Standard Industrial Code (SIC) INDEX - C3
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5961 Computer and peripheral equipment, mail-order-retail
7371 Computer code authors
7379 Computer consultants
7376 Computer facilities management services
2761 Computer forms, manifold or continuous (excludes paper simply lined)-mfg
7377 Computer hardware rental or leasing, except finance leasing or by the manufacturer
7374 Computer input-output service
3823 Computer interface equipment for industrial process control-mfg
3674 Computer logic modules-mfg
8243 Computer operator training
3577 Computer output to microfilm units, computer peripheral equipment-mfg
3577 Computer paper tape punchers and devices, computer peripheral equipment-mfg
5112 Computer paper-wholesale
7378 Computer peripheral equipment repair and maintenance
7377 Computer peripheral equipment, rental and leasing
7299 Computer photography or portraits
5734 Computer printer stores-retail
7371 Computer programming services
7371 Computer programs or systems software development, custom
7378 Computer repair and maintenance
8243 Computer repair training
7372 Computer software publishers, prepackaged
5734 Computer software stores-retail
7371 Computer software systems analysis and design, custom
3695 Computer software tape and disks, blank: rigid and floppy-mfg
8243 Computer software training
7371 Computer software writers, free-lance
5961 Computer software, mail-order-retail
3572 Computer storage units-mfg
5734 Computer stores-retail
3575 Computer terminals-mfg
5045 Computer terminals-wholesale
7374 Computer time brokerage
7374 Computer time-sharing
7373 Computer-aided design (CAD) systems services
7373 Computer-aided engineering (CAE) systems services
7373 Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) systems services
3845 Computerized axial tomography (CT/CAT scanner) apparatus-mfg
3571 Computers: digital, analog, and hybrid-mfg
5045 Computers-wholesale
2087 Concentrates, drink: except frozen fruit-mfg
2087 Concentrates, flavoring-mfg
2037 Concentrates, frozen fruit juice-mfg
5052 Concentrates, metallic-wholesale
2844 Concentrates, perfume-mfg
3532 Concentration machinery (metallurgical and mining)-mfg
7929 Concert artists
7922 Concert management service
3931 Concertinas and parts-mfg
7999 Concession operators, amusement devices and rides
5812 Concession stands, prepared food (e.g., in airports and sports arenas)
5169 Concrete additives-wholesale
5211 Concrete and cinder block dealers-retail
5032 Concrete and cinder block-wholesale
3546 Concrete and masonry drilling tools, power: portable-mfg
3272 Concrete articulated mattresses for river revetment-mfg
1741 Concrete block laying-contractors
1795 Concrete breaking for streets and highways-contractors
3531 Concrete buggies, powered-mfg
5032 Concrete building products-wholesale
5087 Concrete burial vaults and boxes-wholesale
1611 Concrete construction: roads, highways, public sidewalks, and streets-contractors
2899 Concrete curing compounds (blends of pigments, waxes, and resins)-mfg
1771 Concrete finishers-contractors
3444 Concrete forms, sheet metal-mfg
3531 Concrete grouting equipment-mfg
3531 Concrete gunning equipment-mfg
2899 Concrete hardening compounds-mfg
3531 Concrete mixers and finishing machinery-mfg
5032 Concrete mixtures-wholesale
3531 Concrete plants-mfg
5082 Concrete processing equipment-wholesale
3559 Concrete products machinery-mfg
3272 Concrete products, precast: except block and brick-mfg
1791 Concrete products, structural precast or prestressed: placing of-contractors
1791 Concrete reinforcement, placing of-contractors
5051 Concrete reinforcing bars-wholesale
3496 Concrete reinforcing mesh, made from purchased wire-mfg
3449 Concrete reinforcing steel bars, fabricated-mfg
1771 Concrete work, except paving-contractors
1771 Concrete work: private driveways, sidewalks, and parking areas-contractors
2951 Concrete, asphaltic: not made in petroleum refineries-mfg
2951 Concrete, bituminous-mfg
3272 Concrete, dry mixture-mfg
1321 Condensate production, cycle (natural gas)
2821 Condensation plastics-mfg
3556 Condensed and evaporated milk machinery-mfg
2023 Condensed and evaporated milk-mfg
3443 Condenser boxes, metal plate-mfg
2672 Condenser paper-mfpm-mfg
2621 Condenser paper-mitse-mfg
3585 Condensers and condensing units: refrigeration and air-conditioning-mfg
3629 Condensers for motors and generators-mfg
3443 Condensers, barometric-mfg
3675 Condensers, electronic-mfg
5065 Condensers, electronic-wholesale
3629 Condensers, except electronic: fixed and variable-mfg
3443 Condensers, steam-mfg
3621 Condensers, synchronous: electric-mfg
5075 Condensing units, air-conditioning-wholesale
5078 Condensing units, refrigeration-wholesale
8641 Condominium associations, except property management
1531 Condominium developers on own account
6531 Condominium managers
3643 Conductor connectors, solderless connectors, sleeves, or soldering lugs-mfg
1623 Conduit construction-contractors
3259 Conduit, vitrified clay-mfg
3317 Conduit: welded, lock joint, and heavy riveted-mfpm-mfg
3644 Conduits and fittings, electrical-mfg
5063 Conduits and raceways-wholesale
3292 Conduits, asbestos cement-mfg
3272 Conduits, concrete-mfg
2679 Conduits, fiber (pressed pulp)-mfpm-mfg
2655 Cones, fiber: for winding yarn, string, ribbons, or cloth-mfpm-mfg
2052 Cones, ice cream-mfg
3269 Cones, pyrometric: earthenware-mfg
2087 Confectioners' colors-mfg
3556 Confectionery machinery-mfg
5441 Confectionery produced for direct sale on the premises-retail
5441 Confectionery stores-retail
2064 Confectionery-mfg
5145 Confectionery-wholesale
2679 Confetti-mfpm-mfg
9121 Congress
3714 Connecting rods, motor vehicle: gasoline engine-mfg
3643 Connectors and terminals for electrical devices-mfg
3643 Connectors, conductor: solderless connectors, sleeves, or soldering lugs-mfg
3643 Connectors, electric cord-mfg
3678 Connectors, electronic: e.g., coaxial, cylindrical, rack and panel, printed circuit-mfg
5065 Connectors, electronic-wholesale
3613 Connectors, power-mfg
3643 Connectors, solderless (wiring devices)-mfg
9512 Conservation and stabilization agencies-government
2511 Console tables, wood-mfg
3677 Constant impedance transformers-mfg
3462 Construction and mining equipment forgings, ferrous: not made in rolling mills-mfg
8249 Construction equipment operation schools
7353 Construction equipment, heavy: rental and leasing
5082 Construction machinery and equipment-wholesale
3531 Construction machinery, except mining-mfg
8741 Construction management
5063 Construction materials, electrical: interior and exterior-wholesale
2621 Construction paper-mitse-mfg
1442 Construction sand mining
1623 Construction: water, sewer, pipeline, power line-general contractors
1622 Construction: bridges, tunnels, and elevated highways-general contractors
9721 Consulates
8999 Consultants, nuclear: not connected with business service laboratories
4731 Consultants, tariff
7299 Consumer buying service
7323 Consumer credit reporting bureaus
5731 Consumer electronic equipment stores-retail
6141 Consumer finance companies
9611 Consumer protection offices-government
6331 Contact lens insurance
3851 Contact lenses-mfg
5048 Contact lenses-wholesale
3643 Contacts, electrical: except carbon and graphite-mfg
2631 Container board-mitse-mfg
3221 Containers for packing, bottling, and canning: glass-mfg
2449 Containers made of staves-mfg
3537 Containers, air cargo: metal-mfg
2653 Containers, corrugated and solid fiberboard-mfpm-mfg
3497 Containers, foil: for bakery goods and frozen goods-mfg
2656 Containers, food, sanitary: except folding-mfpm-mfg
2655 Containers, laminated phenolic and vulcanized fiber-mfpm-mfg
2655 Containers, liquid tight fiber (except sanitary food containers)-mfpm-mfg
3411 Containers, metal: food, milk, oil, beer, general line-mfg
5113 Containers, paper and disposable plastics-wholesale
3089 Containers, plastics: except foam, bottles, and bags-mfg
3412 Containers, shipping: barrels, kegs, drums, packages-liquid tight (metal)-mfg
3443 Containers, shipping: metal plate (bombs, etc.)-except missile casings-mfg
2449 Containers, veneer and plywood: except nailed and lock corner boxes-mfg
8299 Continuing education programs
2761 Continuous forms, office and business: carbonized or multiple reproduction-mfg
7213 Continuous towel supply service
3827 Contour projectors-mfg
5812 Contract feeding
8611 Contractor's associations
7389 Contractors' disbursement control
2835 Contrast media diagnostic products (e.g., iodine and barium)-mfg
3625 Control circuit devices: magnet and solid-state-mfg
3625 Control circuit relays, industrial-mfg
3621 Control equipment for buses and trucks-mfg
3625 Control equipment, electric-mfg
3714 Control equipment, motor vehicle: acceleration mechanisms and governors-mfg
3613 Control panels, electric power distribution-mfg
3559 Control rod drive mechanisms for use on nuclear reactors-mfg
3612 Control transformers-mfg
3492 Control valves, fluid power: metal-mfg
3674 Controlled rectifiers, solid-state-mfg
3823 Controllers for process variables: electric, electronic, and pneumatic-mfg
9311 Controllers' offices-government
5084 Controlling instruments and accessories, industrial-wholesale
3625 Controls and control accessories, industrial-mfg
3625 Controls for adjustable speed drives-mfg
3824 Controls, revolution and timing instruments-mfg
8059 Convalescent homes for psychiatric patients, with health care
8051 Convalescent homes with continuous nursing care
8059 Convalescent homes with health care
3631 Convection ovens, household: including portable-mfg
5074 Convectors-wholesale
5411 Convenience food stores-retail
3643 Convenience outlets, electric-mfg
7389 Convention bureaus
7389 Convention decorators
8661 Convents
3621 Converters, phase and rotary: electrical equipment-mfg
2515 Convertible sofas-mfg
3111 Convertors, leather-mfg
3496 Conveyor belts, made from purchased wire-mfg
1796 Conveyor system installation-contractors
3535 Conveyor systems for general industrial use-mfg
5084 Conveyor systems-wholesale
3523 Conveyors, farm (agricultural machinery)-mfg
3469 Cookers, pressure: stamped or drawn-mfg
3589 Cookers, steam: restaurant type-mfg
5461 Cookie stores-retail
2052 Cookies-mfg
5149 Cookies-wholesale
3634 Cooking appliances, household: electric, except convection and microwave ovens-mfg
3589 Cooking equipment, commercial-mfg
5046 Cooking equipment, commercial-wholesale
2079 Cooking oils, vegetable: except corn oil-refined-mfg
5149 Cooking oils-wholesale
8299 Cooking schools
3365 Cooking utensils, cast aluminum: except die-castings-mfg
3321 Cooking utensils, cast iron-mfg
3229 Cooking utensils, glass and glass ceramic-mfg
3262 Cooking ware, china-mfg
3263 Cooking ware, fine earthenware-mfg
3469 Cooking ware, porcelain enameled-mfg
3269 Cooking ware: stoneware, coarse earthenware, and pottery-mfg
5719 Cookware-retail
4961 Cooled air suppliers
5078 Coolers, beverage and drinking water: mechanical-wholesale
3585 Coolers, milk and water: electric-mfg
3086 Coolers, portable: foamed plastics-mfg
4741 Cooling of railroad cars
3724 Cooling systems, aircraft engine-mfg
3443 Cooling towers, metal plate-mfg
3444 Cooling towers, sheet metal-mfg
2499 Cooling towers, wood or wood and sheet metal combination-mfg
2429 Cooperage stock mills-mfg
2429 Cooperage stock: staves, heading, and hoops-sawed or split-mfg
5085 Cooperage stock-wholesale
2449 Cooperage-mfg
1531 Cooperative apartment developers on own account
6531 Cooperative apartment manager
6311 Cooperative life insurance organizations
2449 Coopered tubs-mfg
5137 Coordinate sets: women's, children's, and infants'-wholesale
3259 Coping, wall: clay-mfg
3272 Copings, concrete-mfg
2822 Copolymers: butadiene-styrene, butadiene-acrylonitrile, over 50 percent butadiene-mfg
3366 Copper and copper-base alloy castings, except die-castings-mfg
3366 Copper and copper-base alloy foundries-mfg
2879 Copper arsenate, formulated-mfg
2819 Copper chloride-mfg
3364 Copper die-castings-mfg
3497 Copper foil, not made in rolling mills-mfg
3366 Copper foundries, except die-castings-mfg
3331 Copper ingots and refinery bars, primary-mfg
2819 Copper iodide and oxide-mfg
1021 Copper ore mining
5052 Copper ore-wholesale
3351 Copper rolling, drawing, and extruding-mfg
5051 Copper sheets, plates, bars, rods, pipes, etc.-wholesale
3331 Copper smelting and refining, primary-mfg
3341 Copper smelting and refining, secondary-mfg
2819 Copper sulfate-mfg
7699 Coppersmithing repair, except construction
1761 Coppersmithing, in connection with construction work-contractors
3555 Copy holders, printers'-mfg
6794 Copyright buying and licensing
7389 Copyright protection service
3643 Cord connectors, electric-mfg
2296 Cord for reinforcing rubber tires, industrial belting, and fuel cells-mfg
3357 Cord sets, flexible: made in wiredrawing plants-mfg
3292 Cord, asbestos-mfg
2298 Cord, braided-mfg
3552 Cordage and rope machines-mfg
2281 Cordage yarn, cotton-mfg
2298 Cordage: abaca (Manila), sisal, henequen, hemp, jute, and other fibers-mfg
5085 Cordage-wholesale
2892 Cordeau detonant (explosives)-mfg
2085 Cordials, alcoholic-mfg
2087 Cordials, nonalcoholic-mfg
2892 Cordite (explosives)-mfg
2241 Cords, fabric-mfg
2211 Corduroys, cotton-mfg
5099 Cordwood-wholesale
3567 Core baking and mold drying ovens-mfg
1799 Core drilling for building construction-contractors
3532 Core drills-mfg
2899 Core oil and binders-mfg
2899 Core wash-mfg
2899 Core wax-mfg
3482 Cores, bullet: 30 mm. (or 1.18 inch) or less-mfg
2655 Cores, fiber (metal-end or all-fiber)-mfpm-mfg
3679 Cores, magnetic-mfg
3543 Cores, sand (foundry)-mfg
3714 Cores, tire valve-mfg
2499 Cork products-mfg
3559 Cork working machinery-mfg
5085 Cork-wholesale
2499 Corks, bottle-mfg
2096 Corn chips and related corn snacks-mfg
5145 Corn chips-wholesale
2452 Corn cribs, prefabricated: wood-mfg
0723 Corn drying
0115 Corn farms, except sweet corn or popcorn
0161 Corn farms, sweet
2043 Corn flakes-mfg
2041 Corn grits and flakes for brewers' use-mfg
3523 Corn heads for combines-mfg
3423 Corn knives-mfg
2041 Corn meal and flour-mfg
2046 Corn oil cake and meal-mfg
2046 Corn oil, crude and refined-mfg
3523 Corn pickers and shellers, farm-mfg
3634 Corn poppers, electric-mfg
3589 Corn popping machines, commercial type-mfg
3556 Corn popping machines, industrial type-mfg
3842 Corn remover and bunion pads-mfg
0723 Corn shelling
2046 Corn starch-mfg
2046 Corn sugar-mfg
2046 Corn syrup (including dried), unmixed-mfg
2043 Corn, hulled (cereal breakfast food)-mfg
5153 Corn-wholesale
3251 Corncrib tile-mfg
3841 Corneal microscopes-mfg
2013 Corned beef-mfpm-mfg
2011 Corned beef-mitse-mfg
2013 Corned meats-mfpm-mfg
3199 Corners, luggage: leather-mfg
3931 Cornets and parts-mfg
3444 Cornices, sheet metal-mfg
2431 Cornices, wood-mfg
0251 Cornish hen farms
1459 Cornwall stone mining
3523 Corrals, portable-mfg
7389 Correct time service
2899 Correction fluid-mfg
8744 Correctional facilities, adult: privately operated
9223 Correctional institutions-government
3827 Correctors: percentage, wind, and roll (sighting and fire control equipment)-mfg
8249 Correspondence schools, including branch offices and solicitors
2678 Correspondence-type tablets-mfpm-mfg
2899 Corrosion preventive lubricant, synthetic base: for jet engines-mfg
5113 Corrugated and solid fiber boxes-wholesale
3089 Corrugated panels, plastics-mfg
3316 Corrugating iron and steel, cold-rolled: not made in hot-rolling mills-mfg
3554 Corrugating machines for paper-mfg
2342 Corselets-mfpm-mfg
2342 Corset accessories: e.g., clasps and stays-mfpm-mfg
2241 Corset laces-mfg
7219 Corset repair shops
2342 Corsets and allied garments, except surgical: women's and misses'-mfpm-mfg
3842 Corsets, surgical-mfg
5137 Corsets-wholesale
3291 Corundum abrasives-mfg
1499 Corundum mining
3172 Cosmetic bags, regardless of material-mfg
2844 Cosmetic creams-mfg
2865 Cosmetic dyes, synthetic-mfg
3221 Cosmetic jars, glass-mfg
7389 Cosmetic kits, assembling and packaging
2844 Cosmetic lotions and oils-mfg
3842 Cosmetic restorations-mfg
5999 Cosmetics stores-retail
2844 Cosmetics-mfg
5963 Cosmetics, house-to-house or party plan selling-retail
5122 Cosmetics-wholesale
7231 Cosmetology schools
7231 Cosmetology shops or salons
5632 Costume accessories: handbags, costume jewelry, gloves, etc.-retail
7922 Costume design, theatrical
5632 Costume jewelry stores-retail
3961 Costume jewelry, except precious metal and precious or semiprecious stones-mfg
7299 Costume rental
2389 Costumes: e.g., lodge, masquerade, theatrical-mfpm-mfg
2515 Cot springs, assembled-mfg
3069 Cots, finger: rubber-mfg
2514 Cots, household: metal-mfg
2511 Cots, household: wood-mfg
2026 Cottage cheese, including pot, bakers', and farmers' cheese-mfg
2391 Cottage sets (curtains)-mfpm-mfg
3452 Cotter pins, metal-mfg
3089 Cotter pins, plastics-mfg
3523 Cotton balers and presses-mfg
2261 Cotton broadwoven fabric finishing-mfg
2211 Cotton broadwoven goods-mfg
4221 Cotton compresses and warehouses
0131 Cotton farms
2621 Cotton fiber paper-mitse-mfg
0724 Cotton ginning
3559 Cotton ginning machinery-mfg
7389 Cotton inspection service, not connected with transportation
5159 Cotton merchants, not members of exchanges-wholesale
2241 Cotton narrow fabrics-mfg
3523 Cotton picker and stripper harvesting machinery-mfg
0724 Cotton pickery
5131 Cotton piece goods-wholesale
7389 Cotton sampler service
0723 Cotton seed delinting
2284 Cotton thread-mfg
2281 Cotton yarn, spinning-mfg
5199 Cotton yarns-wholesale
3842 Cotton, absorbent: sterilized-mfg
3842 Cotton, including cotton balls-mfg
0722 Cotton, machine harvesting of
5159 Cotton, raw-wholesale
2211 Cottonades-mfg
2079 Cottonseed cooking and salad oil-mfg
0131 Cottonseed farms
2074 Cottonseed oil, cake, and meal: made in cottonseed oil mills-mfg
2074 Cottonseed oil, deodorized-mfg
2515 Couch springs, assembled-mfg
2515 Couches, studio: on frames of any material-mfg
2512 Couches, upholstered on wood frames, except convertible beds-mfg
2064 Cough drops, except pharmaceutical preparations-mfg
2834 Cough medicines-mfg
3823 Coulometric analyzers, industrial process type-mfg
3826 Coulometric analyzers, laboratory type-mfg
2869 Coumarin-mfg
2821 Coumarone-indene resins-mfg
8399 Councils for social agencies, exceptional children, and poverty
8322 Counseling centers
8111 Counselors at law
3829 Count rate meters, nuclear radiation-mfg
3089 Counter coverings, plastics-mfg
1799 Counter top installation-contractors
3824 Counter type registers-mfg
3423 Counterbores and countersinking bits, woodworking-mfg
3545 Counterbores, metalworking-mfg
5084 Counterbores-wholesale
3728 Countermeasure dispensers, aircraft-mfg
3131 Counters (shoe cut stock)-mfg
2541 Counters and counter display cases, except refrigerated-wood-mfg
2542 Counters and counter display cases, not refrigerated: except wood-mfg
3585 Counters and counter display cases, refrigerated-mfg
3824 Counters, revolution-mfg
3824 Counters: mechanical, electrical, and electronic totalizing-mfg
3541 Countersinking machines-mfg
3545 Countersinks and countersink drill combinations (machine tool accessories)-mfg
3423 Countersinks-mfg
5084 Countersinks-wholesale
5159 Country buyers of cotton or cotton linters
7997 Country clubs, membership
5399 Country general stores-retail
9121 County commissioners
9532 County development agencies-government
9411 County supervisors of education, except school boards
9111 County supervisors' and executives' offices
3677 Coupling transformers-mfg
3429 Couplings, hose-mfg
3494 Couplings, pipe: except pressure and soil pipe-metal-mfg
3498 Couplings, pipe: fabricated from purchased metal pipe-mfg
3321 Couplings, pipe: pressure and soil pipe-cast iron-mfg
3568 Couplings, shaft: rigid, flexible, universal joint, etc.-mfg
7319 Coupon distribution
7389 Coupon redemption service, except trading stamps
7389 Coupon stores (redemption of trading stamps)
2752 Coupons, lithographed-mfg
2759 Coupons, printed: except lithographed or gravure-mfg
2754 Coupons: gravure printing-mfg
4513 Courier services, air
4215 Courier services, except by air
8244 Court reporting schools
7338 Court reporting service
9211 Courts of law
7011 Courts, auto
2211 Coutil, cotton-mfg
2621 Cover paper-mitse-mfg
2326 Coveralls, work: men's and boys'-mfpm-mfg
7699 Covering textile rolls
3443 Covers, annealing-mfg
2399 Covers, automobile tire and seat-mfpm-mfg
2499 Covers, bottle and demijohn: willow, rattan, and reed-mfg
3272 Covers, catch basin: concrete-mfg
2394 Covers, fabric-mfpm-mfg
3443 Covers, floating: metal plate-mfg
2258 Covers, lace: chair, dresser, piano, and table-mfg
2211 Coverts, cotton-mfg
3444 Cowls or scoops, air (ship ventilators): sheet metal-mfg
0119 Cowpea farms
2091 Crab meat, canned and cured-mfg
3429 Crab traps, steel: except wire-mfg
2092 Crabcakes, frozen-mfg
2092 Crabmeat picking-mfg
2092 Crabmeat, fresh: packed in nonsealed containers-mfg
0913 Crabs, catching of
3556 Cracker making machines-mfg
2052 Cracker meal and crumbs-mfg
2099 Cracker sandwiches made from purchased crackers-mfg
2052 Crackers: e.g., graham, soda-mfg
5149 Crackers-wholesale
3549 Cradle assemblies (wire making equipment)-mfg
2511 Cradles, wood-mfg
3944 Craft and hobby kits and sets-mfg
5945 Craft kits and supplies-retail
5092 Craft kits-wholesale
0171 Cranberry bogs
3625 Crane and hoist controls, including metal mill-mfg
3531 Crane carriers-mfg
7353 Crane rental and leasing
3531 Cranes, construction-mfg
5082 Cranes, construction-wholesale
3531 Cranes, except industrial plant-mfg
5084 Cranes, industrial-wholesale
3537 Cranes, mobile industrial truck-mfg
3536 Cranes, overhead traveling-mfg
3599 Crankshaft and camshaft machining-mfg
3714 Crankshaft assemblies, motor vehicle: gasoline engine-mfg
3541 Crankshaft regrinding machines-mfg
3462 Crankshafts, forged steel: not made in rolling mills-mfg
2211 Crash toweling, cotton-mfg
2299 Crash, linen-mfg
5085 Crates, except paper-wholesale
2449 Crates: berry, butter, fruit, and vegetable-wood, wirebound-mfg
4783 Crating goods for shipping
0913 Crayfish, catching of
3952 Crayons: chalk, gypsum, charcoal, fusains, pastel, and wax-mfg
2869 Cream of tartar-mfg
5084 Cream separators, except farm-wholesale
3523 Cream separators, farm-mfg
5083 Cream separators, farm-wholesale
3556 Cream separators, industrial-mfg
5143 Cream stations-wholesale
2023 Cream substitutes-mfg
2026 Cream, aerated-mfg
2026 Cream, bottled-mfg
2026 Cream, sour-mfg
2023 Cream: dried, powdered, and canned-mfg
2021 Creamery butter-mfg
2844 Creams, cosmetic-mfg
2844 Creams, shaving-mfg
6351 Credit and other financial responsibility insurance
7323 Credit bureaus and agencies
7389 Credit card service (collection by individual firms)
6153 Credit card service, collection by central agency
7323 Credit clearinghouses
6159 Credit institutions, agricultural
7323 Credit investigation services
6061 Credit unions, Federal
6062 Credit unions, State: not federally chartered
3949 Creels, fish-mfg
3552 Creels, textile machinery-mfg
3569 Cremating ovens-mfg
7261 Crematories
2865 Creosote oil, made in chemical plants-mfg
2861 Creosote, wood-mfg
2491 Creosoting of wood-mfg
2679 Crepe paper-mfpm-mfg
2221 Crepe satins-mfg
2211 Crepes, cotton-mfg
**** Cresines-code according to material from which made
2821 Cresol resins-mfg
2821 Cresol-furfural resins-mfg
2865 Cresols, made in chemical plants-mfg
2865 Cresylic acid, made in chemical plants-mfg
2211 Cretonne, cotton-mfg
3731 Crew boats, building and repairing-mfg
0761 Crew leaders, farm labor: contract
2252 Crew socks-mfg
3272 Cribbing, concrete-mfg
2514 Cribs, metal-mfg
2511 Cribs, wood-mfg
3949 Cricket equipment-mfg
9229 Criminal justice statistics centers-government
2211 Crinoline-mfg
8322 Crisis centers
8322 Crisis intervention centers
2284 Crochet thread: cotton, silk, manmade fibers, and wool-mfg
2395 Crochet ware, machine-made-mfg
2281 Crochet yarn: cotton, silk, wool, and manmade staple-mfg
3634 Crock pots, electric-mfg
5719 Crockery stores-retail
3269 Crockery-mfg
5023 Crockery-wholesale
2051 Croissants, except frozen-mfg
2053 Croissants, frozen-mfg
3523 Crop driers, farm-mfg
0721 Crop dusting, with/without fertilizing
0191 Crop farms, general
0721 Crop spraying, with/without fertilizing
3199 Crops, riding-mfg
3949 Croquet sets-mfg
3272 Crossing slabs, concrete-mfg
2491 Crossties, treated-mfg
8072 Crowns and bridges made in dental laboratories to order for the profession
5085 Crowns and closures, metal-wholesale
3466 Crowns, jar: stamped metal-mfg
3255 Crucibles, fire clay-mfg
3297 Crucibles: graphite, magnesite, chrome, silica, or other nonclay materials-mfg
1311 Crude oil production
5172 Crude oil, except bulk stations and terminals-wholesale
4612 Crude petroleum pipelines
1311 Crude petroleum production
0851 Cruising timber
2051 Crullers, except frozen-mfg
3523 Crushers, feed (agricultural machinery)-mfg
3569 Crushers, ice: except household-mfg
3531 Crushers, mineral: portable-mfg
3532 Crushers, mineral: stationary-mfg
3821 Crushing and grinding apparatus, laboratory-mfg
5084 Crushing machinery and equipment, industrial-wholesale
1221 Crushing plants, bituminous coal
5082 Crushing, pulverizing and screening machinery for construction and mining-wholesale
0273 Crustacean farms
3842 Crutches and walkers-mfg
3679 Cryogenic cooling devices (e.g., cryostats) for infrared detectors and masers-mfg
3443 Cryogenic tanks, for liquids and gases: metal plate-mfg
1499 Cryolite mining
2064 Crystallized fruits and fruit peel-mfg
3679 Crystals and crystal assemblies, radio-mfg
3231 Crystals, watch: made from purchased glass-mfg
3613 Cubicles (electric switchboard equipment)-mfg
0161 Cucumber farms
3949 Cues and cue tips, billiard and pool-mfg
3965 Cuff buttons, except precious metal and precious or semiprecious stones-mfg
3911 Cuff buttons, precious metal and precious or semiprecious stones-mfg
3961 Cuff-links and studs, except precious metal and gems-mfg
3429 Cuffs, leg: iron-mfg
1231 Culm bank recovery, anthracite: except on a contract basis
1221 Culm bank recovery, bituminous coal or lignite: except on a contract basis
1241 Culm bank recovery: bituminous coal, anthracite, and lignite on a contract basis
2369 Culottes: girls' and children's-mfpm-mfg
2339 Culottes: women's, misses', and juniors'-mfpm-mfg
5083 Cultivating machinery and equipment-wholesale
0721 Cultivation services, mechanical and flame
3524 Cultivators (garden tractor equipment)-mfg
3523 Cultivators, agricultural field and row crop-mfg
3069 Culture cups, rubber-mfg
2836 Culture media or concentrates, except in vitro and in vivo-mfg
0919 Cultured pearl production
1771 Culvert construction-contractors
3272 Culvert pipe, concrete-mfg
3443 Culverts, metal plate-mfg
3444 Culverts, sheet metal-mfg
2389 Cummerbunds-mfpm-mfg
3443 Cupolas, metal plate-mfg
2823 Cuprammonium fibers-mfg
1021 Cuprite mining
3086 Cups, foamed plastics-mfg
3599 Cups, oil and grease: metal-mfg
5113 Cups, paper and disposable plastics-wholesale
2656 Cups, paper: except those made from pressed or molded pulp-mfpm-mfg
3089 Cups, plastics: except foam-mfg
2679 Cups, pressed and molded pulp-mfpm-mfg
3351 Cups, primer and cartridge: copper and copper alloy-mfg
1771 Curb construction-contractors
3281 Curbing, granite and stone-mfg
2013 Cured meats: brined, dried, and salted-mfpm-mfg
2011 Cured meats-mitse-mfg
3523 Curers, tobacco-mfg
2899 Curing compounds, concrete (blends of pigments, waxes, and resins)-mfg
5947 Curio shops-retail
5199 Curios-wholesale
3069 Curlers, hair: rubber-mfg
3999 Curlers, hair: designed for beauty parlors-mfg
3965 Curlers, hair: except equipment designed for beauty parlor use-mfg
3999 Curling feathers, for the trade-mfg
3634 Curling irons, electric-mfg
3999 Curls, artificial (hair)-mfg
0171 Currant farms
2759 Currency, engraving of-mfg
3629 Current collector wheels for trolley rigging-mfg
3612 Current limiting reactors, electrical-mfg
3825 Current measuring equipment-mfg
3643 Current taps, attachment plug and screw shell types-mfg
8299 Curriculum development, educational
3111 Currying of leather-mfg
7216 Curtain cleaning and repair
2591 Curtain rods, poles, and fixtures-mfg
5714 Curtain stores-retail
2499 Curtain stretchers, wood-mfg
1791 Curtain wall installation-contractors
3449 Curtain wall, metal-mfg
2258 Curtains and curtain fabrics, lace-mfg
3999 Curtains, advertising-mfg
2392 Curtains, shower-mfpm-mfg
2391 Curtains, window-mfpm-mfg
2394 Curtains: dock and welding-mfpm-mfg
2259 Curtains-mitse-mfg
5023 Curtains-wholesale
2515 Cushion springs, assembled-mfg
3952 Cushions and burnishers, gilders'-mfg
3086 Cushions, carpet and rug: plastics foam-mfg
2392 Cushions, except spring and carpet cushions-mfg
2515 Cushions, spring-mfg
2024 Custard, frozen-mfg
7349 Custodians of schools on a contract or fee basis
6289 Custodians of securities
1541 Custom builders, industrial and warehouse-general contractors
1542 Custom builders, nonresidential: except industrial and warehouses-general contractors
1522 Custom builders, residential: except single-family-general contractors
1521 Custom builders, single-family houses-general contractors
3087 Custom compounding of purchased resins-mfg
3069 Custom compounding of rubber materials-mfg
3449 Custom roll formed products, metal-mfg
2421 Custom sawmills-mfg
5699 Custom tailors-retail
4731 Customhouse brokers
7532 Customizing automobiles, trucks or vans: except on a factory basis
9311 Customs Bureaus
4731 Customs clearance of freight
3231 Cut and engraved glassware, made from purchased glass-mfg
5992 Cut flowers-retail
5193 Cut flowers-wholesale
3131 Cut stock for boots and shoes-mfg
2421 Cut stock, softwood-mfg
3281 Cut stone products-mfg
5719 Cutlery stores-retail
3421 Cutlery, except table cutlery with handles of metal-mfg
3914 Cutlery, with metal handles and blades-mfg
5072 Cutlery-wholesale
3541 Cutoff machines (metalworking machinery)-mfg
3993 Cutouts and displays, window and lobby-mfg
3613 Cutouts, distribution-mfg
2675 Cutouts, paper and paperboard: die-cut from purchased material-mfg
3643 Cutouts, switch and fuse-mfg
3556 Cutters, biscuit (machines)-mfg
3532 Cutters, coal-mfg
3523 Cutters, ensilage-mfg
3423 Cutters, glass-mfg
3545 Cutters, milling-mfg
3554 Cutting and folding machines, paper-mfg
3544 Cutting dies, for cutting metal-mfg
3423 Cutting dies, paper industry-mfg
3423 Cutting dies: except metal cutting-mfg
3843 Cutting instruments, dental-mfg
3541 Cutting machines, pipe (machine tools)-mfg
2675 Cutting of cards-mfpm-mfg
3111 Cutting of leather-mfg
2992 Cutting oils, blending and compounding from purchased material-mfg
1629 Cutting right-of-way-general contractors
3545 Cutting tools and bits for use on lathes, planers, shapers, etc.-mfg
3549 Cutting up lines-mfg
3231 Cutware, made from purchased glass-mfg
2819 Cyanides-mfg
1459 Cyanite mining
1321 Cycle condensate production (natural gas)
3944 Cycles, sidewalk: children's-mfg
5169 Cyclic crudes and intermediates-wholesale
2865 Cyclic crudes, coal tar: product of coal tar distillation-mfg
2865 Cyclic intermediates, made in chemical plants-mfg
3069 Cyclo rubbers, natural-mfg
2822 Cyclo rubbers, synthetic-mfg
2865 Cyclohexane-mfg
3443 Cyclones, industrial: metal plate-mfg
2834 Cyclopropane for anesthetic use (U.S.P. par N.F.), packaged-mfg
2869 Cyclopropane-mfg
3699 Cyclotrons-mfg
3714 Cylinder heads, motor vehicle: gasoline engines-mfg
3272 Cylinder pipe, prestressed concrete-mfg
3272 Cylinder pipe, pretensioned concrete-mfg
3541 Cylinder reboring machines-mfg
3496 Cylinder wire cloth, made from purchased wire-mfg
3484 Cylinders and clips, gun: 30 mm. (or 1.18 inch) or less-mfg
3593 Cylinders, fluid power: hydraulic and pneumatic-mfg
3443 Cylinders, pressure: metal plate-mfg
3561 Cylinders, pump-mfg
3931 Cymbals and parts-mfg
3845 Cystoscopes, electromedical-mfg
3841 Cystoscopes, except electromedical-mfg
2835 Cytology and histology diagnostic products-mfg

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