Standard Industrial Code (SIC) INDEX - D
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2879 DDT (insecticide), formulated-mfg
2869 DDT, technical-mfg
5812 Dairy bars
5143 Dairy depots-wholesale
3523 Dairy equipment, farm-mfg
5083 Dairy farm machinery and equipment-wholesale
0241 Dairy farms
0241 Dairy heifer replacement farms
0751 Dairy herd improvement associations
3556 Dairy products machinery and equipment-mfg
5084 Dairy products manufacturing machinery-wholesale
5451 Dairy products stores-retail
5149 Dairy products, dried or canned-wholesale
5143 Dairy products, except dried or canned-wholesale
5963 Dairy products, house-to-house-retail
1629 Dam construction-general contractors
3441 Dam gates, metal plate-mfg
2211 Damasks, cotton-mfg
3822 Damper operators: pneumatic, thermostatic, and electric-mfg
3444 Dampers, sheet metal-mfg
1799 Dampproofing buildings-contractors
7929 Dance bands
7911 Dance hall operation
7911 Dance instructors
7911 Dance studios and schools
7911 Dancing schools, professional
5043 Darkroom apparatus-wholesale
2284 Darning thread: cotton, silk, manmade fibers, and wool-mfg
2281 Darning yarn: cotton, silk, wool, and manmade staple-mfg
3944 Darts and dart games-mfg
7375 Data base information retrieval services
7379 Data based developers
7374 Data entry service
3823 Data loggers, industrial process type-mfg
7379 Data processing consultants
8243 Data processing schools
7374 Data processing services
3661 Data sets, telephone and telegraph-mfg
4813 Data telephone communications
7374 Data verification service
0179 Date orchards and farms
3953 Date stamps, hand: with rubber or metal type-mfg
2034 Dates, dried-mfg
2064 Dates: chocolate covered, sugared, and stuffed-mfg
3579 Dating devices and machines, except rubber stamps-mfg
7299 Dating service
3536 Davits-mfg
7999 Day camps
8322 Day care centers, adult and handicapped
8351 Day care centers, child
5143 Dealers in dairy products-wholesale
5144 Dealers in poultry and poultry products-wholesale
5159 Dealers in raw farm products, except grain, field beans, and livestock-wholesale
6221 Dealers, commodity contract
6211 Dealers, mineral royalties or leases
6211 Dealers, security
4212 Debris removal, local carting only
7299 Debt counseling or adjustment service to individuals
3541 Deburring machines-mfg
3825 Decade boxes: capacitance, inductance, and resistance-mfg
2869 Decahydronaphthalene-mfg
3269 Decalcomania work on china and glass, for the trade-mfg
3999 Decalcomania work, except on china or glass: for the trade-mfg
2752 Decalcomanias (dry transfers), lithographed-mfg
2759 Decalcomanias, printed: except lithographed or gravure-mfg
2789 Deckling books, cards, and paper-mfg
3577 Decoders, computer peripheral equipment-mfg
3471 Decontaminating and cleaning of missile and satellite parts, for the trade-mfg
3231 Decorated glassware: e.g., chipped, engraved, etched, sandblasted-made from purchased glass-mfg
7699 Decorating china to individual order
3269 Decorating china, for the trade-mfg
7389 Decoration service for special events
3648 Decorative area lighting fixtures, except residential-mfg
3229 Decorative glassware: made in glassmaking establishments-mfg
3471 Decorative plating and finishing of formed products, for the trade-mfg
2395 Decorative stitching, for the trade-mfg
7389 Decorators consulting service, interior-not painters or paperhangers
0723 Decorticating flax
3949 Decoys, duck and other game birds-mfg
3634 Deep fat fryers, household: electric-mfg
4481 Deep sea foreign passenger transportation
4412 Deep sea foreign transportation of freight
4481 Deep sea transportation of passengers
3845 Defibrilators-mfg
2874 Defluorinated phosphates-mfg
2879 Defoliants-mfg
3714 Defrosters, motor vehicle-mfg
3559 Degreasing machines, automotive (garage equipment)-mfg
3559 Degreasing machines, industrial-mfg
2842 Degreasing solvent-mfg
3634 Dehumidifiers, electric: portable-mfg
3585 Dehumidifiers, except portable: electric-mfg
2034 Dehydrated fruits, vegetables, and soups-mfg
3556 Dehydrating equipment, food processing-mfg
3728 Deicing equipment, aircraft-mfg
2899 Deicing fluid-mfg
2611 Deinking of newsprint-mfg
3679 Delay lines-mfg
7319 Delivering advertising, private
3496 Delivery cases, made from purchased wire-mfg
3825 Demand meters, electric-mfg
2499 Demijohn covers: willow, rattan and reed-mfg
1795 Demolition of buildings or other structures, except marine-contractors
7389 Demonstration service, separate from sale
3715 Demountable cargo containers-mfg
2869 Denatured alcohol, industrial (nonbeverage)-mfg
2211 Denims-mfg
3861 Densitometers-mfg
3826 Densitometers, analytical-mfg
3823 Density and specific gravity instruments, industrial process type-mfg
3843 Dental alloys for amalgams-mfg
8621 Dental associations
3843 Dental chairs-mfg
3843 Dental engines-mfg
3843 Dental equipment and supplies-mfg
5047 Dental equipment-wholesale
3843 Dental hand instruments, including forceps-mfg
8049 Dental hygienists, offices of
7699 Dental instrument repair
6324 Dental insurance (providing services by contracts with health facilities)
8071 Dental laboratories, X-ray
8072 Dental laboratories, except X-ray
3843 Dental laboratory equipment-mfg
5047 Dental laboratory equipment-wholesale
3843 Dental metal-mfg
8021 Dental surgeons, offices of
2844 Dentifrices-mfg
5047 Dentists' professional supplies-wholesale
8021 Dentists, offices and clinics of
2844 Denture cleaners-mfg
3843 Denture materials-mfg
8072 Dentures made in dental laboratories to order for the profession
7342 Deodorant servicing of rest rooms
2842 Deodorants, nonpersonal-mfg
2844 Deodorants, personal-mfg
5311 Department stores-retail
2844 Depilatories, cosmetic-mfg
7299 Depilatory salons
3471 Depolishing metal, for the trade-mfg
6099 Deposit brokers
6399 Deposit or share insurance
3842 Depressors, tongue-mfg
3489 Depth charge release pistols and projectors-mfg
3483 Depth charges and parts (ordnance)-mfg
2834 Dermatological preparations-mfg
8011 Dermatologists, offices of
1389 Derrick building, repairing, and dismantling: oil and gas-on a contract basis
3531 Derricks, except oil and gas field-mfg
3533 Derricks, oil and gas field-mfg
5084 Derricks-wholesale
3559 Desalination equipment-mfg
2899 Desalter kits, sea water-mfg
3295 Desiccants, activated: clay-mfg
2819 Desiccants, activated: silica gel-mfg
1521 Designing and erecting combined: single-family houses-general contractors
1542 Designing and erecting, combined: commercial-general contractors
1541 Designing and erecting, combined: industrial-general contractors
1522 Designing and erecting, combined: residential, except single-family-general contractors
8711 Designing: ship, boat, and machine
3634 Desk fans, electric-mfg
3646 Desk lamps, commercial-mfg
3645 Desk lamps, residential-mfg
3999 Desk pads, except paper-mfg
2678 Desk pads, paper-mfpm-mfg
3281 Desk set bases, onyx-mfg
3199 Desk sets, leather-mfg
2511 Desks, household: wood-mfg
5021 Desks, including school-wholesale
2522 Desks, office: except wood-mfg
2521 Desks, office: wood-mfg
2024 Dessert pops, frozen: flavored ice, fruit, pudding, and gelatin-mfg
2024 Desserts, frozen: except bakery-mfg
2099 Desserts, ready-to-mix-mfg
3731 Destroyer tenders, building and repairing-mfg
7542 Detailing (cleaning and polishing) new autos for dealers on a contract or fee basis
0721 Detasseling of corn
7381 Detective agencies
3829 Detectors, scintillation-mfg
9223 Detention centers-government
2841 Detergents, synthetic organic and inorganic alkaline-mfg
5169 Detergents-wholesale
3341 Detinning of cans-mfg
3341 Detinning of scrap-mfg
2892 Detonating caps for safety fuses-mfg
2892 Detonators (explosive compounds)-mfg
3483 Detonators for ammunition more than 30 mm. (or more than 1.18 inch)-mfg
3483 Detonators: mine, bomb, depth charge, and chemical warfare projectile-mfg
8093 Detoxification centers, outpatient
3861 Developers, prepared photographic: not made in chemical plants-mfg
7819 Developing and printing of commercial motion picture film
7384 Developing and printing of film, except commercial motion picture film
7384 Developing and processing of home movies
5043 Developing apparatus, photographic-wholesale
3861 Developing machines and equipment, still or motion picture-mfg
1799 Dewatering-contractors
0171 Dewberry farms
2899 Dextrine sizes-mfg
2046 Dextrine-mfg
2834 Dextrose and sodium chloride injection, mixed-mfg
2834 Dextrose injection-mfg
2046 Dextrose-mfg
1429 Diabase, crushed and broken-quarrying
1411 Diabase, dimension-quarrying
2835 Diagnostic agents, biological-mfg
3841 Diagnostic apparatus, physicians'-mfg
7549 Diagnostic centers, automotive
5047 Diagnostic equipment, medical-wholesale
3643 Dial light sockets, radio-mfg
3845 Dialyzers, electromedical-mfg
2874 Diammonium phosphates-mfg
3496 Diamond cloth, made from purchased wire-mfg
3915 Diamond cutting and polishing-mfg
3545 Diamond cutting tools for turning, boring, burnishing, etc.-mfg
3544 Diamond dies, metalworking-mfg
3545 Diamond dressing and wheel crushing attachments-mfg
3291 Diamond dressing wheels-mfg
1799 Diamond drilling for building construction-contractors
1499 Diamond mining, industrial
3915 Diamond points for phonograph needles-mfg
3291 Diamond powder-mfg
5094 Diamonds (gems)-wholesale
5085 Diamonds, industrial: natural and crude-wholesale
2385 Diaper covers, waterproof: except vulcanized rubber-mfg
2211 Diaper fabrics-mfg
7219 Diaper service
2676 Diapers, disposable-mfpm-mfg
2399 Diapers, except disposable-mfpm-mfg
5137 Diapers-wholesale
3069 Diaphragms, rubber: separate and in kits-mfg
2782 Diaries-mfg
1459 Diaspore mining
3845 Diathermy apparatus, electromedical-mfg
3845 Diathermy unit-mfg
1499 Diatomaceous earth mining
3295 Diatomaceous earth, ground or otherwise treated-mfg
1499 Diatomite mining
3861 Diazo (whiteprint) paper and cloth, sensitized-mfg
3861 Diazotype (whiteprint) reproduction machines and equipment-mfg
3944 Dice and dice cups-mfg
2869 Dichlorodifluoromethane-mfg
2819 Dichromates-mfg
2339 Dickeys: women's, misses' and juniors'-mfpm-mfg
3579 Dictating machines, office types-mfg
8299 Diction schools
2821 Dicyandiamine resins-mfg
3559 Die and hub cutting equipment (jewelry manufacturing)-mfg
3537 Die and strip handlers-mfg
3542 Die-casting machines-mfg
3364 Die-casting nonferrous metals, except aluminum-mfg
3363 Die-castings, aluminum-mfg
2675 Die-cut paper and paperboard-mfpm-mfg
3554 Die-cutting and stamping machinery (paper converting machinery)-mfg
3111 Die-cutting of leather-mfg
3567 Dielectric heating equipment-mfg
3544 Dies and die holders for metal die-casting and metal cutting and forming, except threading-mfg
3556 Dies, biscuit cutting-mfg
3423 Dies, cutting: except metal cutting-mfg
3544 Dies, diamond: metalworking-mfg
3953 Dies, hand seal-mfg
3544 Dies, metalworking, except threading-mfg
5084 Dies, metalworking-wholesale
3544 Dies, plastics forming-mfg
3544 Dies, steel rule-mfg
3545 Dies, thread cutting-mfg
3519 Diesel and semidiesel engines: for stationary, marine, traction, etc.-mfg
3519 Diesel engine parts-mfg
7538 Diesel engine repair, automotive
5084 Diesel engines and engine parts, industrial-wholesale
3544 Diesets for metal stamping (presses)-mfg
3541 Diesinking machines-mfg
7299 Diet workshops
2023 Dietary supplements, dairy and nondairy base-mfg
5499 Dietetic food stores-retail
2869 Diethylcyclohexane (mixed isomers)-mfg
2869 Diethylene glycol ether-mfg
8049 Dieticians, offices of
3823 Differential pressure instruments, industrial process type-mfg
3826 Differential thermal analysis instruments-mfg
3714 Differentials and parts, motor vehicle-mfg
3443 Digesters, process: metal plate-mfg
3823 Digital displays of process variables-mfg
3663 Digital encoders-mfg
3825 Digital panel meters, electricity measuring-mfg
3825 Digital test equipment, electronic and electrical circuits and equipment-mfg
3825 Digital-to-analog converters, electronic instrumentation type-mfg
2834 Digitalis pharmaceutical preparations-mfg
2833 Digitoxin-mfg
2821 Diisocyanate resins-mfg
1629 Dike construction-general contractors
3281 Dimension stone for buildings-mfg
2426 Dimension, hardwood-mfg
2869 Dimethyl divinyl acetylene (di-isopropenyl acetylene)-mfg
2869 Dimethylhydrazine, unsymmetrical-mfg
2211 Dimities-mfg
5812 Diners (eating places)
2514 Dinette sets, metal-mfg
3732 Dinghies, building and repairing-mfg
4789 Dining car operations, not performed by line-haul railroad companies
3743 Dining cars and car equipment-mfg
2511 Dining room furniture, wood-mfg
5812 Dining rooms
5812 Dinner theaters
2038 Dinners, frozen: packaged-mfg
5142 Dinners, frozen-wholesale
3089 Dinnerware, plastics: except foam-mfg
3825 Diode and transistor testers-mfg
3674 Diodes, solid-state (germanium, silicon, etc.)-mfg
5065 Diodes-wholesale
1423 Diorite, crushed and broken-quarrying
1411 Diorite, dimension-quarrying
2865 Diphenylamine-mfg
2836 Diphtheria toxin-mfg
9721 Diplomatic services-government
3469 Dippers, ice cream-mfg
3479 Dipping metal in plastics solution as a preservative, for the trade-mfg
2879 Dips, cattle and sheep-mfg
2022 Dips, cheese-based-mfg
2099 Dips, except cheese and sour cream based-mfg
2026 Dips, sour cream based-mfg
4841 Direct broadcast satellite (DBS) services
7331 Direct mail advertising service
5963 Direct selling organizations (headquarters of door-to-door canvassers)-retail
6153 Direct working capital financing
1381 Directional drilling of oil and gas wells on a contract basis
3714 Directional signals, motor vehicle-mfg
2759 Directories, printed: except lithographed or gravure (not publishing)-mfg
7389 Directories, telephone: distribution on a contract or fee basis
2754 Directories: gravure printing (not publishing)-mfg
2741 Directories: publishing and printing, or publishing only-mfg
7819 Directors, motion picture: independent
3721 Dirigibles-mfg
1794 Dirt moving-contractors
3589 Dirt sweeping units, industrial-mfg
6321 Disability health insurance
9229 Disaster preparedness and management offices-government
8322 Disaster services
3651 Disc players, compact-mfg
1629 Discharging station construction, mine-general contractors
5813 Discotheques, alcoholic beverage
7911 Discotheques, except those serving alcoholic beverages
3652 Discs, laser: audio prerecorded-mfg
0721 Disease control for crops, with or without fertilizing
2599 Dish carts, restaurant-mfg
2392 Dishcloths, nonwoven textile-mfg
2211 Dishcloths, woven: made in weaving mills-mfg
2259 Dishcloths-mitse-mfg
3843 Dishes, abrasive: dental-mfg
3263 Dishes, commercial and household: fine earthenware (whiteware)-mfg
5113 Dishes, paper and disposable plastics-wholesale
2656 Dishes, paper: except those made from pressed or molded pulp-mfpm-mfg
3089 Dishes, plastics: except foam-mfg
2679 Dishes, pressed and molded pulp-mfpm-mfg
3944 Dishes, toy-mfg
2499 Dishes, wood-mfg
3262 Dishes: commercial and household-vitreous china-mfg
5064 Dishwashers, household: electric-wholesale
2841 Dishwashing compounds-mfg
3589 Dishwashing machines, commercial-mfg
3639 Dishwashing machines, household-mfg
2879 Disinfectants, agricultural-mfg
2842 Disinfectants, household and industrial plant-mfg
7342 Disinfecting service
7379 Disk and diskette conversion services
7379 Disk and diskette recertification services
3572 Disk drives, computer-mfg
5045 Disk drives-wholesale
3577 Disk pack inspectors, computer peripheral equipment-mfg
5065 Diskettes-wholesale
5735 Disks, music and video-retail
1796 Dismantling of machinery and other industrial equipment-contractors
1389 Dismantling of oil well rigs (oil field service) on a contract basis
4499 Dismantling ships
1795 Dismantling steel oil tanks, except oil field work-contractors
3999 Dispensers, soap-mfg
3089 Dispensers, tissue: plastics-mfg
3586 Dispensing and measuring pumps, gasoline and oil-mfg
5962 Dispensing machine sale of products-retail
2851 Dispersions, thermoplastics and colloidal: paint-mfg
7319 Display advertising service, except outdoor
2542 Display cases and fixtures, not refrigerated: except wood-mfg
2541 Display cases and fixtures, not refrigerated: wood-mfg
5078 Display cases, refrigerated-wholesale
2499 Display forms for boots and shoes, regardless of material-mfg
3999 Display forms, except shoe display forms-mfg
2653 Display items, corrugated and solid fiberboard-mfpm-mfg
2789 Display mounting-mfg
3993 Displays advertising: except printed-mfg
3993 Displays, paint process-mfg
3812 Distance measuring equipment (DME), aeronautical-mfg
2865 Distillates, coal tar-mfg
3312 Distillates, derived from chemical recovery coke ovens-mfg
2861 Distillates, wood-mfg
0831 Distillation of gums if carried on at the gum farm
0831 Distillation of turpentine and rosin if carried on at the gum farm
3567 Distillation ovens, charcoal and coke-mfg
3821 Distillation racks, laboratory-mfg
2899 Distilled water-mfg
2085 Distillers' dried grains and solubles-mfg
3556 Distillery machinery-mfg
3821 Distilling apparatus, laboratory type-mfg
3825 Distortion meters and analyzers-mfg
3613 Distribution boards, electric-mfg
3613 Distribution cutouts-mfg
5063 Distribution equipment, electrical-wholesale
1623 Distribution lines construction, oil and gas field-general contractors
7319 Distribution of advertising circulars and handbills
4961 Distribution of cooled air
4911 Distribution of electric power
4925 Distribution of manufactured gas
4924 Distribution of natural gas
3612 Distribution transformers, electric-mfg
3531 Distributors (construction machinery)-mfg
3694 Distributors, motor vehicle engine-mfg
6211 Distributors, security
9222 District attorneys' offices
3531 Ditchers, ladder: vertical boom or wheel-mfg
2834 Diuretics-mfg
3728 Dive brakes, aircraft-mfg
7389 Divers, commercial
1629 Dock construction-general contractors
4492 Docking of ocean vessels
3448 Docks, building, prefabricated: metal-mfg
4491 Docks, including buildings and facilities: operation and maintenance
3537 Docks, loading: portable, adjustable, and hydraulic-mfg
3577 Document entry conversion devices, computer peripheral equipment-mfg
5149 Dog and cat food-wholesale
0279 Dog farms
2047 Dog food-mfg
3199 Dog furnishings, leather: e.g., collars, leashes, harnesses, muzzles-mfg
0752 Dog grooming
0752 Dog pounds
7948 Dog racing
7381 Dogs, rental of: for protective service
5199 Dogs-wholesale
2679 Doilies, paper-mfpm-mfg
3944 Doll carriages and carts-mfg
3999 Doll wigs-mfg
3537 Dollies (hand or power trucks), industrial: except mining-mfg
3942 Dolls, doll parts, and doll clothing: except wigs-mfg
3942 Dolls, miniature: collectors'-mfg
5092 Dolls-wholesale
3297 Dolomite and dolomite-magnesite brick and shapes-mfg
1422 Dolomite, crushed and broken-quarrying
3274 Dolomite, dead-burned-mfg
1411 Dolomite, dimension-quarrying
3274 Dolomitic lime-mfg
1429 Dolomitic marble, crushed and broken-quarrying
1411 Dolomitic marble, dimension-quarrying
1542 Dome construction-general contractors
3647 Dome lights, motor vehicle-mfg
4731 Domestic forwarding
4424 Domestic freight transportation, deep sea
8811 Domestic service (private households employing cooks, maids, etc.)
3561 Domestic water pumps-mfg
8059 Domiciliary care with health care
3944 Dominoes-mfg
0272 Donkey farms
3442 Door and jamb assemblies, prefabricated: metal-mfg
1751 Door and window (prefabricated) installation-contractors
3429 Door bolts and checks-mfg
3442 Door frames and sash, metal-mfg
2431 Door frames and sash, wood and covered wood-mfg
5031 Door frames, all materials-wholesale
3272 Door frames, concrete-mfg
3444 Door hoods, aluminum-mfg
2431 Door jambs, wood-mfg
3429 Door locks and lock sets-mfg
5251 Door locks and lock sets-retail
3496 Door mats, made from purchased wire-mfg
3069 Door mats, rubber-mfg
2273 Door mats: twisted paper, grass, reed, coir, sisal, jute, and rag-mfg
3699 Door opening and closing devices, electrical-mfg
3429 Door opening and closing devices, except electrical-mfg
2431 Door screens, wood-mfg
2431 Door shutters, wood-mfg
2431 Door trim, wood-mfg
2431 Door units, prehung: wood and covered wood-mfg
3612 Doorbell transformers, electric-mfg
2431 Doors, combination screen-storm: wood-mfg
1751 Doors, folding: installation-contractors
3089 Doors, folding: plastics or plastics coated fabric-mfg
1751 Doors, garage: installation or erection-contractors
3442 Doors, louver: all metal or metal frame-mfg
3231 Doors, made from purchased glass-mfg
3442 Doors, metal-mfg
3499 Doors, safe and vault: metal-mfg
2431 Doors, wood and covered wood-mfg
5211 Doors-retail
2851 Dopes, paint-mfg
3732 Dories, building and repairing-mfg
7021 Dormitories, commercially operated
1522 Dormitory construction-general contractors
8734 Dosimetry, radiation
3552 Doubling and twisting frames (textile machinery)-mfg
3556 Dough mixing machinery-mfg
2045 Dough, biscuit-mfpm-mfg
2041 Dough, biscuit-mitse-mfg
2045 Doughnut mixes-mfpm-mfg
5461 Doughnut shops-retail
2051 Doughnuts, except frozen-mfg
2053 Doughnuts, frozen-mfg
2045 Doughs, refrigerated or frozen-mfpm-mfg
2041 Doughs, refrigerated or frozen-mitse-mfg
3553 Dovetailing machines (woodworking machinery)-mfg
3452 Dowel pins, metal-mfg
2499 Dowels, wood-mfg
3999 Down (feathers)-mfg
2329 Down-filled clothing: men's and boys'-mfpm-mfg
2339 Down-filled coats, jackets, and vests: women's, misses', and juniors'-mfpm-mfg
1761 Downspout installation, metal-contractors
3089 Downspouts, plastics-mfg
3444 Downspouts, sheet metal-mfg
3531 Dozers, tractor mounted: material moving-mfg
3823 Draft gauges, industrial process type-mfg
7699 Drafting instrument repair
3829 Drafting instruments and machines-mfg
5049 Drafting instruments and tables-wholesale
3952 Drafting materials, except instruments-mfg
7363 Drafting service (temporary employees)
7389 Drafting service, except temporary help
3531 Draglines, powered-mfg
2861 Dragon's blood-mfg
3523 Drags (agricultural equipment)-mfg
3531 Drags, road (construction and road maintenance equipment)-mfg
7948 Dragstrip operation
3432 Drain cocks-mfg
2842 Drain pipe solvents and cleaners-mfg
3499 Drain plugs, magnetic: metal-mfg
3259 Drain tile, clay-mfg
3272 Drain tile, concrete-mfg
1629 Drainage project construction-general contractors
1711 Drainage system installation, cesspool and septic tank-contractors
2541 Drainboards, plastics laminated-mfg
1241 Draining or pumping of bituminous coal, anthracite, or lignite mines on a contract basis
1081 Draining or pumping of metal mines: on a contract basis
1481 Draining or pumping of nonmetallic minerals mines, except fuels: on a contract basis
3432 Drains, plumbers'-mfg
8299 Drama schools
2211 Draperies and drapery fabrics, cotton-mitse-mfg
2221 Draperies and drapery fabrics, manmade fiber and silk-mitse-mfg
2391 Draperies, plastics and textile-mfpm-mfg
5023 Draperies-wholesale
7216 Drapery drycleaning plants
5131 Drapery material-wholesale
2591 Drapery rods, poles, and fixtures-mfg
5714 Drapery stores-retail
3842 Drapes, surgical: cotton-mfg
3549 Draw benches-mfg
7389 Drawback service, customs
2254 Drawers, apparel-mitse-mfg
2322 Drawers: men's and boys'-mfpm-mfg
3552 Drawing frames, textile-mfg
3952 Drawing inks, blacks and colored-mfg
3549 Drawing machinery and equipment, except wiredrawing dies-mfg
3952 Drawing tables and boards, artists'-mfg
3423 Drawknives-mfg
4212 Draying, local: without storage
5082 Dredges and draglines, except ships-wholesale
3731 Dredges, building and repairing-mfg
3531 Dredging machinery-mfg
1231 Dredging, anthracite
1629 Dredging-general contractors
2259 Dress and semidress gloves, knit-mitse-mfg
3151 Dress and semidress gloves, leather-mfg
2211 Dress fabrics, cotton-mfg
2221 Dress fabrics, manmade fiber and silk-mfg
2396 Dress linings-mfg
3069 Dress shields, vulcanized rubber and rubberized fabric-mitse-mfg
3143 Dress shoes, men's-mfg
5621 Dress shops-retail
7299 Dress suit rental
2396 Dress trimmings, fabric-mfpm-mfg
2392 Dresser scarves-mfpm-mfg
2511 Dressers-mfg
3545 Dressers, abrasive wheel: diamond point and other-mfg
5699 Dresses made to order-retail
3942 Dresses, doll-mfg
2253 Dresses, hand-knit-mfg
2335 Dresses, paper, cut and sewn: women's, misses', and juniors'-mfpm-mfg
2361 Dresses: girls', children's, and infants'-mfpm-mfg
2335 Dresses: women's, misses', and juniors'-mfpm-mfg
2253 Dresses-mitse-mfg
5137 Dresses-wholesale
2384 Dressing gowns, men's and women's-mfg
3999 Dressing of furs: bleaching, blending, currying, scraping, and tanning-mfg
2511 Dressing tables-mfg
2842 Dressings for fabricated leather and other materials-mfg
2844 Dressings, cosmetic-mfg
3842 Dressings, surgical-mfg
5699 Dressmakers' shops, custom-retail
7219 Dressmaking services on material owned by individual customers
5159 Dried beet pulp-wholesale
2037 Dried citrus pulp-mfg
2034 Dried fruits and vegetables-mfg
2013 Dried meats-mfpm-mfg
2011 Dried meats-mitse-mfg
3567 Driers and redriers, industrial process-mfg
3569 Driers and reel, firehose-mfg
3999 Driers, hair: designed for beauty parlors-mfg
2851 Driers, paint-mfg
3861 Driers, photographic-mfg
3523 Driers: grain, hay, and seed (agricultural implements)-mfg
3812 Driftmeters, aeronautical-mfg
3545 Drill bits, metalworking-mfg
3423 Drill bits, woodworking-mfg
3545 Drill bushings (drilling jig)-mfg
3541 Drill presses (machine tools)-mfg
3533 Drill rigs, all types-mfg
3499 Drill stands, metal-mfg
3731 Drilling and production platforms, floating, oil and gas-mfg
5084 Drilling bits-wholesale
1241 Drilling for bituminous coal, anthracite, and lignite on a contract basis
1081 Drilling for metal mining: on a contract basis
1481 Drilling for nonmetallic minerals, except fuels: on a contract basis
3545 Drilling machine attachments and accessories (machine tool accessories)-mfg
3541 Drilling machine tools (metal cutting)-mfg
2899 Drilling mud-mfg
5169 Drilling mud-wholesale
1381 Drilling of oil and gas wells: on a contract basis
3915 Drilling of pearls-mfg
3533 Drilling tools for gas, oil, or water wells-mfg
3546 Drilling tools, masonry and concrete: power (portable)-mfg
1381 Drilling water intake wells: on a contract basis
1781 Drilling water wells-contractors
1381 Drilling, service well: on a contract basis
3546 Drills (except rock drilling and coring), portable: electric and pneumatic-mfg
3545 Drills (machine tool accessories)-mfg
3532 Drills and drilling equipment, mining: except oil and gas field-mfg
3532 Drills, core-mfg
2211 Drills, cotton-mfg
3843 Drills, dental-mfg
3546 Drills, hand: electric-mfg
3423 Drills, hand: except power-mfg
3532 Drills, rock: portable-mfg
2087 Drink powders and concentrates-mfg
2656 Drinking cups, paper: except those made from pressed or molded pulp-mfpm-mfg
3431 Drinking fountains, except mechanically refrigerated: metal-mfg
3088 Drinking fountains, except mechanically refrigerated: plastics-mfg
3585 Drinking fountains, mechanically refrigerated-mfg
3261 Drinking fountains, vitreous china-mfg
5813 Drinking places, alcoholic beverages
2656 Drinking straws, except glass or plastics-mfpm-mfg
3229 Drinking straws, glass-mfg
5078 Drinking water coolers, mechanical-wholesale
2086 Drinks, fruit: bottled, canned, or fresh-mfg
3568 Drive chains, bicycle and motorcycle-mfg
3714 Drive shafts, motor vehicle-mfg
7389 Drive-a-way automobile service
5812 Drive-in restaurants
7833 Drive-in theaters
3545 Drivers, drill and cutters (machine tool accessories)-mfg
3572 Drives, computer: disk and drum-mfg
3566 Drives, high-speed industrial: except hydrostatic-mfg
3594 Drives, hydrostatic transmissions-mfg
1629 Driving piling-general contractors
2411 Driving timber-mfg
2394 Drop cloths, fabric-mfpm-mfg
3462 Drop forgings, iron and steel: not made in rolling mills-mfg
3542 Drop hammers, for forging and shaping metal-mfg
8069 Drug addiction rehabilitation hospitals
2865 Drug dyes, synthetic-mfg
2833 Drug grading, grinding, and milling-mfg
5122 Drug proprietaries-wholesale
8361 Drug rehabilitation centers, residential: with health care incidental
5912 Drug stores-retail
8093 Drug treatment, outpatient clinics
3069 Druggists' sundries, rubber-mfg
5122 Druggists' sundries-wholesale
5122 Drugs-wholesale
7929 Drum and bugle corps (drill teams)
3537 Drum cradles-mfg
3572 Drum drives, computer-mfg
3931 Drummers' traps-mfg
2655 Drums, fiber (metal-end or all-fiber)-mfpm-mfg
5085 Drums, new and reconditioned-wholesale
3931 Drums, parts, and accessories (musical instruments)-mfg
3089 Drums, plastics (containers)-mfg
2449 Drums, plywood-mfg
3412 Drums, shipping: metal-mfg
2449 Drums, shipping: wood-wirebound-mfg
3944 Drums, toy-mfg
3692 Dry cell batteries, single and multiple cell-mfg
2621 Dry felts, except textile-mitse-mfg
2813 Dry ice (solid carbon dioxide)-mfg
5169 Dry ice-wholesale
3556 Dry milk processing machinery-mfg
2023 Dry milk products: whole milk, nonfat milk, buttermilk, whey, and cream-mfg
3634 Dry shavers (electric razors)-mfg
1711 Dry well construction, cesspool-contractors
3633 Drycleaning and laundry machines, household: including coin-operated-mfg
3582 Drycleaning equipment and machinery, commercial-mfg
1541 Drycleaning plant construction-general contractors
5087 Drycleaning plant equipment and supplies-wholesale
7216 Drycleaning plants, except rug cleaning
2842 Drycleaning preparations-mfg
7215 Drycleaning, coin-operated
3731 Drydocks, floating-mfg
5087 Dryers, beauty shop-wholesale
2499 Dryers, clothes (clothes horses): wood-mfg
5064 Dryers, clothes: electric or gas-wholesale
3582 Dryers, commercial laundry, including coin-operated-mfg
3821 Dryers, laboratory-mfg
3582 Dryers, laundry: commercial, including coin-operated-mfg
3633 Dryers, laundry: household, including coin-operated-mfg
3634 Dryers: hand, face, and hair-electric-mfg
3496 Drying belts, made from purchased wire-mfg
2851 Drying japans-mfg
3559 Drying kilns, lumber-mfg
3552 Drying machines, textile: for stock, yarn, and cloth-mfg
0723 Drying of corn, rice, hay, fruits, and vegetables
1742 Drywall construction-contractors
0259 Duck farms
7933 Duck pin centers
2211 Duck, cotton-mfg
2015 Ducks, processed: fresh, frozen, canned, or cooked-mfg
2015 Ducks: slaughtering and dressing-mfg
1761 Duct work, sheet metal-contractors
3321 Ductile iron castings-mfg
3443 Ducting, metal plate-mfg
3292 Ducts, asbestos cement-mfg
3444 Ducts, sheet metal-mfg
7032 Dude ranches
2393 Duffel bags, canvas-mfg
3949 Dumbbells-mfg
1796 Dumbwaiter installation-contractors
3534 Dumbwaiters-mfg
1459 Dumortierite mining
3714 Dump-truck lifting mechanisms-mfg
3532 Dumpers, car: mining-mfg
4953 Dumps, operation of
5599 Dunebuggies-retail
2325 Dungarees: men's and boys'-mfpm-mfg
5088 Dunnage (marine supplies)-wholesale
2893 Duplicating ink-mfg
3579 Duplicating machines-mfg
5044 Duplicating machines-wholesale
7334 Duplicating services, except printing
3541 Duplicator, machine tools-mfg
2041 Durum flour-mfg
3564 Dust and fume collecting equipment, industrial-mfg
2392 Dust cloths-mfg
1796 Dust collecting equipment installation-contractors
3564 Dust collection equipment-mfg
5075 Dust collection equipment-wholesale
2842 Dust mats, gelatin-mfg
2392 Dust mops-mfg
2384 Dusters (apparel)-mfg
2392 Dusters, fabric-mfg
3999 Dusters, feather-mfg
3523 Dusters, mechanical: agricultural-mfg
3728 Dusting and spraying equipment, aircraft-mfg
2842 Dusting cloths, chemically treated-mfg
2392 Dusting cloths, plain-mfg
0721 Dusting crops, with or without fertilizing
3563 Dusting outfits for metal, paints, and chemicals (portable or vehicular)-mfg
2211 Duvetyn, cotton-mfg
2221 Duvetyn, manmade fiber and silk-mfg
6514 Dwellings (four or fewer) housing units: operators of
2451 Dwellings, mobile-mfg
3448 Dwellings, prefabricated: metal-mfg
2865 Dye (cyclic) intermediates-mfg
2842 Dye removing cream, petroleum base-mfg
2841 Dye removing cream, soap base-mfg
7216 Dyeing and cleaning plants, except rug cleaning
2861 Dyeing and extract materials, natural-mfg
2257 Dyeing and finishing circular knit fabrics-mfg
2252 Dyeing and finishing hosiery, except women's full-length and knee-length-mfg
2259 Dyeing and finishing knit gloves and mittens-mfg
2253 Dyeing and finishing knit outerwear, except hosiery, gloves, and nightwear-mfg
2254 Dyeing and finishing knit underwear-mfg
2258 Dyeing and finishing lace goods-mfg
2273 Dyeing and finishing of rugs and carpets-mfg
2231 Dyeing and finishing of wool and similar animal fibers: except knit-mfg
2258 Dyeing and finishing warp knit fabrics-mfg
2257 Dyeing and finishing weft knit fabrics-mfg
2251 Dyeing and finishing women's full-length and knee-length hosiery, except socks-mfg
2261 Dyeing cotton broadwoven fabrics-mfg
3999 Dyeing feathers, for the trade-mfg
3999 Dyeing furs-mfg
2381 Dyeing gloves, woven or knit: for the trade-mfg
3552 Dyeing machinery, textile-mfg
2262 Dyeing manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabrics-mfg
2269 Dyeing raw stock, yarn, and narrow fabrics: except knit and wool-mfg
3999 Dyeing sponges-mfg
3999 Dyers' nets-mfg
2865 Dyes, food: synthetic-mfg
2844 Dyes, hair-mfg
2899 Dyes, household-mfg
2865 Dyes, synthetic organic-mfg
2861 Dyestuffs, natural-mfg
5169 Dyestuffs-wholesale
2892 Dynamite-mfg
3829 Dynamometer instruments-mfg
3621 Dynamos, electric: except automotive-mfg
3621 Dynamotors-mfg
3699 Dynamotrons-mfg
3728 Dynetric balancing stands, aircraft-mfg
3429 Dzus fasteners-mfg

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