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Community Contacts

This page is currently under construction. Please contact us for corrections, or if you know of groups working on high-tech issues (ie, sustainable development, environmental and community economic impacts of high tech development, worker health and safety, computer design and recycling and corporate accountability) who should be included. This list includes those who work with the International Campaign for Responsible Technology; for the Aarhus Convention; and the IHEAL-EU process (IHEAL).


Costa Rica

Canada (Silicon Tundra)

Czech Republic



Hong Kong



Silicon Plateau, India

Silicon Wadi (Israel)



Silicon Valley East, (Penang, Malaysia)


Silicon Glen, Scotland



United States

Silicon Valley, CA

Silicon Mesa, New Mexico

Silicon Desert, AZ

Silicon Forest, OR

Silicon Hills, TX

Silicon Necklace, MA (Rte. 128 and Boston)

Silicon Village, CA

Contacts to be Added

  • France
  • Philippines

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