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How to Use the Web Maps

We have tried to make the maps as simple to use as possible. There are three basic things you can do. You can "pan" in any direction (north, south, east, west). You can zoom in to lower more detailed maps and zoom out for a less detailed view. Finally, you can obtain reports about any of the facilities listed in the legend. This includes all seven types of toxics plus schools, hospitals, and parks. More information about each type of toxic chemical source is available below the main map.

The web maps have three levels of detail. The top level offers a total view of both Silicon Valley (Santa Clara and Santa Cruz counties and portions of Alameda and San Mateo counties). There is an intermediate level to help you navigate to the lowest level. You can Zoom in from level to level by using the "zoom in" control to the right of the map or you can click on the map to zoom into a specific area.

Panning allows you to navigate in four direction within any layer except, of course, the topmost layer. Use the control to the right of the map and click on the symbol of your choice (N, S, E, W).

At the lowest, most zoomed in level, reports are available for all the points listed in the legend. Click on a point to view a report. Note that this is the most undeveloped feature in this prototype. The reports need more informative field names, more data in some cases, and links to an appropriate health effects database and to government databases that can provide more detailed infomation.

I would appreciate hearing any of your comments or criticism. Email me at [email protected].



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