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Zero Discharge of Dioxin in Oakland

READ The Draft Resolution: Dioxin, Public Health and the Environment.

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January 10, 1999



Dioxin is the most toxic chemical known to science, and no amount of
exposure is safe.  The Oakland City Council will soon vote on adopting a
resolution to start phasing-out dioxin emissions from industrial
polluters, and to support safer alternatives that don't emit dioxin into
our environment.

This resolution will protect our community's health and environment.  It
will compel the City to identify dioxin sources; develop dioxin pollution
prevention strategies; reduce PVC plastic use wherever possible in City
departments; and notify other local Bay Area governments and regulators
that Oakland supports zero dioxin policies.

On Tuesday, January 12, 1999 at 3:00 PM at Oakland City Hall, the City
Council's Public Safety Committee will hear a staff report on the
resolution and then vote on its recommendation.  The resolution, which has
been introduced by Councilmember Nancy Nadel, will then move to the full
City Council for consideration.

Please call your Oakland City Council representative and express your
support for the passage of this resolution.  It is particularly important
to contact Public Safety Committee members prior to Jan. 12:  Henry Chang
Jr., Nate Miley, Nancy Nadel, and Larry Reid.  (Please note that the
Committee memberships changed as of this week with the inauguration of
Jerry Brown as Mayor.  An earlier version of this announcement listed the
old committee members.)

If you don't know which district you are in, you can find out by calling
the Oakland City Clerk at 510 238-3612.

Non-Oakland residents are also encouraged to let Oakland officials know
they are watching developments closely, and support this important
resolution.  You can fax comments and letters of support to the Oakland
City Council's Public Safety Committee at 510 238-6129.

District 1:  Jane Brunner, 238-7001 (tel) or 238-6910 (fax)
District 2:  John Russo, 238-7002 (tel) or 238-6910 (fax)
District 3:  Nancy Nadel, 238-7003 (tel) or 238-6129 (fax)
District 4:  Dick Spees, 238-7004 (tel) or 238-6129 (fax)
District 5:  Ignacio de la Fuente, 238-7005 (tel) or 238-6910 (fax)
District 6:  Nate Miley, 238-7006 (tel) or 238-6129 (fax)
District 7:  Larry Reid, 238-7007 (tel) or 238-6910 (fax)
At Large:   Henry Chang Jr., 238-7008 (tel) or 238-6938 (fax)

For more information, contact the Oakland Coalition for Health &
Environmental Justice:

People United for a Better Oakland (PUEBLO), 510 452-2010
Commonweal, 510 845-9023
Greenaction 415 566-3475
Center for Environmental Health, 415 974-5028

READ The Draft Resolution: Dioxin, Public Health and the Environment.

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