Standard Industrial Code (SIC) INDEX - K
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2851 Kalsomines, dry or paste-mfg
1455 Kaolin mining
3295 Kaolin, ground or otherwise treated-mfg
7999 Karate instruction
5137 Karate uniforms: women's and children's-wholesale
3732 Kayaks, building and repairing-mfg
3275 Keene's cement-mfg
2449 Kegs, wood: coopered-mfg
2048 Kelp meal and pellets-mfg
2833 Kelp plants-mfg
3825 Kelvin bridges (electrical measuring instruments)-mfg
0752 Kennels, boarding
0279 Kennels, breeding and raising own stock
7948 Kennels, dogracing
1474 Kernite mining
1311 Kerogen processing
3433 Kerosene space heaters-mfg
2911 Kerosene-mfg
5172 Kerosene-wholesale
2033 Ketchup-mfg
2869 Ketone, methyl ethyl-mfg
2869 Ketone, methyl isobutyl-mfg
3443 Kettles (process vessels), metal plate-mfg
3429 Key blanks-mfg
3172 Key cases, regardless of material-mfg
7699 Key duplicating shops
3496 Key rings, made from purchased wire-mfg
3572 Key to tape or disk devices-mfg
3577 Key-disk or diskette equipment, computer peripheral equipment-mfg
3577 Key-tape equipment: reel, cassette, or cartridge-mfg
3931 Keyboards, piano or organ-mfg
3577 Keying equipment, computer peripheral equipment-mfg
5045 Keying equipment-wholesale
7374 Keypunch service
3577 Keypunch/verify cards, computer peripheral equipment-mfg
3429 Keys-mfg
3496 Keys, can: made from purchased wire-mfg
3541 Keyseating machines (machine tools)-mfg
7996 Kiddie parks
8092 Kidney dialysis centers
2261 Kier bleaching, continuous machine-mfg
1629 Kiln construction-general contractors
2421 Kiln drying of lumber-mfg
3255 Kiln furniture, clay-mfg
3559 Kilns: cement, wood, and chemical-mfg
3567 Kilns: except cement, chemical, and wood-mfg
8211 Kindergartens
3829 Kinematic test and measuring equipment-mfg
3269 Kitchen articles, coarse earthenware-mfg
5031 Kitchen cabinets to be built in-wholesale
2514 Kitchen cabinets, metal-mfg
2434 Kitchen cabinets, wood: to be installed-mfg
3421 Kitchen cutlery-mfg
5023 Kitchen tools and utensils, except precious metal flatware-wholesale
3365 Kitchen utensils, cast aluminum: except die-castings-mfg
3469 Kitchen utensils, porcelain enameled-mfg
3469 Kitchen utensils, stamped and pressed metal-mfg
3496 Kitchen wire goods, made from purchased wire-mfg
2499 Kitchen woodenware-mfg
5722 Kitchens, complete (sinks, cabinets, etc.)-retail
5719 Kitchenware stores-retail
3089 Kitchenware, plastics: except foam-mfg
3263 Kitchenware, semivitreous earthenware-mfg
3262 Kitchenware: commercial and household-vitreous china-mfg
5945 Kite (toy) stores-retail
3944 Kites-mfg
3999 Kits, hosiery: sewing and mending-mfg
2449 Kits, wood: coopered-mfg
0179 Kiwi fruit farms
3671 Klystron tubes-mfg
2393 Knapsacks, canvas-mfg
3842 Kneecap supporters, orthopedic-mfg
3069 Kneeling pads, rubber-mfg
2329 Knickers, dress (separate): men's and boys'-mfpm-mfg
2339 Knickers: women's, misses', and juniors'-mfpm-mfg
3421 Knife blades-mfg
3421 Knife blanks-mfg
7699 Knife sharpening and repair shops
3613 Knife switches, electric-mfg
2051 Knishes, except frozen-mfg
2258 Knit fabrics, warp: knitting, dyeing, or finishing-mfg
2257 Knit fabrics, weft (circular): knitting, dyeing, or finishing-mfg
2257 Knit fabrics, weft knit: knitting, dyeing, or finishing-mfg
5131 Knit fabrics-wholesale
2381 Knit gloves-mfpm-mfg
2284 Knitting hand thread: cotton, silk, and manmade fibers-mfg
3552 Knitting machines-mfg
5949 Knitting yarn shops-retail
2281 Knitting yarn: cotton, silk, wool, and manmade staple-mfg
3423 Knives, agricultural and industrial-mfg
3634 Knives, electric-mfg
3423 Knives, machine; except metal cutting-mfg
3545 Knives, shear-mfg
3841 Knives, surgical-mfg
3421 Knives, table: metal, except all metal-mfg
3914 Knives: silver, silver-plated, and stainless steel-mfg
3421 Knives: butchers', hunting, pocket, table-except all metal table and electric-mfg
3931 Knobs, organ-mfg
3264 Knobs, porcelain-mfg
2499 Knobs, wood-mfg
3443 Knockouts, free water: metal plate-mfg
3552 Knot tying machines (textile machinery)-mfg
3542 Knurling machines-mfg
2631 Kraft liner board-mitse-mfg
2621 Kraft sheathing paper-mitse-mfg
2621 Kraft wrapping paper-mitse-mfg
1459 Kyanite mining

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