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Our Right-To-Know and Terrorism

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Hello -

This excerpt comes from today's EPA's daily OPPT Newsbreak ( below).
Following this was a notice (below) that OPPT would cease to be
published because of "lack of funding."  This follows on the heals of a
recent decision by EPA to limit the availability of their soon to be
released RMP - OCA (offsite consequence analysis) of worst case scenarios
in the event that facilities with hazardous materials have an accident. 
This information will only be available at the the local level and will
NOT be available on the internet.  There are 66,000 of these facilities
around the US.  Their main "reasoning" for this is that it would then be
available to terrorists.  For more on the "connections" between terrorism
and our right-to-know see:

For a quote from the vice-president of the US Chamber of Commerce on
the threat of the internet to the chemical and plastics industry see:

and for info on what has happened to EPA employees that strive to
increase our Right-To-Know see:

Over the next few days more will be available on this at:
"Pentagon Seeks Command For Emergencies in the U.S.. Clinton
Seems Likely to Approve New Plan." New York Times, 28 January 99, A19.
     The growing threat of major terrorist attacks on U.S. soil
     has prompted the Pentagon's decision to ask President
     Clinton for his go-ahead to appoint a military leader for
     the continental U.S..  The Pentagon currently has no crisis
     plan that would initiate the immediate organization and
     response of emergency personnel to stricken areas.  Distrust of
     the military and fear that it will not serve to protect citizens'
     civil liberties are two reasons given for opposition to granting the
     military this power.  Supporters of the plan argue that the military
     is the most qualified for the responsibility of organizing responses
     to terrorist strikes using germ warfare.  A Pentagon official said
     that only military services are able to transport supplies and
     equipment quickly and on a large scale basis in the event of such
     mayhem.  It may be several months before the Penagon presents Mr.
     Clinton with its recommendation.

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From:                   LINDA POORE 
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Subject:                OPPT Newsbreak cancellation notice

Dear OPPT Newsbreak subscribers and readers:

We regret to announce that, due to budget cuts, OPPT Newsbreak
will be discontinued.  We will cease publication after February
12, 1999.

Please send any questions or comments to [email protected] or
use the comments button on the OPPT homepage at  Back issues are available courtesy
of RTK Net on their website at

Thanks for your support, and thanks to the many library staff
over the years that have contributed to the production of OPPT
Newsbreak: Toxic News for the Net.

Linda Miller Poore (GCI Information Services)
Editor-in-chief, OPPT Newsbreak
Head Librarian, OPPTS Chemical Library
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Washington, D.C.
for Right-to-Know
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Michael R. Meuser
GIS and WWW Mapping Application Development
Mapping for Community Right-To-Know
"making data make sense"
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