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Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition 16th Anniversary and Benefit

Date sent:          Fri, 13 Nov 1998 12:49:59 -0800 (PST)
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From:               Ted Smith 

Dear Friends:

Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition will be clelbrating our 16th birthday next
week with a benefit party at De Anza College where we will be unveiling some
new aspects of our award winning web site (winner of the Yahoo Seal of
Excellence Award).  Our interactive web site defines and documents our
toxic legacy and also points the way toweard a more sustainable future.  It
features GIS maps that link environmental and census data, and we will also
be demonstrating how we have been able to to mobilize international support
behind some of our campaigns.  We will also be presenting community service
awards to several community and enviornmental activists who have helped
improve our community.

Take a sneak preview at

We would be delighted and honored if you could join us at this event.  It is
on Thursday, Novmber 19 at 7:00 at De Anza College Campus center.  Admission
price is $50.00 per person and sponsorships range from $1000.00 to $150.00.
We will also have plenty of good food and entertainment.  I hope you can
come join us and help us celebrate "sweet sixteen!"  Thanks a lot.

Please share this invitation with others and call us if you would like more
inforamtion at 408-287-6707.

Ted Smith

Ted Smith
Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition
760 N. First Street
San Jose, CA 95112
[email protected]

Get a sneak preview of our maps showing Toxic Release Inventory data and
communities in Santa County at

>ALSO AVAILABLE AT OUR WEBSITE -- New environmental justice maps

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� Knowledge without character
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