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Hello and Welcome,

On these pages I will bring you current news, maps and resources related to community indicators of sustainability. I will be gathering the news from several internet sources and greatly appreciate your helping me identify more of these. Also, as our initial project in this area, we will be creating maps that will help you locate community indicator projects in North America - especially those that include maps as part of their analysis and community outreach. To accomplish this we will rely on our experience creating GIS mapservers and Web maps. You can view several of these on our "projects" page.

One of our interests is in helping communities "map-enable" their websites. Maps instantly convey important relationships and trends that are often difficult, sometimes impossible, to present only with text and charts. We have many resources that can help you and your community place descriptive and interactive maps on your website including books and links to data sources and providers of mapping software, a free GIS program and base maps, a growing library of free digital map layers, and our experience.

GIS maps can be employed as a tool to identify environmental, social, and economic features that your community may then use to define indicators. Also, maps may be employed to demonstrate indicators and their movement in time and space - trends. I am beginning now to create a demonstration project that will "showcase" a "map-view" of a few features and indicators. I hope these will be of help to you.

Please contact me if you would like help developing your "map-enabled" website, a complete "turnkey" Web map project, GIS consulting and project development, or community indicator research and creation. We will draw upon our extensive experience in GIS, Web maps, and environmental and sociological research to help you create a project that allows true visualization of things as they are, as they are becoming, and as they might be.


Michael R. Meuser
Environmental Sociologist
[email protected]

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