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Y2K and FDIC Monitoring of Your Banking Activities

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Visit               November 25,1998

I won't be posting to this list until Monday, so here is a News Flash
you need to get now. Sunday's 60 Minutes will feature a segment on Y2K
including a short interview with Scott Olmsted
(  If you didn't see Scott in the November
30 issue of Newsweek or October 20th ABC Nightline, here's another

The post earlier today on the FDIC contained contact information that
was no longer valid.  Apparently the FDIC turned off that particular
email address.  Here is some follow up info from the Y2k Newswire.

> We previously reported how the FDIC is attempting to implement
> customer "profiling" of customers in order to "find criminals."
> We think it's an effort to discourage Y2K-related cash
> withdrawals. Essentially, banks would begin monitoring your
> private banking records in 1999, and any "deviation" from your
> "normal" banking behavior would be reported to the authorities.
> These new rules go into effect in 1999 unless enough people
> scream about it. The FDIC posted an e-mail address to receive
> comments on this, and as it turns out, that address doesn't even
> work! Apparently the FDIC doesn't want to hear *anything*
> negative about this, then they can claim there were no complaints.
> Since the FDIC is soliciting public comment on this issue and
> yet they refuse to enable the listed e-mail address, we've been
> digging up some other FDIC e-mail addresses for you. If you sent
> an e-mail to the FDIC yesterday, you'll need to *send it to them
> again* today, using these addresses:
> [email protected] (the site webmaster)
> [email protected] (for help with dealing with the FDIC)
> [email protected] (for consumer questions)
> Plus, here are more resources:
> Phone numbers:
> FDIC's Toll-Free Telephone Numbers 
> Call Reports (800) 688-3342 
> Consumer Affairs Hotline
> TDD (800) 934-3342 
> (800) 925-4618 
> Disclosure (800) 945-2186 
> Deposit Insurance Information (800) 759-6596 
> Job Information Line (800) 695-8052 
> OIG Hotline (800) 964-3342 
> Ombudsman Office (800) 250-9286 
> Public Information Center (800) 276-6003 
> Trust and Surveys  (800) 765-4081 
> Vendor Information Hotline (800) 695-2881 
> Midwest Service Center (Chicago, IL) (800) 944-5343 
> Northeast Service Center (Hartford, CT) (800) 873-7785 
> Southeast Service Center (Atlanta, GA) (800) 765-3342 
> Southwest Service Center (Dallas, TX) (800) 568-9161 
> Western Service Center (Irvine, CA) (800) 756-3558 
> Plus, there are more e-mail and phone numbers at:
> List of key FDIC personnel:
> When you contact these folks, refer to the "profiling". You
> might mention we don't want Big Brother FDIC snooping around our
> private bank accounts, especially at the exact moment people are
> going to need some extra cash. To think: starting in 1999,
> accessing your OWN money makes you a suspected criminal.
> (The source of the snooping story is the World Net Daily:)
> http://www.worldnetdaily.
> com/bluesky_exnews/19981123_xex_big_brother_.shtml
> Story at:

Have a great Thanksgiving weekend...and tell all your family about
your Y2k preparedness plans!  (And if you don't have a Y2k
preparedness plan,  stay tuned for the Y2k Weatherman Personal
Advisory Service which will be coming soon!)

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