RTK or Left-To-Wonder?
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RMP Chemical Accident "Worst Case
Scenario" Maps Already on Internet

NEW: Risk Management Plan Maps Online
With Links to EPA Public Data

The EPA, Industry and the Subcommittees on Health and Environment and Oversight and Investigations of the House Commerce Committee fear that maps like these will increase the risk of a terrorist attack. These maps have been on the internet for at least a year.

Planning for the worst October 10, 1997 article and maps of chemical accident likely and worst case scenarios in Augusta, GA.

Du Pont Worst Case Scenario Vulnerability Zones RTK Net's maps of Du Pont facilities in several states.

DUPONT RELEASES "WORST CASE SCENARIO - THOUSANDS COULD DIE. April 29, 1999 article and map of Dupont facility worst case scenario in West Virginia. Other facilities' worst case scenarios discussed. (The link to this story and maps in the West Virginia Gazette is no longer active).
RTK or Left-To-Wonder?
Recommended Reading

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