Standard Industrial Code (SIC) INDEX - W
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3949 Wading pools, plastics coated fabric-mfg
2299 Wads and wadding, textile-mfg
3482 Wads, ammunition: 30 mm. (or 1.18 inch) or less-mfg
2493 Waferboard-mfg
3674 Wafers (semiconductor devices)-mfg
2052 Wafers, sugar-mfg
2211 Waffle cloth, cotton-mfg
3634 Waffle irons, electric-mfg
5064 Waffle irons, electric-wholesale
2038 Waffles, frozen-mfg
9651 Wage control agencies-government
3523 Wagons and trailers, farm-mfg
3524 Wagons for residential lawn and garden use-mfg
3944 Wagons, children's: coaster, express, and play-mfg
5963 Wagons, ice cream-retail
3069 Wainscoting, rubber-mfg
2431 Wainscots, wood-mfg
2396 Waistbands, trouser-mfg
3842 Walkers-mfg
3944 Walkers, baby (vehicles)-mfg
3534 Walkways, moving-mfg
3272 Wall base, precast terrazzo-mfg
2522 Wall cases, office: except wood-mfg
3259 Wall coping, clay-mfg
3089 Wall coverings, plastics-mfg
3433 Wall heaters, except electric-mfg
3634 Wall heaters, household: electric-mfg
3645 Wall lamps-mfg
3272 Wall squares, concrete-mfg
3253 Wall tile, ceramic-mfg
2493 Wall tile, fiberboard-mfg
5211 Wallboard (composition) dealers-retail
3275 Wallboard, gypsum-mfg
2493 Wallboard, wood fiber: cellular fiber or hard pressed-mitse-mfg
5031 Wallboard-wholesale
5231 Wallcovering stores-retail
3069 Wallcoverings, rubber-mfg
2679 Wallcoverings: paper-mfpm-mfg
3172 Wallets, regardless of material-mfg
2842 Wallpaper cleaners-mfg
1799 Wallpaper removal-contractors
2621 Wallpaper stock (hanging paper)-mitse-mfg
5231 Wallpaper stores-retail
2679 Wallpaper, embossed plastics: made on textile backing-mfpm-mfg
2679 Wallpaper-mfpm-mfg
5198 Wallpaper-wholesale
1741 Walls, retaining: block, stone, or brick-contractors
0173 Walnut groves and farms
0723 Walnut hulling and shelling
2076 Walnut oil-mfg
3952 Walnut oil, artists'-mfg
3999 Walnut shell flour-mfg
2673 Wardrobe bags (closet accessories), plastics film or coated paper-mfpm-mfg
3161 Wardrobe bags (luggage)-mfg
2392 Wardrobe bags-mfpm-mfg
7819 Wardrobe rental for motion picture film production
7299 Wardrobe service, except theatrical
2511 Wardrobes, household: wood-mfg
1541 Warehouse construction-general contractors
4221 Warehousing and storage, farm product: other than refrigerated
4226 Warehousing of goods at foreign trade zones
4226 Warehousing of household goods, without local trucking
4222 Warehousing, cold storage or refrigerated
4225 Warehousing, general
4225 Warehousing, self-storage
4226 Warehousing, special: except farm products and cold storage
3812 Warfare countermeasures equipment-mfg
5075 Warm air heating and cooling equipment-wholesale
3089 Warmers, bottle: plastics, except foam-mfg
2253 Warmup and jogging suits-mitse-mfg
2369 Warmup suits: girls', children's, and infants'-mfpm-mfg
2329 Warmup suits: men's and boys'-mfpm-mfg
2339 Warmup suits: women's, misses', and juniors'-mfpm-mfg
2258 Warp (flat) knit fabrics-mfg
3552 Warp and knot tying machines (textile machinery)-mfg
5131 Warp knit fabrics-wholesale
3552 Warping machines (textile machinery)-mfg
6399 Warranty insurance, automobile
6351 Warranty insurance, home
3272 Wash foundations, precast terrazzo-mfg
2326 Washable service apparel, men's: hospital, professional, barbers', etc.-mfg
2499 Washboards, wood and part wood-mfg
2211 Washcloths, woven: made in weaving mills-mfg
2392 Washcloths-mfpm-mfg
2259 Washcloths-mitse-mfg
1629 Washeries construction, mining-general contractors
1231 Washeries, anthracite
1221 Washeries, bituminous coal or lignite
3532 Washers, aggregate and sand: stationary type-mfg
3565 Washers, bottle: for food products-mfg
5072 Washers, hardware-wholesale
3053 Washers, leather-mfg
3452 Washers, metal-mfg
3861 Washers, photographic print and film-mfg
3089 Washers, plastics-mfg
2844 Washes, cosmetic-mfg
7542 Washing and polishing, automotive
2841 Washing compounds-mfg
3469 Washing machine parts, porcelain enameled-mfg
7629 Washing machine repair
5064 Washing machines, household: electric-wholesale
3633 Washing machines, household: including coin-operated-mfg
3582 Washing machines, laundry: commercial, including coin-operated-mfg
2812 Washing soda (sal soda)-mfg
7342 Washroom sanitation service
2673 Waste bags, plastics film and laminated-mfpm-mfg
5093 Waste bottles and boxes-wholesale
1629 Waste disposal plant construction-general contractors
9511 Waste management program administration-government
4953 Waste materials disposal at sea
5093 Waste rags-wholesale
5093 Waste, rubber-wholesale
2299 Waste, textile mill: processing of-mfg
5093 Waste, textile-wholesale
2655 Wastebaskets, fiber (metal-end or all-fiber)-mfpm-mfg
3469 Wastebaskets, stamped metal-mfg
5093 Wastepaper, including paper recycling-wholesale
3231 Watch crystals, made from purchased glass-mfg
3915 Watch jewels-mfg
7631 Watch repair shops
3172 Watch straps, except metal-mfg
3961 Watchbands, base metal-mfg
3911 Watchbands, precious metal-mfg
3873 Watchcases-mfg
5094 Watchcases-wholesale
3873 Watches and parts: except crystals and jewels-mfg
5094 Watches and parts-wholesale
5944 Watches, including custom made-retail
3221 Water bottles, glass-mfg
3069 Water bottles, rubber-mfg
3088 Water closets, plastics-mfg
3431 Water closets: enameled iron, cast iron, and pressed metal-mfg
3952 Water colors, artists'-mfg
3589 Water conditioners, for swimming pools-mfg
5074 Water conditioning equipment-wholesale
9511 Water control and quality agencies-government
3585 Water coolers, electric-mfg
2834 Water decontamination or purification tablets-mfg
4971 Water distribution or supply systems for irrigation
3589 Water filters and softeners, household type-mfg
2819 Water glass-mfg
3822 Water heater controls-mfg
5064 Water heaters, electric-wholesale
5074 Water heaters, except electric-wholesale
3639 Water heaters, household: including nonelectric-mfg
1381 Water intake well drilling: on a contract basis
3599 Water leak detectors-mfg
1623 Water main line construction-general contractors
2851 Water paints-mfg
3321 Water pipe, cast iron-mfg
9511 Water pollution control agencies
1629 Water power project construction-general contractors
3634 Water pulsating devices, electric-mfg
1711 Water pump installation and servicing-contractors
5084 Water pumps, industrial-wholesale
3589 Water purification equipment, household type-mfg
3823 Water quality monitoring and control systems-mfg
2261 Water repellency finishing of cotton broadwoven fabrics-mfg
7389 Water softener service
3589 Water softeners, household type-mfg
5074 Water softeners-wholesale
4941 Water supply systems, except irrigation
1711 Water system balancing and testing-contractors
3443 Water tanks, metal plate-mfg
4489 Water taxis, operation of
3829 Water temperature gauges, motor vehicle-mfg
4424 Water transportation of freight to noncontiguous territories
3432 Water traps-mfg
2899 Water treating compounds-mfg
3589 Water treatment equipment, industrial-mfg
1629 Water treatment plant construction-general contractors
3523 Water troughs-mfg
3511 Water turbines-mfg
3494 Water valves, except plumbers' brass goods and fittings, metal-mfg
3533 Water well drilling machinery-mfg
1781 Water well drilling-contractors
3491 Water works valves-mfg
2899 Water, distilled-mfg
5499 Water, mineral-retail
2086 Water, pasteurized: bottled or canned-mfg
2834 Water, sterile: for injections-mfg
5712 Waterbeds-retail
5021 Waterbeds-wholesale
4491 Waterfront terminal operation
3089 Watering pots, plastics-mfg
0161 Watermelon farms
3824 Watermeters, consumption registering-mfg
2385 Waterproof and water-repellent outerwear, except vulcanized rubber, oiled and wool-mfpm-mfg
2675 Waterproof cardboard-mfpm-mfg
5136 Waterproof outergarments, men's and boys'-wholesale
5137 Waterproof outergarments: women's and children's-wholesale
2671 Waterproof wrapping paper-mfpm-mfg
2899 Waterproofing compounds-mfg
1799 Waterproofing-contractors
7999 Waterslides, operation of
1629 Waterway construction-general contractors
3825 Watt-hour and demand meters, combined-mfg
3825 Watt-hour and time switch meters, combined-mfg
3825 Watt-hour meters, electric-mfg
2861 Wattle extract-mfg
3825 Wattmeters-mfg
7999 Wave pools, operation of
3825 Waveform measuring and/or analyzing equipment-mfg
3699 Waveguide pressurization equipment-mfg
3679 Waveguides and fittings-mfg
7999 Wax figure exhibitions
8412 Wax museums, commercial
2842 Wax removers-mfg
3952 Wax, artists'-mfg
2899 Wax, core-mfg
3843 Wax, dental-mfg
2911 Wax, paraffin: produced in petroleum refineries-mfg
2891 Wax, sealing-mfg
2671 Waxed paper for packaging-mfpm-mfg
2672 Waxed paper, except for packaging-mfpm-mfg
2842 Waxes for wood, fabricated leather, and other materials-mfg
5169 Waxes, except petroleum-wholesale
2999 Waxes, petroleum: not produced in petroleum refineries-mfg
**** Waxes, synthetic vegetable-code according to material from which made
7542 Waxing and polishing, automotive
2295 Waxing of cloth-mfg
8999 Weather forecasters
8999 Weather modification (rain makers)
3442 Weather strip, metal-mfg
3069 Weather strip, sponge rubber-mfg
2431 Weather strip, wood-mfg
1799 Weather stripping-contra tors
3829 Weather tracking equipment-mfg
3599 Weather vanes-mfg
3357 Weatherproof wire and cable, nonferrous-mfg
2231 Weaving mills, broadwoven fabrics: wool, mohair, and similar animal fibers-mfg
2211 Weaving mills, cotton broadwoven fabrics-mfg
2241 Weaving mills, narrow fabric: cotton, wool, silk, and manmade fibers-including glass-mfg
2281 Weaving yarn: cotton, silk, wool, and manmade staple-mfg
2299 Webbing, jute-mfg
2241 Webbing, woven: except jute-mfg
2499 Webbing: cane, reed, and rattan-mfg
2241 Webs, strapping-mfg
7299 Wedding chapels, privately operated
2335 Wedding dresses: women's, misses', and juniors'-mfpm-mfg
0721 Weed control, crop: after planting
0711 Weed control, crop: before planting
3523 Weeding machines, farm-mfg
2257 Weft knit fabrics-mfg
5131 Weft knit fabrics-wholesale
7389 Weighing foods and other commodities, not connected with transportation
3596 Weighing machines and apparatus, except laboratory-mfg
4785 Weighing services connected with transportation
7389 Welcoming service
3315 Welded steel wire fabric, made in wiredrawing plants-mfg
3199 Welders' aprons, leather-mfg
3151 Welders' gloves-mfg
3842 Welders' hoods-mfg
3199 Welders' jackets, leggings, and sleeves: leather-mfg
3548 Welding accessories, electric and gas-mfg
3548 Welding and cutting apparatus, gas or electric-mfg
1799 Welding contractors, operating at site of construction
2899 Welding fluxes-mfg
5084 Welding machinery and equipment-wholesale
3544 Welding positioners (jigs)-mfg
3356 Welding rods-mfg
7692 Welding shops, including automotive
3548 Welding wire, bare and coated-mfg
3443 Weldments-mfg
6371 Welfare pensions
3494 Well adapters, tipless: metal-mfg
3317 Well casing, wrought: welded, lock joint, and heavy riveted-mfpm-mfg
3312 Well casings, iron and steel: made in steel works or rolling mills-mfg
3272 Well curbing, concrete-mfg
1781 Well drilling, water: except oil or gas field water intake-contractors
1381 Well drilling: gas, oil, and water intake-on a contract basis
1389 Well foundation grading, oil and gas wells: on a contract basis
3533 Well logging equipment-mfg
1389 Well logging: on a contract basis
1389 Well plugging and abandoning, oil and gas wells: on a contract basis
5082 Well points (drilling equipment)-wholesale
1389 Well pumping, oil and gas: on a contract basis
1389 Well servicing, oil and gas wells: on a contract basis
2892 Well shooting torpedoes (explosives)-mfg
3533 Well surveying machinery-mfg
3531 Wellpoint systems-mfg
3444 Wells, light: sheet metal-mfg
3111 Welting leather-mfg
3131 Welting, leather (cut stock and findings)-mfg
2399 Welts-mfpm-mfg
3111 Wet blues-mfg
5149 Wet corn milling products-wholesale
2631 Wet machine board-mitse-mfg
3069 Wet suits, rubber-mfg
2843 Wetting agents-mfg
2077 Whale oil, refined-mfg
1629 Wharf construction-general contractors
2511 Whatnot shelves, wood-mfg
0111 Wheat farms
2043 Wheat flakes-mfg
2041 Wheat flour-mfg
2041 Wheat germ-mfg
2046 Wheat gluten-mfg
2041 Wheat mill feed-mfg
2046 Wheat starch-mfg
5153 Wheat-wholesale
3825 Wheatstone bridges (electrical measuring instruments)-mfg
7539 Wheel alignment, automotive
3559 Wheel balancing equipment, automotive-mfg
3842 Wheel chairs-mfg
3559 Wheel mounting and balancing equipment, automotive-mfg
3812 Wheel position indicators and transmitters, aircraft-mfg
3423 Wheel pullers, handtools-mfg
3545 Wheel turning equipment, diamond point and other (machine tool accessories)-mfg
3799 Wheelbarrows-mfg
3843 Wheels, abrasive: dental-mfg
3291 Wheels, abrasive: except dental-mfg
3728 Wheels, aircraft-mfg
3462 Wheels, car and locomotive: forged-not made in rolling mills-mfg
3312 Wheels, car and locomotive: iron and steel-mitse-mfg
3291 Wheels, diamond abrasive-mfg
3291 Wheels, grinding: artificial-mfg
3714 Wheels, motor vehicle-mfg
5013 Wheels, motor vehicle: new-wholesale
3499 Wheels, stamped metal, disc type: wheelbarrow, stroller, lawnmower-mfg
1499 Whetstone quarrying
3291 Whetstones, artificial-mfg
2021 Whey butter-mfg
2022 Whey, raw: liquid-mfg
2023 Whey: concentrated, condensed, dried, evaporated, and powdered-mfg
2353 Whimseys and miniatures (millinery)-mfg
2026 Whipped cream-mfg
2023 Whipped topping, dry mix-mfg
2026 Whipped topping, except frozen or dry mix-mfg
2038 Whipped topping, frozen-mfg
3634 Whippers, household: electric-mfg
3199 Whips, horse-mfg
3199 Whipstocks-mfg
3842 Whirlpool baths, hydrotherapy equipment-mfg
5999 Whirlpool baths-retail
3991 Whisk brooms-mfg
4226 Whiskey warehousing
2085 Whiskey: bourbon, rye, scotch type, and corn-mfg
2816 White lead pigments-mfg
3369 White metal castings, except die-castings: lead, antimony, and tin-mfg
3861 Whiteprint (diazo) paper and cloth, sensitized-mfg
3861 Whiteprint (diazotype) reproduction machines and equipment-mfg
5044 Whiteprinting equipment-wholesale
3263 Whiteware, fine type semivitreous tableware and kitchenware-mfg
1721 Whitewashing-contractors
1422 Whiting mining, crushed and broken-quarrying
2816 Whiting-mfg
0912 Whiting, catching of
3829 Whole body counters, nuclear-mfg
4725 Wholesale tour operator
3292 Wick, asbestos-mfg
2519 Wicker furniture-mfg
2241 Wicking-mfg
5699 Wig, toupee, and wiglet stores -retail
2211 Wignan, cotton-mfg
3999 Wigs, including doll wigs, toupees, or wiglets, except custom made-mfg
5199 Wigs-wholesale
9512 Wildlife conservation agencies-government
0971 Wildlife management
1031 Willemite mining
2519 Willow furniture-mfg
2499 Willow ware, except furniture-mfg
2273 Wilton carpets-mfg
3531 Winches, all types-mfg
5084 Winches-wholesale
9512 Wind and water erosion control agencies-government
3999 Wind chimes-mfg
3827 Wind correctors, military-mfg
3829 Wind direction indicators-mfg
5083 Wind machines (frost protection equipment)-wholesale
3511 Wind powered turbine-generator sets-mfg
3443 Wind tunnels-mfg
2329 Windbreakers: men's and boys'-mfpm-mfg
2339 Windbreakers: women's, misses', and juniors'-mfpm-mfg
3552 Winders (textile machinery)-mfg
2282 Winding yarn: wool, mohair, or similar animal fibers-mfg
2282 Winding yarn: cotton, silk, wool, and manmade fiber continuous filament-mfg
3523 Windmill heads and towers-mfg
3511 Windmills for generating power-mfg
3523 Windmills for pumping water (agricultural machinery)-mfg
1751 Window and door (prefabricated) installation-contractors
2541 Window backs, store and lunchroom: prefabricated-wood-mfg
2842 Window cleaning preparations-mfg
7349 Window cleaning service
3993 Window cutouts and displays-mfg
3442 Window frames and sash, metal-mfg
3089 Window frames and sash, plastics-mfg
2431 Window frames and sash, wood and covered wood-mfg
5031 Window frames, all materials-wholesale
3089 Window frames, plastics-mfg
3211 Window glass, clear and colored-mfg
5039 Window glass-wholesale
3089 Window screening, plastics-mfg
3442 Window screens, metal frame-mfg
2431 Window screens, wood-mfg
2211 Window shade cloth, cotton-mfg
2295 Window shade cloth, impregnated or coated-mfg
1799 Window shade installation-contractors
7699 Window shade repair shops
2591 Window shade rollers and fittings-mfg
5719 Window shade shops-retail
2591 Window shades, except canvas-mfg
3272 Window sills, cast stone-mfg
7549 Window tinting, automotive
2431 Window trim, wood and covered wood-mfg
7389 Window trimming service
2431 Window units, wood and covered wood-mfg
5031 Windows and doors-wholesale
3442 Windows, louver: all metal or metal frame-mfg
2431 Windows, louver: wood-mfg
3089 Windows, louver: plastics-mfg
3231 Windows, stained glass: made from purchased glass-mfg
5211 Windows, storm: wood or metal-retail
3089 Windows, storm: plastics-mfg
3523 Windrowers (agricultural machinery)-mfg
3714 Windshield frames, motor vehicle-mfg
3714 Windshield wiper systems, all types-mfg
3231 Windshields, made from purchased glass-mfg
3089 Windshields, plastics-mfg
3949 Windsurfing boards and equipment-mfg
5813 Wine bars
2084 Wine cellars, bonded: engaged in blending wines-mfg
2084 Wine coolers (beverages)-mfg
5182 Wine coolers, alcoholic-wholesale
5921 Wine, packaged-retail
2084 Wines-mfg
5182 Wines-wholesale
3728 Wing assemblies and parts, aircraft-mfg
3714 Winterfronts, motor vehicle-mfg
2899 Wintergreen oil-mfg
3714 Wipers, windshield: motor vehicle-mfg
5093 Wiping rags, including washing and reconditioning-wholesale
7218 Wiping towel supply service
5063 Wire and cables, interior-wholesale
3496 Wire and wire products mfpm: except insulated wire, and nails and spikes-mfg
3315 Wire carts: household, grocery, and industrial-made in wiredrawing plants-mfg
3357 Wire cloth, nonferrous: made in wiredrawing plants-mfg
3315 Wire cloth, steel: made in wiredrawing plants-mfg
5039 Wire fence, gates, and accessories-wholesale
3315 Wire garment hangers, steel: made in wiredrawing plants-mfg
4822 Wire or cable telegraph
3315 Wire products, ferrous: made in wiredrawing plants-mfg
3312 Wire products, iron and steel: made in steel works or rolling mills-mfg
5051 Wire rods-wholesale
2298 Wire rope centers-mfg
5063 Wire rope or cable, insulated-wholesale
5051 Wire rope or cable, not insulated-wholesale
3357 Wire screening, nonferrous: made in wiredrawing plants-mfg
5051 Wire screening-wholesale
4813 Wire telephone
3496 Wire winding of purchased wire-mfg
3355 Wire, aluminum: made in rolling mills-mfg
3496 Wire, concrete reinforcing: made from purchased wire-mfg
3351 Wire, copper and copper alloy: made in brass mills-mfg
3315 Wire, ferrous: made in wiredrawing plants-mfg
3316 Wire, flat: cold-rolled strip-not made in hot-rolling mills-mfg
5063 Wire, insulated-wholesale
3356 Wire, nonferrous except copper and aluminum: made in rolling mills-mfg
3357 Wire, nonferrous: bare, insulated, or armored-mfpm-mfg
5051 Wire, not insulated-wholesale
3315 Wire, steel: insulated or armored-mfg
3549 Wiredrawing and fabricating machinery and equipment, except dies-mfg
3544 Wiredrawing and straightening dies-mfg
3672 Wiring boards-mfg
5063 Wiring devices-wholesale
3714 Wiring harness sets motor vehicles: except ignition-mfg
5063 Wiring materials, interior-wholesale
5063 Wiring supplies-wholesale
1061 Wolframite mining
9441 Women's bureaus
2861 Wood alcohol, natural-mfg
5199 Wood carvings-wholesale
2421 Wood chips produced at mill-mfg
2411 Wood chips, produced in the field-mfg
5099 Wood chips-wholesale
2861 Wood creosote-mfg
5989 Wood dealers, fuel-retail
2861 Wood distillates-mfg
3559 Wood drying kilns-mfg
2491 Wood fence: pickets, poling, rails-treated-mfg
2851 Wood fillers and sealers-mfg
1752 Wood flooring-contractors
2499 Wood flour-mfg
3131 Wood heel blocks, for sale as such-mfg
3131 Wood heels, finished (shoe findings)-mfg
2861 Wood oils, product of hardwood distillation-mfg
2491 Wood products, creosoted-mfg
2611 Wood pulp-mfg
3452 Wood screws, metal-mfg
5031 Wood siding-wholesale
2851 Wood stains-mfg
2429 Wood wool (excelsior)-mfg
2499 Wood, except furniture: turned and carved-mfg
2899 Wood, plastic-mfg
5719 Woodburning stoves-retail
2499 Woodenware, kitchen and household-mfg
3931 Woodwind and brass wind musical instrument-mfg
2431 Woodwork, interior and ornamental: e.g., windows, doors, sash, and mantels-mfg
5084 Woodworking machinery-wholesale
3553 Woodworking machines-mfg
4221 Wool and mohair warehousing
3552 Wool and worsted finishing machines-mfg
2231 Wool broad woven fabrics-mfg
2299 Wool felts, pressed or needle loom-mfg
2231 Wool felts, woven-mfg
2299 Wool grease, mohair, and similar fibers-mfg
2241 Wool narrow woven goods-mfg
0214 Wool production
3999 Wool pulling-mfg
2299 Wool scouring and carbonizing-mfg
2299 Wool shoddy-mfg
5159 Wool tops and noils-wholesale
2299 Wool tops, combing and converting-mfg
2299 Wool waste processing-mfg
2282 Wool yarn: twisting, winding, or spooling-mfg
3296 Wool, mineral: made of rock, slag, and silica minerals-mfg
5159 Wool, raw-wholesale
3291 Wool, steel-mfg
5131 Woolen and worsted piece goods-wholesale
5199 Woolen and worsted yarns-wholesale
2035 Worcestershire sauce-mfg
3579 Word processing equipment-mfg
7338 Word processing service (typing)
2599 Work benches, factory-mfg
2599 Work benches, industrial-mfg
7218 Work clothing supply service, industrial
5136 Work clothing, men's and boys'-wholesale
8331 Work experience centers
2326 Work garments, waterproof, men's and boys'; except raincoats-mfpm-mfg
3069 Work gloves and mittens: rubber-mfg
2259 Work gloves and mittens-mitse-mfg
3151 Work gloves, leather-mfg
3089 Work gloves, plastics-mfg
2326 Work jackets-mfg
2326 Work pants, except jeans and dungarees: men's and boys'-mfg
3531 Work platforms, elevated-mfg
2326 Work shirts: men's and boys'-mfg
3143 Work shoes, men's-mfg
6331 Workers' compensation insurance
6153 Working capital financing
9441 Workman's compensation offices-government
2326 Workpants, except jeans and dungarees: men's and boys'-mfpm-mfg
3821 Worktables, laboratory-mfg
0279 Worm farms
5199 Worms-wholesale
5131 Worsted and woolen piece goods, woven-wholesale
2299 Worsted combing-mfg
2231 Worsted fabrics, broadwoven-mfg
3496 Woven wire products, made from purchased wire-mfg
2429 Wrappers, excelsior-mfg
2752 Wrappers, lithographed-mfg
2759 Wrappers, printed: except lithographed or gravure-mfg
2754 Wrappers: gravure printing-mfg
3565 Wrapping machines-mfg
5113 Wrapping paper and products-wholesale
2671 Wrapping paper, coated or laminated-mfpm-mfg
2621 Wrapping paper-mitse-mfg
3999 Wreaths, artificial-mfg
7549 Wrecker service (towing), automotive
1795 Wrecking of buildings or other structures, except marine-contractors
3423 Wrenches (handtools)-mfg
3633 Wringers, domestic laundry-mfg
3589 Wringers, mop-mfg
2253 Wristlets-mitse-mfg
8999 Writers
2899 Writing ink and fluids-mfg
5112 Writing ink-wholesale
2678 Writing paper and envelopes, boxed sets-mfpm-mfg
2621 Writing paper-mitse-mfg
5943 Writing supplies-retail
2678 Writing tablets, mfpm-mfg
3317 Wrought pipe and tubes: welded, lock joint, and heavy riveted-mfpm-mfg
3312 Wrought pipe and tubing, made in steel works or rolling mills-mfg
1061 Wulfenite mining
1499 Wurtzilite mining

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