RTK or Left-To-Wonder?
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Internet a threat to industry

From: ABC (Australian Broadcasting Company) News,

Internet a threat to industry, forum told Wed, 2 Sep 1998  

Australia's Plastics and Chemicals Industries Association has 
been warned growth in the use of the Internet poses a threat 
to industry profits in a climate of growing environmental 

United States Chamber of Commerce vice-president William 
Kovacs was commenting at the association's convention in 
Port Douglas.  

Mr Kovacs told delegates the biggest threat to plastics and 
chemicals, and perhaps all industry, is the ability for 
anyone to disseminate incorrect information cheaply to the 
entire world.  

He says the use of the Internet by extreme environmentalists 
and greater amounts of public disclosure law will create fear 
and allow the sabotage of industries.  

Mr Kovacs warns that when the tide changes against industry, 
industrialised nations will act like countries dominated by 
religious fundamentalists.  

� 1998 Australian Broadcasting Corporation
RTK or Left-To-Wonder?
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