RTK or Left-To-Wonder?
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FYI: EPA has just placed the RMP (risk management plan) data online. It includes 4,699 of the 64,000 plus reports. More will be added as they become available. Of course the one thing that they have not included is the OCA (offsite consequence analysis), more commonly known as "worst case scenarios" in the event of a chemical accident. The reason for this, they say, is that having the OCA online would enable terrorism. You can find the data at

What is weird is that everything including facility address, amounts and names of chemicals on site and much much more IS online. It would seem that any half-way dilligent would be terrorist could easily combine this information with RMP*Comp the free software provided by NOAA that facilities use to calculate their "WORST CASE SCENARIOS."

NOAA makes RMP*Comp freely available to the public at:

More info on worst case scenarios is at:

Who are the 64,000 facilities really afraid will see the worst case scenarios? I'll bet it's not terrorists, more likely the U.S. Public.


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