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Y2K Testing: EPA states its intent to
waive 100% of the civil penalties

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Summary: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announces today an enforcement policy designed to encourage prompt testing of computer-related equipment to ensure that environmental compliance is not impaired by the Year 2000 ("Y2K") computer bug. Under this policy, EPA states its intent to waive 100% of the civil penalties that might otherwise apply, and to recommend against criminal prosecution, for environmental violations caused during specific tests that are designed to identify and eliminate Y2K-related malfunctions. This policy is limited to testing-related violations disclosed to EPA by February 1, 2000, and it is subject to certain conditions, such as the need to design and conduct the tests well in advance of the dates in question, the need to conduct the tests for the shortest possible period of time necessary, the need to correct any testing-related violations immediately, and other conditions to ensure that protection of human health and the environment is not compromised.

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