RTK or Left-To-Wonder?
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More Articles About Waxman's LA Pollution Report

Here are more articles about Waxman's March 1, 1999 LA Air Pollution report:

San Jose Mercury News: (March 2, 1999) Breathing L.A. air raises cancer risk

Associated Press: (March 2, 1999) Pollution levels in Los Angeles' air tower over federal standards, study finds

CBS News: (March 2, 1999) L.A. Air Carcinogenic? Congressional Report Paints Bleak Picture Air 426 Times Dirtier Than Federal Standard Certain Lung Cancers On The Rise

Visit Representative Henry A. Waxman's homepage for this report, earlier reports and background material, and information on the Clean Air Act.

Read related March 1, 1999 LA Times article
RTK or Left-To-Wonder?
Recommended Reading

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