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Source Reduction Activity Codes

Source: EPA 1994 Toxics Release Inventory
Public Data Release, Box 2-3

Good Operating Practices

W13 Improved maintenance scheduling, recordkeeping, or procedures
W14 Changed production schedule to minimize equipment and feedstock changeovers
W19 Other changes in operating practices

Inventory Control

W21 Instituted procedures to ensure that materials do not stay in inventory beyond


W22 Began to test outdated material -- continue to use if still effective
W23 Eliminated shelf-life requirements for stable materials
W24 Instituted better labelling procedures
W25 Instituted clearinghouse to exchange materials that would otherwise be discarded
W29 Other changes in inventory control

Spill and Leak Prevention

W31 Improved storage or stacking procedures
W32 Improved procedures for loading, unloading, and transfer operations
W33 Installed overflow alarms or automatic shut-off valves
W35 Installed vapor recovery systems
W36 Implemented inspection or monitoring program of potential spill or leak sources
W39 Other spill and leak prevention

Raw Material Modifications

W41 Increased purity of raw materials
W42 Substituted raw materials
W49 Other raw material modifications

Process Modifications

W51 Instituted recirculation within a process
W52 Modified equipment, layout, or piping
W53 Use of a different process catalyst
W54 Instituted better controls on operating bulk containers to minimize discarding of empty containers
W55 Changed from small volume containers to bulk containers to minimize discarding of empty containers
W58 Other process modifications

Cleaning and Degreasing

W59 Modified stripping/cleaning equipment
W60 Changed to mechanical stripping/cleaning devices (from solvents or other materials)
W61 Changed to aqueous cleaners (from solvents or other materials)
W63 Modified containment procedures for cleaning units
W64 Improved draining procedures
W65 Redesigned parts racks to reduce dragout
W66 Modified or installed rinse systems
W67 Improved rinse equipment design
W68 Improved rinse equipment operation
W71 Other cleaning and degreasing modifications

Surface Preparation and Finishing

W72 Modified spray systems or equipment
W73 Substituted coating materials used
W74 Improved application techniques
W75 Changed from spray to other system
W78 Other surface preparation and finishing modifications

Product Modifications

W81 Changed product specifications
W82 Modified design or composition
W83 Modified packaging
W89 Other product modifications

Source: USEPA 1994 Toxics Release Inventory Public Data Release (EPA 745-R-96-002, June 1996).

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