Standard Industrial Code (SIC) INDEX - F
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3651 FM and AM tuners-mfg
2231 Fabric finishing of wool, mohair, and similar animal fibers: except knit-mfg
2261 Fabric finishing, cotton broadwoven fabrics-mfg
2262 Fabric finishing, manmade fiber and silk broadwoven-mfg
2258 Fabric finishing, warp knit-mfg
5949 Fabric shops-retail
2842 Fabric softeners-mfg
3498 Fabricated pipe and fittings: threading, bending, etc.-of purchased pipe-mfg
3441 Fabricated structural steel-mfg
2296 Fabrics for reinforcing rubber tires, industrial belting, and fuel cells-mfg
2231 Fabrics, animal fiber: broadwoven wool, mohair, and similar animal fibers-mfg
2241 Fabrics, animal fiber: narrow woven-mfg
2297 Fabrics, bonded fiber: except felt-mfg
2211 Fabrics, broadwoven: cotton-mfg
2221 Fabrics, broadwoven: manmade fiber and silk-mfg
2231 Fabrics, broadwoven: wool, mohair, and similar animal fibers-mfg
2257 Fabrics, circular knit-mfg
2295 Fabrics, coated and impregnated: except rubberized-mfg
2297 Fabrics, nonwoven: except felts-mfg
2952 Fabrics, roofing: asphalt or tar saturated-mfpm-mfg
3069 Fabrics, rubberized-mfg
2258 Fabrics, warp knit-mitse-mfg
2257 Fabrics, weft knit-mfg
3496 Fabrics, woven wire: made from purchased wire-mfg
2299 Fabrics: linen, jute, hemp, ramie-mfg
2844 Face creams and lotions-mfg
3644 Face plates (wiring devices)-mfg
2844 Face powders-mfg
6726 Face-amount certificate issuing
7231 Facial salons
2621 Facial tissue stock-mitse-mfg
2676 Facial tissues-mfpm-mfg
7376 Facilities management services, computer
8744 Facilities management, except computer
8744 Facilities support services, except computer
3541 Facing machines-mfg
3251 Facing tile, clay-mfg
2899 Facings (chemical foundry supplies)-mfg
3661 Facsimile equipment-mfg
2754 Facsimile letters: gravure printing-mfg
4822 Facsimile transmission services
6153 Factors of commercial paper
1541 Factory construction-general contractors
2599 Factory furniture: stools, work benches, tool stands, and cabinets-mfg
3253 Faience tile-mfg
2221 Failles-mfg
7999 Fairs, agricultural: operation of
2679 False faces, papier-mache-mfpm-mfg
5651 Family clothing stores-retail
8322 Family counseling services
8322 Family location services
8322 Family service agencies
3822 Fan control, temperature responsive-mfg
3599 Fan forges-mfg
3111 Fancy leathers-mfg
2672 Fancy paper, coated and glazed: except for packaging-mfpm-mfg
2761 Fanfold forms-mfg
3564 Fans, except household-mfg
3634 Fans, household: kitchen-except attic-mfg
3634 Fans, household: electric, except attic fans-mfg
5084 Fans, industrial-wholesale
3829 Fare registers: e.g., for streetcars and buses-mfg
2043 Farina, cereal breakfast food-mfg
2041 Farina, except breakfast food-mitse-mfg
1542 Farm building construction, except residential-general contractors
2452 Farm buildings, prefabricated or portable: wood-mfg
3448 Farm buildings, prefabricated: metal-mfg
8699 Farm bureaus
3523 Farm elevators-mfg
8699 Farm granges
8811 Farm homes, noncommercial
0761 Farm labor contractors
3523 Farm machinery and equipment-mfg
5083 Farm machinery and equipment-wholesale
7699 Farm machinery repair
0762 Farm management services
6159 Farm mortgage companies
4221 Farm product warehousing and storage, other than cold storage
3443 Farm storage tanks, metal plate-mfg
5191 Farm supplies-wholesale
4212 Farm to market hauling
3523 Farm tractors-mfg
3523 Farm wagons-mfg
6111 Farmers Home Administration
8811 Farms, residential: noncommercial
**** Farms-see type of farm
7699 Farriers (blacksmith shops)
3089 Fascia, plastics (siding)-mfg
2752 Fashion plates, lithographed-mfg
2759 Fashion plates, printed: except lithographed or gravure-mfg
2754 Fashion plates: gravure printing-mfg
7363 Fashion show model supply service
5812 Fast food restaurants
5812 Fast food stores (prepared food)
5072 Fasteners, hardware-wholesale
3965 Fasteners: glove, slide, snap, and hook-and-eye-mfg
3812 Fathometers-mfg
3829 Fatigue testing machines, industrial: mechanical-mfg
2843 Fats, sulfonated-mfg
2869 Fatty acid esters and amines-mfg
2899 Fatty acids: margaric, oleic, and stearic-mfg
3261 Faucet handles, vitreous china and earthenware-mfg
3432 Faucets, metal and plastics-mfg
2499 Faucets, wood-mfg
3582 Feather cleaning and sterilizing machinery-mfg
2077 Feather meal-mfg
2329 Feather-filled clothing: men's and boys'-mfpm-mfg
2339 Feather-filled coats, jackets, and vests: women's, misses', and juniors'-mfpm-mfg
3999 Feathers: curling, dyeing, and renovating-for the trade-mfg
5159 Feathers-wholesale
6331 Federal Crop Insurance Corporation
6399 Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
6019 Federal Home Loan Banks
6111 Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation
6111 Federal Intermediate Credit Bank
6111 Federal Land Banks
6111 Federal National Mortgage Association
6011 Federal Reserve banks
6011 Federal Reserve branches
6399 Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation
6061 Federal credit unions
6035 Federal savings and loan associations
6035 Federal savings banks
5191 Feed additives, animal-wholesale
3199 Feed bags for horses-mfg
2048 Feed concentrates-mfg
3523 Feed grinders, crushers, and mixers (agricultural machinery)-mfg
3523 Feed grinders-mixers-mfg
3556 Feed mixers, except agricultural machinery-mfg
2048 Feed premixes-mfg
2048 Feed supplements-mfg
5191 Feed, except unmixed grain-wholesale
2046 Feed, gluten-mfg
3612 Feeder voltage regulators and boosters (electric transformers)-mfg
3523 Feeders, chicken-mfg
3532 Feeders, ore and aggregate-mfg
0211 Feedlots, cattle
0213 Feedlots, hog
0214 Feedlots, lamb
2048 Feeds, prepared (including mineral): for animals and fowls-except dogs and cats-mfg
2048 Feeds, specialty: mice, guinea pigs, minks, etc.-mfg
2048 Feeds, stock: dry-mfg
1459 Feldspar mining
3295 Feldspar, ground or otherwise treated-mfg
2499 Fellies, wood-mfg
2299 Felt goods, except woven felts and hats: wool, hair, jute, or other fiber-mfg
3292 Felt roll roofing, asbestos-mfg
3951 Felt tip markers-mfg
3292 Felt, woven amosite: asbestos-mfg
5199 Felt-wholesale
2621 Felts, building-mitse-mfg
2299 Felts, pressed or needle loom-mfg
2952 Felts, roofing: asphalt saturated and tar saturated-roll or shingle-mfg
5033 Felts, tarred-wholesale
2231 Felts: wool, mohair, and similar animal fibers: woven-mfg
3699 Fence chargers, electric-mfg
1799 Fence construction-contractors
3496 Fence gates, made from purchased wire-mfg
3315 Fence gates, posts, and fittings: steel-made in wiredrawing plants-mfg
3312 Fence posts, iron and steel: made in steel works or rolling mills-mfg
3423 Fence stretchers (handtools)-mfg
3446 Fences and posts, ornamental iron and steel-mfg
5039 Fencing and accessories, wire-wholesale
5211 Fencing dealers-retail
3949 Fencing equipment (sporting goods)-mfg
3496 Fencing, made from purchased wire-mfg
2499 Fencing, wood: except rough pickets, poles, and rails-mfg
5031 Fencing, wood-wholesale
3465 Fenders, stamped and pressed-mfg
1061 Ferberite mining
3443 Fermenters (process vessels), metal plate-mfg
2869 Ferric ammonium oxalate-mfg
2819 Ferric chloride-mfg
2816 Ferric oxide pigments-mfg
2819 Ferric oxides, except pigments-mfg
4482 Ferries, operation of
3599 Ferris wheels-mfg
3264 Ferrite-mfg
3313 Ferroalloys (including high percentage)-mfg
5051 Ferroalloys-wholesale
3313 Ferrochromium-mfg
2819 Ferrocyanides-mfg
3313 Ferromanganese-mfg
3313 Ferromolybdenum-mfg
3313 Ferrophosphorus-mfg
3313 Ferrosilicon-mfg
3313 Ferrotitanium-mfg
3313 Ferrotungsten-mfg
3547 Ferrous and nonferrous mill equipment, auxiliary-mfg
3313 Ferrovanadium-mfg
3499 Ferrules, metal-mfg
3731 Ferryboats, building and repairing-mfg
5191 Fertilizer and fertilizer materials-wholesale
0711 Fertilizer application for crops
2819 Fertilizer materials: muriate and sulfate of potash, not produced at mines-mfg
2875 Fertilizers, mixed: made in plants not manufacturing fertilizer materials-mfg
2873 Fertilizers, mixed: made in plants producing nitrogenous fertilizer materials-mfg
2874 Fertilizers, mixed: made in plants producing phosphatic fertilizer materials-mfg
2873 Fertilizers: natural (organic), except compost-mfg
3523 Fertilizing machinery, farm-mfg
2834 Fever remedies-mfg
5113 Fiber cans and drums-wholesale
2519 Fiber furniture, household-mfg
3357 Fiber optic cable-mfg
3229 Fiber optics strands-mfg
2611 Fiber pulp: made from wood, rags, wastepaper, linters, straw, and bagasse-mfg
2221 Fiberglass fabrics-mfg
5131 Fiberglass fabrics-wholesale
5033 Fiberglass insulation materials-wholesale
3296 Fiberglass insulation-mfg
3624 Fibers, carbon and graphite-mfg
2823 Fibers, cellulose manmade-mfg
3229 Fibers, glass, textile-mfg
2824 Fibers, manmade: except cellulosic-mfg
2823 Fibers, rayon-mfg
2299 Fibers, textile: recovery from textile mill waste and rags-mfg
5159 Fibers, vegetable-wholesale
2823 Fibers, viscose-mfg
6351 Fidelity insurance
6531 Fiduciaries, real estate
6099 Fiduciary agencies other than real estate or trust
3489 Field artillery-mfg
2329 Field jackets, military-mfpm-mfg
0181 Field nurseries: growing of flowers and shrubbery, except forest shrubbery
3825 Field strength and intensity measuring equipment, electrical-mfg
3523 Field type rotary tillers (agricultural machinery)-mfg
7389 Field warehousing, not public warehousing
3714 Fifth wheels-mfg
0179 Fig orchards and farms
3953 Figures (marking devices), metal-mfg
3269 Figures, pottery: china, earthenware, and stoneware-mfg
3999 Figures, wax: mannikins-mfg
3641 Filaments for electric lamps-mfg
0173 Filbert groves and farms
0723 Filbert hulling and shelling
5112 File cards-wholesale
2522 File drawer frames: except wood-mfg
5112 File folders-wholesale
3423 Files, including recutting and resharpening-mfg
3545 Files, machine tool-mfg
2522 Filing boxes, cabinets, and cases: except wood-mfg
2521 Filing boxes, cabinets, and cases: wood-mfg
2652 Filing boxes, paperboard-mfpm-mfg
2675 Filing folders-mfpm-mfg
3541 Filing machines, metal (machine tools)-mfg
1499 Fill dirt pits
2675 Fillers and flats, egg case: die-cut from purchased paper or paperboard-mfpm-mfg
2782 Fillers and forms, looseleaf: pen ruled or printed only-mfg
2678 Fillers for looseleaf devices, except printed forms-mfpm-mfg
2851 Fillers, wood: dry, liquid, and paste-mfg
2092 Fillets, fish-mfg
7389 Filling pressure containers (aerosol) with hair spray, insecticides, etc.
5541 Filling stations, gasoline-retail
2299 Filling, upholstery: textile-mfg
2099 Fillings, cake or pie: except fruits, vegetables, and meat-mfg
2679 Fills, insulating: paper-mfpm-mfg
8734 Film badge service (radiation detection)
7829 Film delivery, motion picture
7822 Film exchanges, motion picture
7829 Film libraries, motion picture
7819 Film libraries, stock footage
7384 Film processing, except for the motion picture industry
7819 Film processing, motion picture
7829 Film purchasing agencies, motion picture
7336 Film strip and slide producers
5043 Film, photographic-wholesale
3081 Film, plastics: unsupported-mfg
3081 Film, plastics: unsupported-mfg
3069 Film, rubber-mfg
3861 Film, sensitized: motion picture, X-ray, still camera, and special purpose-mfg
2211 Filter cloth, cotton-mfg
3569 Filter elements, fluid: hydraulic line-mfg
2679 Filter paper, converted-mfpm-mfg
2621 Filter paper-mitse-mfg
3295 Filtering clays, treated purchased materials-mfg
3269 Filtering media, pottery-mfg
3564 Filters, air: for furnaces and air-conditioning equipment-mfg
3569 Filters, fluid, general line industrial: except internal combustion engine-mfg
3599 Filters, internal combustion engine: oil, gasoline, air intake, except motor vehicle engine-mfg
3569 Filters, pipeline-mfg
3714 Filters: oil, fuel, and air-motor vehicle-mfg
1446 Filtration sand mining
3483 Fin assemblies, mortar: more than 30 mm. (or more than 1.18 inch)-mfg
3483 Fin assemblies, torpedo and bomb-mfg
6159 Finance leasing of automobiles, trucks and machinery
6159 Finance leasing of equipment and vehicles
6282 Financial advice, investment
6289 Financial reporting
6351 Financial responsibility insurance
6141 Financing of automobiles, furniture, appliances, personal airplanes, etc.: not engaged in deposit banking
6153 Financing of dealers by motor vehicle manufacturers' organizations
3131 Findings, boot and shoe-mfg
3915 Findings, jewelers-mfg
5087 Findings, shoe repair-wholesale
2396 Findings, suit and coat: e.g., coat fronts, pockets-mfg
0273 Finfish farms
0912 Finfish, catching of
3069 Finger cots, rubber-mfg
3999 Fingerprint equipment, except cameras and optical equipment-mfg
7381 Fingerprint service
3531 Finishers and spreaders, construction-mfg
2273 Finishers of tufted carpets and rugs-mfg
3531 Finishers, concrete and bituminous: powered-mfg
2843 Finishing agents, textile and leather-mfg
3547 Finishing equipment, rolling mill-mfg
3552 Finishing machinery, textile-mfg
3471 Finishing metal products and formed products, for the trade-mfg
2257 Finishing of circular knit fabrics-mfg
2261 Finishing of cotton broadwoven fabrics-mfg
3111 Finishing of leather-mfg
2262 Finishing of manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabrics-mfg
2269 Finishing of raw stock, yarn, and narrow fabrics: except knit and wool-mfg
2258 Finishing of warp knit fabrics-mfg
2231 Finishing of wool, mohair, and similar animal fiber fabrics: except knit-mfg
8299 Finishing schools, charm and modeling
8211 Finishing schools, secondary
2091 Finnan haddie (smoked haddock)-mfg
3728 Fins, aircraft-mfg
3469 Fins, tube: stamped metal-mfg
6411 Fire Insurance Underwriters' Laboratories
3669 Fire alarm apparatus, electric-mfg
1731 Fire alarm installation-contractors
7382 Fire alarm monitoring and maintenance
3255 Fire clay blocks, bricks, tile, and special shapes-mfg
1459 Fire clay mining
7699 Fire control (military) equipment repair
3711 Fire department vehicles (motor vehicles)-mfg
9224 Fire departments, including volunteer-government
3669 Fire detection systems, electric-mfg
3829 Fire detector systems, nonelectric-mfg
3442 Fire doors, metal-mfg
1799 Fire escape installation-contractors
3446 Fire escapes, metal-mfg
2899 Fire extinguisher charges-mfg
3999 Fire extinguishers, portable-mfg
7389 Fire extinguishers, service of
5099 Fire extinguishers-wholesale
3491 Fire hydrant valves-mfg
6411 Fire loss appraisal
9224 Fire marshals' offices-government
9224 Fire prevention offices-government
0851 Fire prevention, forest
2261 Fire resistance finishing of cotton broadwoven fabrics-mfg
2262 Fire resistance finishing of manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabrics-mfg
2899 Fire retardant chemical preparations-mfg
1542 Fire station construction-general contractors
3484 Firearms, 30 mm. (or 1.18 inch) or less-mfg
5099 Firearms, except sporting-wholesale
5091 Firearms, sporting-wholesale
5941 Firearms-retail
3731 Fireboats, building and repairing-mfg
3255 Firebrick, clay-mfg
2311 Firefighters' dress uniforms, men's-mfg
3569 Firefighting apparatus, except automotive and chemical-mfg
5087 Firefighting equipment-wholesale
7389 Firefighting service, other than forestry or public
0851 Firefighting, forest
3569 Firehose, except rubber-mfg
3052 Firehose, rubber-mfg
3429 Fireplace equipment (hardware)-mfg
3433 Fireplace inserts-mfg
2999 Fireplace logs, made from coal-mfg
5719 Fireplace screens and accessories-retail
5719 Fireplace stores-retail
3272 Fireplaces, concrete-mfg
5074 Fireplaces, prefabricated-wholesale
1752 Fireproof flooring construction-contractors
1799 Fireproofing buildings-contractors
3251 Fireproofing tile, clay-mfg
2499 Firewood and fuel wood containing fuel binder-mfg
5099 Firewood-wholesale
7999 Fireworks display service
2899 Fireworks-mfg
5999 Fireworks-retail
5092 Fireworks-wholesale
7699 Firing china to individual order
3269 Firing china, for the trade-mfg
2449 Firkins and kits, wood: coopered-mfg
3842 First aid, snake bite, and burn kits-mfg
2092 Fish and seafood cakes, frozen-mfg
2091 Fish and seafood cakes: canned-mfg
3556 Fish and shellfish processing machinery-mfg
9512 Fish and wildlife conservation-government
2091 Fish egg bait, canned-mfg
0273 Fish farms, except hatcheries
2092 Fish fillets-mfg
2048 Fish food-mfg
0921 Fish hatcheries
2077 Fish liver oils, crude-mfg
2833 Fish liver oils, refined and concentrated for medicinal use-mfg
5421 Fish markets-retail
2077 Fish meal-mfg
2298 Fish nets and seines, made in cordage or twine mills-mfg
2077 Fish oil and fish oil meal-mfg
2092 Fish sticks-mfg
3644 Fish wire (electrical wiring tool)-mfg
2091 Fish, canned and cured-mfg
5146 Fish, cured-wholesale
5146 Fish, fresh-wholesale
5146 Fish, frozen: except packaged-wholesale
5142 Fish, frozen: packaged-wholesale
5199 Fish, tropical-wholesale
2091 Fish: cured, dried, pickled, salted, and smoked-mfg
2092 Fish: fresh and frozen, prepared-mfg
0912 Fisheries, finfish
0913 Fisheries, shellfish
7999 Fishing boats, party: operation of
3732 Fishing boats, small-mfg
7032 Fishing camps
5941 Fishing equipment-retail
1389 Fishing for tools, oil and gas field: on a contract basis
3421 Fishing knives-mfg
2298 Fishing lines, nets, seines: made in cordage or twine mills-mfg
2399 Fishing nets-mfpm-mfg
7999 Fishing piers and lakes, operation of
0921 Fishing preserves
3949 Fishing tackle (except lines, nets, and seines)-mfg
3731 Fishing vessels, large: seiners and trawlers-building and repairing-mfg
2819 Fissionable material production-mfg
7991 Fitness salons
3089 Fittings for pipe, plastics-mfg
3089 Fittings, plastics-mfg
5074 Fittings, plumbers'-wholesale
3321 Fittings, soil and pressure pipe: cast iron-mfg
3841 Fixation appliances, internal-mfg
3861 Fixers, prepared photographic: not made in chemical plants-mfg
2541 Fixture tops, plastics laminated-mfg
2591 Fixtures, curtain and drapery-mfg
2542 Fixtures, display: office and store-except wood-mfg
2541 Fixtures, display: office and store-wood-mfg
2542 Fixtures, office and store: except wood-mfg
5078 Fixtures, refrigerated-wholesale
5046 Fixtures, store, not refrigerated-wholesale
5999 Flag shops-retail
7389 Flagging service (traffic control)
3446 Flagpoles, metal-mfg
2499 Flagpoles, wood-mfg
2399 Flags, fabric-mfg
1411 Flagstone mining
3281 Flagstones-mfg
2493 Flakeboard-mfg
3399 Flakes, metal-mfg
7218 Flame and heat resistant clothing supply service
3826 Flame photometers-mfg
3822 Flame safety controls for furnaces and boilers-mfg
3489 Flame throwers (ordnance)-mfg
3229 Flameware, glass and glass ceramic-mfg
3541 Flange facing machines-mfg
3562 Flange units for ball or roller bearings-mfg
3463 Flange, valve and pipe fitting forgings, nonferrous: not made in hot-rolling mills-mfg
3462 Flange, valve, and pipe fitting forgings, ferrous: not made in rolling mills-mfg
3494 Flanges and flange unions, pipe: metal-mfg
2321 Flannel shirts, except work shirts: men's, youths', and boys'-mfg
2211 Flannelette-mfg
2211 Flannels, cotton-mfg
2231 Flannels: wool, mohair, and similar animal fibers-mfg
3728 Flaps, aircraft wing-mfg
2899 Flares-mfg
3647 Flasher lights, automobile-mfg
3861 Flashlight apparatus for photographers, except bulbs-mfg
2899 Flashlight bombs (pyrotechnics)-mfg
3641 Flashlight bulbs, photographic-mfg
3648 Flashlights-mfg
5063 Flashlights-wholesale
3316 Flat bright steel strip, cold-rolled: not made in hot-rolling mills-mfg
2221 Flat crepes-mfg
3089 Flat panels, plastics-mfg
3493 Flat springs, sheet or strip stock-mfg
3312 Flats, iron and steel: made in steel works or hot-rolling mills-mfg
2441 Flats, wood: greenhouse-mfg
3914 Flatware, table: with metal handles and blades-mfg
2026 Flavored milk drinks-mfg
2087 Flavoring concentrates-mfg
5149 Flavoring extract, except for fountain use-wholesale
2087 Flavoring extracts, pastes, powders, and syrups-mfg
2869 Flavors and flavoring materials, synthetic-mfg
0723 Flax decorticating and retting
2299 Flax yarns and roving-mfg
0119 Flaxseed farms
3111 Fleshers, leather (flesh side of split leather)-mfg
3546 Flexible shaft metalworking machines, portable-mfg
2893 Flexographic ink-mfg
2796 Flexographic plates, preparation of-mfg
2759 Flexographic printing-mfg
3949 Flies, artificial: for fishing-mfg
3812 Flight instruments, aeronautical-mfg
3699 Flight simulators (training aids), electronic-mfg
1459 Flint clay mining
3295 Flint, ground or otherwise treated-mfg
3999 Flints, cigarette lighter-mfg
2421 Flitches (veneer stock), made in sawmills-mfg
3822 Float controls, residential and commercial types-mfg
3211 Float glass-mfg
3255 Floaters, glasshouse: clay-mfg
3443 Floating covers, metal plate-mfg
3949 Floats for fish lines-mfg
7389 Floats, decoration of
2299 Flock (recovered textile fibers)-mfg
2261 Flock printing of cotton broadwoven fabrics-mfg
2262 Flock printing of manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabrics-mfg
2269 Flock printing of narrow fabrics, except wool-mfg
3999 Flocking metal products for the trade-mfg
2261 Flocking of cotton broadwoven fabrics-mfg
2262 Flocking of manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabrics-mfg
1629 Flood control project construction-general contractors
3648 Floodlights-mfg
3251 Floor arch tile, clay-mfg
2431 Floor baseboards, wood-mfg
3299 Floor composition, magnesite-mfg
2951 Floor composition, mastic: hot and cold-mfg
5713 Floor covering stores-retail
3996 Floor coverings, asphalted-felt-base (linoleum)-mfg
3089 Floor coverings, plastics-mfg
2273 Floor coverings, textile fiber-mfg
2273 Floor coverings, tufted-mfg
2273 Floor coverings: twisted paper, grass, reed, coir, sisal, jute, and rag-mfg
5023 Floor coverings-wholesale
3634 Floor fans, electric-mfg
3272 Floor filler tiles, concrete-mfg
3441 Floor jacks, metal-mfg
3645 Floor lamps-mfg
1752 Floor laying, scraping, finishing, and refinishing-contractors
2392 Floor mops-mfg
3441 Floor posts, adjustable: metal-mfg
3589 Floor sanding, washing, and polishing machines: commercial type-mfg
3272 Floor slabs, precast concrete-mfg
5713 Floor tile stores-retail
3292 Floor tile, asphalt-mfg
3253 Floor tile, ceramic-mfg
3272 Floor tile, precast terrazzo-mfg
3469 Floor tile, stamped metal-mfg
6221 Floor traders, commodity contract
6211 Floor traders, security
2842 Floor wax emulsion-mfg
3639 Floor waxers and polishers, household: electric-mfg
2842 Floor waxes-mfg
7349 Floor waxing service
2421 Flooring (dressed lumber), softwood-mfg
3251 Flooring brick, clay-mfg
3444 Flooring, cellular steel-mfg
2426 Flooring, hardwood-mfg
3446 Flooring, open steel (grating)-mfg
3069 Flooring, rubber: tile or sheet-mfg
2491 Flooring, wood block: treated-mfg
1752 Flooring, wood-contractors
5211 Flooring, wood-retail
2452 Floors, prefabricated: wood-mfg
3269 Florists' articles, red earthenware-mfg
3496 Florists' designs, made from purchased wire-mfg
0181 Florists' greens, cultivated: growing of
7389 Florists' telegraph service
5992 Florists-retail
5193 Florists-wholesale
6211 Flotation companies, security
3532 Flotation machinery (mining machinery)-mfg
2258 Flouncings, lace-mfg
2673 Flour bags, except fabric-mfpm-mfg
2393 Flour bags, fabric-mfpm-mfg
3556 Flour mill machinery-mfg
2041 Flour mills, cereals: except rice-mfg
2041 Flour mixes-mitse-mfg
2044 Flour, rice-mfg
2499 Flour, wood-mfg
2045 Flour: blended or self-rising-mfpm-mfg
2041 Flour: blended, prepared, or self-rising-mitse-mfg
2041 Flour: buckwheat, corn, graham, rye, and wheat-mfg
5149 Flour-wholesale
3625 Flow actuated electrical switches-mfg
3823 Flow instruments, industrial process type-mfg
5191 Flower and field bulbs-wholesale
3299 Flower boxes, plaster of paris: factory production only-mfg
5261 Flower bulbs-retail
3089 Flower pots, plastics-mfg
3269 Flower pots, red earthenware-mfg
5193 Flowers and florists' supplies-wholesale
3999 Flowers, artificial, except glass-mfg
5999 Flowers, artificial-retail
5193 Flowers, artificial-wholesale
3231 Flowers, foliage, fruits and vines: artificial glass-made from purchased glass-mfg
5992 Flowers, fresh-retail
5193 Flowers, fresh-wholesale
0181 Flowers, growing of
3231 Flowers, made from purchased glass-mfg
3999 Flowers, preserved-mfg
3259 Flue lining, clay-mfg
3444 Flues, stove and furnace: sheet metal-mfg
3412 Fluid milk shipping containers, metal-mfg
3593 Fluid power actuators, hydraulic and pneumatic-mfg
3593 Fluid power cylinders, hydraulic and pneumatic-mfg
3593 Fluid power motors-mfg
3594 Fluid power pumps and motors-mfg
3492 Fluid power valves and fittings-mfg
3823 Fluidic devices, circuits, and systems for process control-mfg
2899 Fluidifier (retarder) for concrete-mfg
3443 Flumes, metal plate-mfg
3444 Flumes, sheet metal-mfg
3612 Fluorescent ballasts (transformers)-mfg
2899 Fluorescent inspection oil-mfg
3641 Fluorescent lamp electrodes, cold cathode-mfg
3641 Fluorescent lamps, electric-mfg
3646 Fluorescent lighting fixtures, commercial-mfg
3645 Fluorescent lighting fixtures, residential-mfg
3612 Fluorescent lighting transformers-mfg
3643 Fluorescent starters-mfg
2869 Fluorinated hydrocarbon gases-mfg
2819 Fluorine, elemental-mfg
1479 Fluorite mining
2822 Fluoro rubbers-mfg
2822 Fluorocarbon derivative rubbers-mfg
2824 Fluorocarbon fibers-mfg
2821 Fluorohydrocarbon resins-mfg
3844 Fluoroscopes-mfg
3844 Fluoroscopic X-ray apparatus and tubes-mfg
1479 Fluorspar mining
1479 Fluorspar, ground or otherwise treated
3431 Flush tanks, metal-mfg
3088 Flush tanks, plastics-mfg
3261 Flush tanks, vitreous china-mfg
3432 Flush valves-mfg
3711 Flushers, street (motor vehicles)-mfg
3931 Flutes and parts-mfg
2899 Fluxes: brazing, soldering, galvanizing, and welding-mfg
3199 Fly nets (harness)-mfg
3496 Fly screening, made from purchased wire-mfg
2879 Fly sprays-mfg
3999 Fly swatters-mfg
3677 Flyback transformers-mfg
4522 Flying charter services
7997 Flying fields maintained by aviation clubs
4581 Flying fields, except those maintained by aviation clubs
8299 Flying instruction
2672 Flypaper-mfpm-mfg
3699 Flytraps, electrical-mfg
2899 Foam charge mixtures-mfg
3069 Foam rubber-mfg
5199 Foam rubber-wholesale
3086 Foamed plastics products-mfg
3647 Fog lights, motor vehicle-mfg
2679 Foil board-mfpm-mfg
3497 Foil containers for bakery goods and frozen foods, except bags and liners-mfg
3497 Foil, except aluminum: not made in rolling mills-mfg
3497 Foil, laminated to paper or other materials-mfg
3353 Foil, plain aluminum-mfg
7389 Folding and refolding service: textiles and apparel
2631 Folding boxboards-mitse-mfg
2657 Folding cartons, except milk cartons: paperboard- mfpm-mfg
1751 Folding door installation-contractors
3089 Folding doors: plastic or plastic coated fabric, metal frame-mfg
3554 Folding machines, paper: except office machines-mfg
5113 Folding paperboard boxes-wholesale
3999 Foliage, artificial and preserved: except glass-mfg
0181 Foliage, growing of
3231 Foliage, made from purchased glass-mfg
5169 Food additives, chemical-wholesale
5421 Food and freezer plans, meat-retail
5812 Food bars
5141 Food brokers, general line-wholesale
3089 Food casings, plastics-mfg
3556 Food choppers, grinders, mixers, and slicers: commercial type-mfg
2087 Food colorings, except synthetic-mfg
3411 Food containers, metal-mfg
2656 Food containers, nonfolding paperboard, sanitary-mfpm-mfg
2656 Food containers, sanitary: except folding-mfpm-mfg
2899 Food contamination testing and screening kits-mfg
2865 Food dyes and colors, synthetic-mfg
2087 Food glace, for glazing foods-mfg
9641 Food inspection agencies-government
4222 Food lockers, rental
5411 Food markets-retail
3634 Food mixers, household: electric-mfg
5084 Food product manufacturing machinery-wholesale
1541 Food products manufacturing or packing plant construction-general contractors
8731 Food research, commercial
5812 Food service, institutional
5963 Food service, mobile-retail
2032 Food specialties, canned-mfg
8734 Food testing services
2599 Food trucks, restaurant-mfg
2599 Food wagons, restaurant-mfg
3589 Food warming equipment, commercial-mfg
5046 Food warming equipment, commercial-wholesale
3639 Food waste disposal units, household-mfg
5961 Food, mail-order-retail
3842 Foot appliances, orthopedic-mfg
7997 Football clubs, except professional and semiprofessional
7941 Football clubs, professional or semiprofessional
3949 Footballs and football equipment and supplies, except uniforms and footwear-mfg
3021 Footholds, rubber-mfg
2389 Footlets-mfpm-mfg
5661 Footwear stores-retail
3149 Footwear, children's: house slippers and vulcanized rubber footwear-mfg
3149 Footwear, children's: leather or vinyl with molded or vulcanized shoes-mfg
3143 Footwear, men's: except house slippers, athletic, and vulcanized rubber footwear-mfg
3143 Footwear, men's: leather or vinyl with molded or vulcanized soles-mfg
3021 Footwear, rubber or rubber soled fabric-mfg
3144 Footwear, women's: except house slippers, athletic, and vulcanized rubber footwear-mfg
3144 Footwear, women's: leather or vinyl with molded or vulcanized soles-mfg
5139 Footwear-wholesale
3523 Forage blowers-mfg
3523 Forage harvesters-mfg
**** Force account construction-code according to the use for which constructed
3843 Forceps, dental-mfg
3841 Forceps, surgical-mfg
6099 Foreign currency exchanges
4731 Foreign forwarding
9721 Foreign missions
4226 Foreign trade zone warehousing, and storage
8734 Forensic laboratories
0851 Forest management plans, preparation of
0831 Forest nurseries
6519 Forest properties, lessors of
5082 Forestry equipment-wholesale
0851 Forestry services
3599 Forges, fan-mfg
3542 Forging machinery and hammers-mfg
5051 Forgings, ferrous-wholesale
3312 Forgings, iron and steel: made in steel works or rolling mills-mfg
3462 Forgings, iron and steel: not made in rolling mills-mfg
3463 Forgings, nonferrous metal: not made in hot rolling mills-mfg
3483 Forgings, projectile: machined-for ammunition more than 30 mm. (or more than 1.18 inch)-mfg
3537 Forklift trucks-mfg
3914 Forks, table: all metal-mfg
3421 Forks, table: except all metal-mfg
3423 Forks: garden, hay and manure, stone and ballast-mfg
3315 Form ties, made in wiredrawing plants-mfg
2311 Formal jackets, men's and boys'-mfg
2869 Formaldehyde (formalin)-mfg
2869 Formalin-mfg
2869 Formic acid and metallic salts-mfg
3444 Forming machine work for the trade, except stampings: sheet metal-mfg
3542 Forming machines-mfg
2782 Forms and fillers, looseleaf: pen ruled or printed only-mfg
3444 Forms for concrete, sheet metal-mfg
3269 Forms for dipped rubber products, pottery-mfg
1799 Forms for poured concrete, erection and dismantling-contractors
3579 Forms handling equipment for store and office use-mfg
2761 Forms, business: manifold or continuous-mfg
3443 Forms, collapsible: for tunnels-mfg
5051 Forms, concrete construction: steel-wholesale
2499 Forms, display: for boots and shoes-regardless of material-mfg
3544 Forms, metal (molds): for foundry and plastics working machinery-mfg
3999 Forms: display, dress, and show-except shoe display forms-mfg
7999 Fortune tellers
4731 Forwarding, domestic
4731 Forwarding, foreign
8361 Foster homes, group
1794 Foundation digging (excavation)-contractors
2342 Foundation garments, women's-mfpm-mfg
5632 Foundation garments-retail
2515 Foundations, bed: spring, foam, and platform-mfg
1741 Foundations, building of: block, stone, or brick-contractors
1771 Foundations, building of: poured concrete-contractors
2675 Foundations, cardboard-mfpm-mfg
3999 Foundations, honeycomb (bookkeepers' supplies)-mfg
3365 Foundries, aluminum: except die-castings-mfg
3321 Foundries, gray iron and semisteel-mfg
3322 Foundries, malleable iron-mfg
3325 Foundries, steel: except investment-mfg
3366 Foundries: brass, bronze, copper, and copper-base alloy-except die-castings-mfg
3543 Foundry cores-mfg
3295 Foundry facings, ground or otherwise treated-mfg
3559 Foundry machinery and equipment-mfg
3543 Foundry patternmaking-mfg
5051 Foundry products-wholesale
3255 Foundry refractories, clay-mfg
1446 Foundry sand mining
2899 Foundry supplies, chemical preparations-mfg
3555 Foundry type for printing-mfg
5145 Fountain fruits and syrups-wholesale
3648 Fountain lighting fixtures-mfg
3951 Fountain pens and fountain pen desk sets-mfg
3069 Fountain syringes, rubber-mfg
3585 Fountain syrup dispensing equipment-mfg
3272 Fountains, concrete-mfg
3431 Fountains, drinking: except mechanically refrigerated-mfg
3585 Fountains, drinking: mechanically refrigerated-mfg
3499 Fountains, metal (except drinking)-mfg
3299 Fountains, plaster of paris: factory production only-mfg
3272 Fountains, wash: precast terrazzo-mfg
3554 Fourdrinier machines (paper manufacturing machinery)-mfg
3496 Fourdrinier wire cloth, made from purchased wire-mfg
0271 Fox farms
3443 Fractionating columns, metal plate-mfg
1321 Fractionating natural gas liquids
3443 Fractionating towers, metal plate-mfg
2911 Fractionation products of crude petroleum, produced in petroleum refineries-mfg
3842 Fracture appliances, surgical-mfg
7539 Frame repair shops, automotive
3559 Frame straighteners, automotive (garage equipment)-mfg
3999 Frames and handles, handbag and luggage: except precious metal-mfg
3851 Frames and parts, eyeglass and spectacle-mfg
3952 Frames for artists' canvases-mfg
2514 Frames for box springs or bedsprings, metal-mfg
2511 Frames for box springs, bedsprings, or water beds: wood-mfg
2426 Frames for upholstered furniture, wood-mfg
3499 Frames, chair: metal-mfg
2499 Frames, clothes drying: wood-mfg
3442 Frames, door and window: metal-mfg
2431 Frames, door and window: wood-mfg
3552 Frames, doubling and twisting (textile machinery)-mfg
3999 Frames, lamp shade-mfg
3714 Frames, motor vehicle-mfg
3751 Frames, motorcycle and bicycle-mfg
5048 Frames, ophthalmic-wholesale
3931 Frames, piano-back-mfg
3999 Frames, umbrella and parasol-mfg
2499 Frames: medallion, mirror, photograph, and picture-wood or metal-mfg
1751 Framing-contractors
6794 Franchises, selling or licensing
5812 Frankfurter (hot dog) stands
2013 Frankfurters, except poultry-mfpm-mfg
2011 Frankfurters, except poultry-mitse-mfg
2015 Frankfurters, poultry-mfg
6321 Fraternal accident and health insurance organizations
8641 Fraternal associations, other than insurance offices
6311 Fraternal life insurance organizations
8641 Fraternal lodges
6311 Fraternal protective associations
8641 Fraternities and sororities, except residential
7041 Fraternity residential houses
8011 Freestanding emergency medical (M.D.) centers
2095 Freeze-dried coffee-mfg
5421 Freezer food plans, meat-retail
5421 Freezer provisioners, meat-retail
3632 Freezers, home and farm-mfg
5722 Freezers, household-retail
5064 Freezers, household-wholesale
3556 Freezers, ice cream: commercial-mfg
3499 Freezers, ice cream: household-metal-mfg
3821 Freezers, laboratory-mfg
4731 Freight agencies, railroad: not operated by railroad companies
4789 Freight car loading and unloading, not trucking
3743 Freight cars and car equipment-mfg
4731 Freight consolidation
4731 Freight forwarding
4783 Freight packing and crating
4731 Freight rate auditors
4731 Freight rate information service
4231 Freight trucking terminals, with or without maintenance facilities
2221 French crepes-mfg
2035 French dressing-mfg
2038 French toast, frozen-mfg
3621 Frequency converters (electric generators)-mfg
3825 Frequency meters: electrical, mechanical, and electronic-mfg
3825 Frequency synthesizers-mfg
1743 Fresco work-contractors
3931 Fretted instruments and parts-mfg
3499 Friction material, made from powdered metal-mfg
3292 Friction materials, asbestos: woven-mfg
3069 Friction tape, rubber-mfg
2241 Fringes, weaving-mfg
3952 Frisket paper (artists' material)-mfg
2899 Frit-mfg
0279 Frog farms
0919 Frogs, catching of
3312 Frogs, iron and steel: made in steel works or rolling mills-mfg
3462 Frogs, railroad: forgings not made in rolling mills-mfg
7539 Front end repair, automotive
5082 Front-end loaders-wholesale
3851 Fronts and temples, ophthalmic-mfg
2541 Fronts, store: prefabricated-wood-mfg
2099 Frosting, prepared-mfg
2051 Frozen bread and bread-type rolls-mfg
5812 Frozen custard stands
2024 Frozen custard-mfg
5143 Frozen dairy desserts-wholesale
2024 Frozen desserts, except bakery-mfg
2038 Frozen dinners, packaged-mfg
2045 Frozen doughs-mfpm-mfg
2041 Frozen doughs-mitse-mfg
2092 Frozen fish, packaged-mfg
5411 Frozen food and freezer plans, except meat-retail
5421 Frozen food and freezer plans, meat-retail
2673 Frozen food bags-mfpm-mfg
2657 Frozen food containers, folding paperboard-mfpm-mfg
2656 Frozen food containers, nonfolding paperboard-mfpm-mfg
4222 Frozen food locker rental
5142 Frozen foods, packaged-wholesale
2037 Frozen fruits, fruit juices, and vegetables-mfg
2092 Frozen prepared fish-mfg
2038 Frozen soups, except seafood-mfg
5142 Frozen vegetables-wholesale
2046 Fructose-mfg
2086 Fruit (fresh) drinks, bottled or canned-mfg
2449 Fruit baskets, veneer and splint-mfg
2033 Fruit butters-mfg
2449 Fruit crates, wood: wirebound-mfg
0723 Fruit drying
2034 Fruit flour, meal, and powders-mfg
3523 Fruit grading, cleaning, and sorting machines-mfg
3221 Fruit jars, glass-mfg
2037 Fruit juice concentrates, frozen-mfg
2087 Fruit juices, concentrated: for fountain use-mfg
2037 Fruit juices, frozen-mfg
5142 Fruit juices, frozen-wholesale
2033 Fruit juices: canned-mfg
5431 Fruit markets and stands-retail
2064 Fruit peel products: candied, glazed, glace, and crystallized-mfg
5149 Fruit peel-wholesale
2033 Fruit pie mixes-mfg
2024 Fruit pops, frozen-mfg
4741 Fruit precooling, in connection with railroad transportation
0723 Fruit precooling, not in connection with transportation
2033 Fruit purees-mfg
0723 Fruit sorting, grading, and packing
0181 Fruit stocks, growing of
5431 Fruit stores-retail
0723 Fruit vacuum cooling
3231 Fruit, artificial: made from purchased glass-mfg
5961 Fruit, mail-order-retail
3523 Fruit, vegetable, berry, and grape harvesting machines-mfg
0182 Fruits grown under cover
3999 Fruits, artificial and preserved: except glass-mfg
3999 Fruits, artificial, except glass-mfg
2033 Fruits, canned-mfg
2087 Fruits, crushed: for soda fountain use-mfg
2034 Fruits, dried or dehydrated-mfg
5149 Fruits, dried-wholesale
5145 Fruits, fountain-wholesale
5431 Fruits, fresh-retail
5148 Fruits, fresh-wholesale
5142 Fruits, frozen-wholesale
0722 Fruits, machine harvesting of
2035 Fruits, pickled and brined-mfg
2037 Fruits, quick frozen and coldpack (frozen)-mfg
2034 Fruits, sulphured-mfg
2064 Fruits: candied, glazed, and crystallized-mfg
3589 Fryers, commercial-mfg
3634 Fryers, household: electric-mfg
0251 Frying chickens, raising of
3229 Frying pans, glass and glass ceramic-mfg
2064 Fudge (candy)-mfg
5169 Fuel additives-wholesale
2999 Fuel briquettes or boulets, made with petroleum binder-mfg
2679 Fuel cell forms, cardboard-mfpm-mfg
2296 Fuel cell reinforcement, cord and fabric-mfg
3629 Fuel cells, electrochemical generators-mfg
3069 Fuel cells, rubber-mfg
3674 Fuel cells, solid-state-mfg
5984 Fuel dealers, bottled liquefied petroleum gas-retail
3829 Fuel densitometers, aircraft engine-mfg
3829 Fuel mixture indicators, aircraft engine-mfg
1711 Fuel oil burner installation and servicing-contractors
5983 Fuel oil dealers-retail
5172 Fuel oil, except bulk stations and terminals-wholesale
2819 Fuel propellants, solid: inorganic-mfg
2869 Fuel propellants, solid: organic-mfg
3714 Fuel pumps, motor vehicle-mfg
7539 Fuel system conversion, automotive
3829 Fuel system instruments, aircraft-mfg
7539 Fuel system repair, automotive
3714 Fuel systems and parts, motor vehicle-mfg
2899 Fuel tank and engine cleaning chemicals, automotive and aircraft-mfg
3728 Fuel tanks, aircraft: including self-sealing-mfg
3069 Fuel tanks, collapsible: rubberized fabric-mfg
3443 Fuel tanks, metal plate-mfg
3829 Fuel totalizers, aircraft engine-mfg
2411 Fuel wood harvesting-mfg
5989 Fuel wood-retail
5052 Fuel: coal and coke-wholesale
5172 Fueling services, aircraft-wholesale
2819 Fuels, high energy: inorganic-mfg
2869 Fuels, high energy: organic-mfg
2911 Fuels, jet-mfg
2421 Fuelwood, from mill waste-mfg
1459 Fuller's earth mining
3295 Fuller's earth, ground or otherwise treated-mfg
2892 Fulminate of mercury (explosive compounds)-mfg
3821 Fume hoods, chemical-mfg
3443 Fumigating chambers, metal plate-mfg
7342 Fumigating service
3825 Function generators-mfg
7389 Fundraising on a contract or fee basis
8399 Fundraising organizations, except on a contract or fee basis
3578 Funds transfer devices-mfg
7261 Funeral directors
7261 Funeral homes or parlors
6311 Funeral insurance
2879 Fungicides-mfg
3069 Funnels, rubber-mfg
5632 Fur apparel made to custom order-retail
2371 Fur apparel: capes, coats, hats, jackets, and neckpieces-mfg
7219 Fur cleaning
5137 Fur clothing-wholesale
5093 Fur cuttings and scraps-wholesale
0271 Fur farms
2371 Fur finishers and liners for the fur goods trade: buttonhole making-mfg
7219 Fur garments: cleaning, repairing, and storage
2371 Fur plates and trimmings-mfg
3559 Fur sewing machines-mfg
5632 Fur shops-retail
4226 Fur storage for the trade
3999 Fur stripping-mfg
2221 Fur-type fabrics, manmade fiber-mfg
7699 Furnace and chimney cleaning
2895 Furnace black-mfg
3564 Furnace blowers (blower filter units)-mfg
3444 Furnace casings, sheet metal-mfg
7699 Furnace cleaning service
1629 Furnace construction for industrial plants-general contractors
3444 Furnace flues, sheet metal-mfg
1711 Furnace repair-contractors
3433 Furnaces, domestic: steam or hot water-mfg
5074 Furnaces, except electric and warm air-wholesale
5075 Furnaces, heating: electric-wholesale
3567 Furnaces, industrial process-mfg
3843 Furnaces, laboratory: dental-mfg
3821 Furnaces, laboratory: except dental-mfg
5075 Furnaces, warm air-wholesale
3585 Furnaces: gravity air flow-mfg
7021 Furnished rooms, rental of
5137 Furnishings, clothing except shoes: women's, children's, and infants'-wholesale
5136 Furnishings, except shoes: men's and boys'-wholesale
7217 Furniture cleaning on customers' premises
3469 Furniture components, porcelain enameled-mfg
2211 Furniture denim-mfg
2426 Furniture dimension stock, hardwood-mfg
2421 Furniture dimension stock, softwood-mfg
2426 Furniture frames for upholstering, wood-mfg
3429 Furniture hardware, including casters-mfg
2499 Furniture inlays (veneers)-mfg
5712 Furniture made on a custom basis to individual order-retail
3553 Furniture makers' machinery (woodworking)-mfg
4214 Furniture moving, local: combined with storage
4212 Furniture moving, local: without storage
3499 Furniture parts, metal-mfg
2842 Furniture polish and wax-mfg
7641 Furniture refinishing
7359 Furniture rental and leasing
7641 Furniture repairing, redecorating, and remodeling shops
7641 Furniture restoration, antique
3495 Furniture springs, unassembled: made from purchased wire-mfg
2426 Furniture squares, hardwood-mfg
4226 Furniture storage, without local trucking
5712 Furniture stores, household-retail
5932 Furniture stores, secondhand-retail
3231 Furniture tops, glass: cut, beveled, and polished-mfg
2396 Furniture trimmings, fabric-mfpm-mfg
2426 Furniture turnings and carvings, wood-mfg
5932 Furniture, antique-retail
3999 Furniture, beauty shop and barber shop-mfg
2514 Furniture, clubroom: metal-mfg
5712 Furniture, custom made-retail
3281 Furniture, cut stone-mfg
2599 Furniture, factory: stools, work benches, tool stands, and cabinets-mfg
3272 Furniture, garden: concrete-mfg
5712 Furniture, household, with or without furnishings and appliances-retail
2511 Furniture, household, wood: porch, lawn, garden, and beach-mfg
2511 Furniture, household, wood: unassembled or knock-down-mfg
2511 Furniture, household, wood: unfinished-mfg
2519 Furniture, household: glass and plastics (including fiberglass)-mfg
2514 Furniture, household: metal-mfg
2519 Furniture, household: rattan, reed, malacca, fiber, willow, and wicker-mfg
2514 Furniture, household: upholstered on metal frames, except dual-purpose sleep furniture-mfg
2512 Furniture, household: upholstered on wood frames, except convertible beds-mfg
5021 Furniture, juvenile-wholesale
3821 Furniture, laboratory-mfg
2522 Furniture, office: except wood-mfg
2521 Furniture, office: wood-mfg
2599 Furniture, restaurant-mfg
5021 Furniture, unfinished-wholesale
2531 Furniture: church, library, school, theater, and other public buildings-mfg
2511 Furniture: household, clubroom, novelty-wood, except upholstered-mfg
5021 Furniture: household, office, restaurant, and public building-wholesale
5632 Furriers-retail
3446 Furring channels-mfg
3251 Furring tile, clay-mfg
3999 Furs, dressed: bleached, curried, scraped, tanned, and dyed-mfg
5199 Furs, dressed-wholesale
5159 Furs, raw-wholesale
3613 Fuse clips and blocks, electric-mfg
3643 Fuse cutouts-mfg
3613 Fuse devices, power: 600 volts and over-mfg
3613 Fuse mountings, electric power-mfg
2892 Fuse powder-mfg
3827 Fuse setters (fire control equipment)-mfg
2899 Fusees: highway, marine, and railroad-mfg
3728 Fuselage assemblies, aircraft-mfg
5063 Fuses and accessories-wholesale
3483 Fuses for ammunition more than 30 mm. (or more than 1.18 inch)-mfg
3613 Fuses, electric-mfg
2892 Fuses, safety-mfg
3483 Fuses: mine, torpedo, bomb, depth charge, and chemical warfare projectile-mfg
2861 Fustic wood extract-mfg
6282 Futures advisory service
6221 Futures brokers, commodity
6221 Futures dealers, commodity
6231 Futures exchanges, contract

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