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Download High Quality Map

Download this map in Acrobat PDF format (984K). Note that it works best to right-click on this link and choose "save file as." Acrobat Reader is needed to view or print the downloaded map. If you don't have it, you can get it here. You can use the map in any manner that you like as long as you do not change the map or remove the copyright and source information. Please also keep in mind that there are limits to the accuracy of the maps. Read below for more on this.

Map Accuracy

Note that all of these map layers, with the exception of the Yurok aboriginal layer, were extracted from various U.S. government and other data sets. This data may or may not be accurate or current. One part of this project is to verify the accuracy of each of these layers. The Yurok aboriginal layer was first scanned from a map in Yurok Geography by T.T. Waterman and then digitized with Maptitude GIS. This layer should be confirmed and/or adjusted with the direction of Yurok and neigboring tribal people. For these reasons the maps shown on this page and the downloadable GIS layers should be considered a "first cut" -- a draft -- of the current and historical geography of the region. If you have information and/or would like to be part of working on this or any other map layer, please contact me using the form below.

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