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RmpCDTM - EPA Risk Management Plan Data and Maps Available On CD

Order Now and Save 30%

What You Can Do With RmpCDTM
You can use RmpCDTM to help protect yourself, your family, and your community from potential chemical accidents.

  • Learn how to get "worst case scenarios" (offsite consequence analysis) for your community
  • Make maps that locate facilities for flyers, reports, and the internet
  • Verify facility reports
  • Learn about dangerous chemicals stored in your neighborhood
  • Identify missing facility reports
  • Identify potential risks
  • Help reduce risks
  • Rank facilities
  • Check our RMP example
What You Will Find on the RmpCDTM
RmpDataTM and RmpMapsTM are combined on one CD. The 100,000+ files on the RmpCDTM were gathered from EPA's Risk Management Plan (RMP) website and represent the most recent publicly available data set of RMPS for the entire Nation. The RmpCDTM includes:
  • Over 100,000 files that include:
    • Registration
    • Executive summary
    • Chemicals and amounts onsite
    • Emergency response (Process NAICS/Prevention Programs)
    • Accident history
    • Accident prevention
  • html files
  • Free ArcExplorer GIS map viewer
  • ArcExplorer project with all facilities, states, counties, highways and streets
  • ArcView shapefile of all facilities
  • Various excel spreadsheets.
  • Encourage locational and facility updates. Updates free to users on a special password protected website.
  • Search by state, county, zip code, facility name
How Much Does RmpCDTM Cost?
RmpCDTM will be released to the public on February 1, 2001. Order by January 15, 2001 and save 30% off the regular price:
  • RmpCDTM for each state - $99
  • RmpCDTM for the entire nation - $499
Save 30%! Order by January 15, 2001 and pay only $69 per state or $349 for the entire nation.

Two Ways to Order the RmpCDTM
You can order online using PayPal. Or you can send us a check or money order.

  1. Order Using PayPal:

    For a state CD click here -->
    For the national CD click here -->
  2. Make your check or money order payable to Clary Meuser Associates and send to:

    Michael R. Meuser
    c/o Clary Meuser Associates
    321 Cedar Street
    Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Whether you pay using PayPal or send a check or money order please be sure to email your order to us with details (such as state desired) to [email protected]. We will confirm receipt of your email and your payment and confirm again when we ship your order. Once your payment is received we will ship RmpCDTM by priority mail.

Contact us for custom configurations

These do not include worst case scenarios except where the facility has elected to include this information in their executive summary.

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