jersey Department of Public Health Hazardous Substance Fact Sheets for each TRI chemical released or transferred in Santa Cruz County.

Included are several links to other sites where important information about TRI releases and transfers, government programs and documents, and environmental organizations can be found.

Santa Cruz TRI Santa Cruz TRI

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