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Update on Plutonium Permit
for Lowry Landfill

From: Adrienne Anderson
Subject: Update on plutonium permit for Lowry Landfill

Attached are my brief comments for the plutonium permit Metro Wastewater has proposed for Lowry Landfill.

Update: Many citizens have attempted to e-mail comments to Metro to comment on this precedent-setting permit, but are getting automatic "OUT OF THE OFFICE" replies. How interesting. Note also that Metro has its own website ( and has no e-mail contacts listed. They also removed a feature on their website for people to post their comments, but removed it within a week of getting numerous critical comments from the public. So much for public accessibility by our taxpayer-funded governmental entities. If anyone has unsucessfully attempted to e-mail comments to Metro about this permit and had them returned, please forward them to me, and I will assure that they are hand-delivered to Metro Wastewater's board meeting, Tuesday night, December 15th, 1998 at 7:00 p.m., at the Admistration Building, 6450 York Street, Denver, Colorado 80229. Or you can fax comments to (303)286-3030.

Adrienne Anderson Instructor Environmental Studies
University of Colorado at Boulder CB 339,
Boulder, Colorado 80309-0339
(303)492-4555 (message)
[email protected]

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