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Toxics: EPA Nearly Doubles List
of Reportable Chemicals

Source: GREENWIRE: The Daily Briefing
on Environmental News!

In an action that will affect thousands of companies, the US EPA yesterday doubled the number of toxic chemicals whose release to the environment must be made public. The EPA said it would add 286 chemicals to the 368 chemicals already covered by the Toxics Release Inventory, a community right-to-know program enacted by Congress in 1986, bringing the total to 654. Under the rule, industry must annually report the amounts of these chemicals that are released into the environment (H. Josef Hebert, AP/mult., 11/29).

The final list is "slightly smaller" than the one proposed in 1/95, and about half of the chemicals on the new list are pesticides. The EPA had originally proposed expanding the rule to cover 313 chemicals, but some were dropped and others deferred because of technical questions. The regulation will take effect 1/1/95 (W.S. JOURNAL, 11/29).

The EPA also said it would allow smaller businesses to use a shorter, less time-consuming reporting form, making it easier for them to comply. Enviros have argued "for some time" that more chemicals should be covered and have criticized the EPA for not requiring data from incinerators, electric power plants and other facilities. The rule currently applies to more than 23,600 manufacturing and industrial plants nationwide (Hebert, 11/29).

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Source: Greenwire

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