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Reason for change: CREATE AT NAMADD IMPLEMENTATION                   

Breakdown of releases (by chemical) follows:

Chemical Name: TOLUENE
CAS Number: 000108883             (Name: VI-TEX PACKAGING INC.)
Maximum Amount On Site: 1,000 - 9,999 LBS                  (Year: 1987)
Medium        Release (lbs)    Destination or Method Used
------------  --------------   --------------------------
FUGITIVE AIR           2,733
STACK AIR              8,199
OFF-SITE                 250   TO: ENSCO 
                                   EL DORADO, AR
                               USING: INCINERATION/THERMAL TREATMENT          
OFF-SITE               1,438   TO: ROMIC CHEMICAL 
                                   E. PALO ALTO, CA
                               USING: SOLVENTS/ORGANICS RECOVERY              
Total                 12,620

Totals for all chemicals for VI-TEX PACKAGING INC. 
Releases and Transfers (in lbs) -
Fugitive air     :          2,733
Stack Air        :          8,199
Off-site Transfer:          1,688
Total            :         12,620                          (Year: 1987)

This search was taken from RTK NET's (the Right-To-Know Network)'s copy of EPA's TRIS database. RTK NET is run by OMB Watch and Unison Institute at 1742 Connecticut Ave., NW, Washington DC, 20009 - Phone: 202-234-8494.

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