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INTERNET NEWSBRIEF, November 20, 1998


Registration Status Information, Office of Pesticide Programs

EPA's Office of Pesticide Programs put together this page to
provide easy access to a wide range of pesticide registration
information.  A recent addition to this page is the 1998 version
of the Rainbow Report, otherwise known as the "Status of Pesticides
in Registration, Reregistration, and Special Review". This report,
available at in
PDF format, provides the status of pesticides that are undergoing
or have completed the pesticide reregistration or Special Review
programs mandated by the federal pesticide law, FIFRA (the Federal
Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act).  The report also
lists "new" pesticide active ingredients--those initially
registered since November 1, 1984, which by law are not subject to
reregistration.  These new pesticides will be reviewed periodically
in the future through the registration review program under the
1996 Food Quality Protection Act.


Pesticide Education Resources, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Designed by the Pesticide Education Office of the University of
Nebraska-Lincoln, this site has received numerous awards for the
information service it provides.  One can find information about
educational and training programs that address health, the
environment, and pesticide safety.  Such programs include pesticide
applicator training (PAT), as well as pesticide education for the
general public.   The site offers access to such online documents
as the National Core Manual, "Applying Pesticides Correctly," and
their monthly newsletter, "The Label."  This month's issue covers
the EPA proposal to designate plants as pesticides. Comments by
scientists and the official EPA position are presented. Information
is also provided in the November issue on EPA's changes in
pesticide registration priorities.


National Integrated Pest Management Network (NIPMN), U. S.
Department of Agriculture

Integrated pest management promotes minimized pesticide use,
enhanced environmental stewardship, and sustainable systems.  The
National Integrated Pest Management Network (NIPMN) is the result
of a public-private partnership dedicated to making the latest and
most accurate pest management information available on the World
Wide Web.  The network consists of web servers for each of the USDA
defined regions (Southern, Northeastern, North Central, and
Western) in the US.  Within each region, participating institutions
provide state-specific or subject-specific information.   This site
acts as the gateway to your region, plus offers national news,
announcements, and an online forum to discuss pesticide issues or
share solutions.


Pesticide Management Unit, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
of the United Nations

This division of FAO works with member countries to introduce
sustainable and environmentally sound agricultural practices which
reduce the health hazard associated with the use of pesticides.
Of particular concern are countries where living and working
conditions make pesticide use more hazardous.  Access such online
texts as the International Code of Conduct on the Distribution and
Use of Pesticides which provides solutions for this particular
problem.   This site also disseminates numerous other online
publications like Pesticide Management Guidelines or information
on pesticide residue in foods.  For more information on the latter,
try their newly updated database, Codex Alimentarius: Database on
Maximum Limits for Pesticide Residue in Foods.


Rachel Carson Council

A clearinghouse and library with information at both scientific and
layperson levels on pesticide-related issues, the Rachel Carson
Council develops its knowledge from literature searches and
conversations with experts.  It then provides answers to the public
and also produces various publications clarifying pesticide dangers
and bringing alternative pest controls to the public's attention.
 Browse their online library of factsheets, newsletters, and
publications information.  Find information about their recent
Wildlife, Pesticides, and People Conference, held in September
1998.  Currently only the agenda is available online; however,
contact information is available to acquire conference proceedings,
videos, and audiotapes.


The information provided in Internet Newsbrief was correct, to the
best of our knowledge, at the time of publication.  It is important
to remember, however, the dynamic nature of the Internet.
Resources that are free and publicly available one day may require
a fee or restrict access the next, and the location of items may
change as menus and homepages are reorganized.

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