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Napalming Baton Rouge

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Subject: Napalming Baton Rouge

Our good friends at EPA Region VI (Dallas) have approved the burning of 130,000 LB of mixed napalm and toluene per month for the next 18 months in an incinerator in Baton Rouge, La. The incinerator is owned by Rhodia (formerly Rhome-Poulenc) and the contract is with DSI of Deer Park, Tx to burn the waste which formerly belonged to the U.S. Navy. The midnight (and very secret) deal was approved by EPA 12-31-98 and the first test burn was made 1-6-99. There was no public comment period and EPA did not notify anyone in Louisiana that the process was even under consideration until the deal was done. California refused to allow the burn because of the high benzene content (21% pure Benzene 33% gasoline and 46% polystyrene), Missouri, Illinois and Indiana also refused the waste which is currently being blended with Toluene in Texas. Blending this mess with toluene 50% and napalm 50% will result in an aromatics,/benzene level over 70%. So far, the Louisiana DEQ has refused to step in (surprised?) and we are against the wall trying to come up with strategy (short of kidnapping the EPA Regional Administrator) to stop this madness.

If anyone has hard data on what levels of dioxin we could expect to come from this mixture, please respond as quickly as possible. We have contacted all of our elected representatives/senators with little clear response as yet. They are interested in as many facts as we can amass, so this is a blatant plea for help. All ideas and suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks for being there.

Paul Ringo, Lake Charles, La.

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