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Federal Register: Establishment of the Children's
Health Protection Advisory Committee

[Federal Register: September 9, 1997 (Volume 62, Number 174)]
[Page 47494]
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Establishment of the Children's Health Protection Advisory

AGENCY: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

ACTION: Establishment of Federal Advisory Committee.


SUMMARY: As required by section 9(a)(2) of the Federal Advisory
Committee Act (5 U.S.C. App.II. section 9(a)(2), we are giving notice
that the Environmental Protection Agency is establishing the Children's
Health Protection Advisory Committee. The purpose of this balanced,
broad-based committee is to advise the Agency on children's
environmental health issues as it develops regulations, guidance and
policies; communicates with the public; and conducts research.
    Copies of the Committee Charter will be filed with the appropriate
committees of Congress and the Library of Congress.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Persons needing further information
should contact Paula R. Goode, Office of Children's Health Protection,
USEPA (G 50), 401 M Street SW., Washington, DC 20460, (202) 260-3356,
[email protected]

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Background: Children face significant and
unique health threats from a range of environmental hazards. They are
often more heavily exposed and more vulnerable than adults to toxins in
the environment, from asthma-exacerbating air pollution and lead-based
paint in older homes, to treatment-resistant microbes in drinking
water, and to persistent chemicals that may cause cancer or induce
developmental changes, or may affect an individual's ability to
reproduce as a healthy adult. Children's developing immune and nervous
systems can be highly vulnerable to disruption by toxins in the
environment and the consequences may be lifelong.
    The Environmental Protection Agency has created a new Office of
Children's Health Protection (OCHP) and its mission is to make the
protection of children's health a fundamental goal of public health and
environmental protection in the United States. This goal will be
achieved by setting strong standards to protect children's health,
conducting scientific research to better understand environmental
threats to children's health, and by increasing public education and
community outreach on children's issues. This Office will help
implement the President's Executive Order to Protect Children from
Environmental Health and Safety Threats, which was signed on April 21,
    The creation of an advisory committee on children's environmental
health will provide the structured environment for meaningful
information exchanges and consensus building discussions.
    The Committee will be composed of approximately 25 members. OCHP
will ensure that there is a balanced, broad-based representation among
the membership of this advisory committee.

PARTICIPANTS: EPA anticipates that the committee will include
representatives of public health and health practitioner communities,
academia, State and local government, other Federal agencies,
environmental and public interest groups, industry, and the general

    Dated: September 2, 1997.
E. Ramona Trovato,
Director, Office of Children's Health Protection.
[FR Doc. 97-23844 Filed 9-8-97; 8:45 am]

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