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A Civil Action - Coming soon to a theater near you

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Subject:        civil action coming Jan. 8 and some interesting websites

Civil Action, a movie about a cancer cluster in Woburn, MA will be 
coming to movie theaters on Jan. 8.  The book by J. Harr has been 
on the NY times bestseller list for some time.  Phil Brown's book 
first published in 1990 and also about the Woburn, MA case 
preceded Harr's by 5 years.  Harr wrote the intro to the reprint 
(1997) edition of Brown's _No safe place: toxic waste, leukemia, 
and community action_, Berkeley, University of California Press, 
1997.  The upcoming release of the movie has spawned some 
interesting websites that you might be interested in:  

W.R. Grace & co.

Science in the courtroom

A focus on Harr's book

Both A Civil Action and No safe place: toxic waste, leukemia, 
and community action are available here through and 
at your local bookshop.


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