Standard Industrial Code (SIC) INDEX - N
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2833 N-methylpiperazine-mfg
2822 N-type rubber-mfg
3728 Nacelles, aircraft-mfg
3542 Nail heading machines-mfg
3399 Nails, nonferrous metal (including wire)-mfg
3315 Nails, steel: wire or cut-mfg
5051 Nails-wholesale
2211 Nainsook, cotton-mfg
3993 Nameplates, metal: except e.g., engraved, etched, chased-mfg
3479 Nameplates: engraved and etched-mfg
2899 Napalm-mfg
5172 Naphtha, except bulk stations and terminals-wholesale
2911 Naphtha, produced in petroleum refineries-mfg
2865 Naphtha, solvent: made in chemical plants-mfg
2865 Naphthalene chips and flakes-mfg
2869 Naphthalene sulfonic acid condensates-mfg
2865 Naphthalene, made in chemical plants-mfg
2851 Naphthanate driers-mfg
2869 Naphthenic acid soaps-mfg
2911 Naphthenic acids, produced in petroleum refineries-mfg
2865 Naphthol, alpha and beta-mfg
2865 Naphtholsulfonic acids-mfg
2621 Napkin stock, paper-mitse-mfg
2392 Napkins, fabric and nonwoven textiles-mfpm-mfg
2676 Napkins, paper-mfpm-mfg
5113 Napkins, paper-wholesale
2676 Napkins, sanitary-mfpm-mfg
3552 Napping machines (textile machinery)-mfg
2261 Napping of cotton broadwoven fabrics-mfg
2262 Napping of manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabrics-mfg
2231 Napping of wool, mohair, and similar animal fiber fabrics-mfg
2231 Narrow fabrics, dyeing and finishing: wool, mohair, and similar animal fibers-mfg
2241 Narrow fabrics, elastic: woven or braided-mfg
2269 Narrow fabrics, except knit and wool: bleaching, dyeing, and finishing-mfg
5131 Narrow fabrics-wholesale
2241 Narrow woven fabrics: cotton, rayon, wool, silk, glass, and manmade fiber-mfg
2299 Narrow woven fabrics: linen, jute, hemp, and ramie-mfg
6111 National Consumer Cooperative Bank
6019 National Credit Union Administration (NCUA)
9711 National Guard
2032 Nationality specialty foods, canned-mfg
2032 Native foods, canned-mfg
2038 Native foods, frozen-mfg
1499 Natural abrasives mining (except sand)
1623 Natural gas compressing station construction-general contractors
4924 Natural gas distribution
1321 Natural gas liquids production
1311 Natural gas production
4922 Natural gas storage
4922 Natural gas transmission
4923 Natural gas transmission and distribution
1321 Natural gasoline production
7999 Natural wonders, tourist attraction: commercial
8049 Naturopaths, offices of
7699 Nautical and navigational instrument repair, except electric
3812 Nautical instruments-mfg
3489 Naval artillery-mfg
3731 Naval ships, building and repairing-mfg
2861 Naval stores, gum: processing but not gathering or warehousing-mfg
2861 Naval stores, wood-mfg
5169 Naval stores-wholesale
3812 Navigational instruments-mfg
9711 Navy
2082 Near beer-mfg
2371 Neckpieces, fur-mfg
2221 Necktie fabrics, manmade fiber and silk: broadwoven-mfg
2396 Necktie linings, cutting of-mfg
2323 Neckties: men's and boys'-mfpm-mfg
2253 Neckties-mitse-mfg
5136 Neckwear, men's and boys'-wholesale
2323 Neckwear: men's and boys'-mfpm-mfg
2339 Neckwear: women's, misses' and juniors'-mfpm-mfg
0175 Nectarine orchards and farms
2033 Nectars, fruit-mfg
3841 Needle holders, surgical-mfg
3965 Needles, hand and machine-mfg
3841 Needles, hypodermic-mfg
3841 Needles, suture-mfg
5949 Needlework stores-retail
2395 Needlework, art-mfpm-mfg
2341 Negligees: women's, children's, and infants'-mfg
2341 Negligees: women's, misses', children's, and infants'-mfpm-mfg
2254 Negligees-mitse-mfg
8322 Neighborhood centers
3993 Neon signs-mfg
5046 Neon signs-wholesale
2813 Neon-mfg
2822 Neoprene-mfg
1459 Nepheline syenite quarrying
3826 Nephelometers, except meteorological-mfg
3829 Nephoscopes-mfg
3552 Net and lace machines-mfg
5131 Net goods-wholesale
2211 Nets and nettings-mitse-mfg
2399 Nets, fishing-mfpm-mfg
3999 Nets, hair-mfg
2399 Nets, launderers' and dyers'-mfg
2298 Nets, rope-mfg
3949 Nets: e.g., badminton, basketball, tennis-not made in weaving mills-mfg
2258 Netting made on a lace or net machine-mfg
2258 Netting, knit-mitse-mfg
3089 Netting, plastics-mfg
3496 Netting, woven wire: made from purchased wire-mfg
3825 Network analyzers-mfg
7373 Network systems integration, computer
8011 Neurologists, offices of
2084 Neutral fruit spirits and neutral brandy-mfg
2085 Neutral spirits for beverage purposes, except fruit-mfg
5182 Neutral spirits-wholesale
3826 Neutron activation analysis instruments-mfg
2431 Newel posts, wood-mfg
7383 News correspondents, independent
5994 News dealers-retail
7383 News feature syndicates
7383 News pictures, gathering and distributing
7383 News reporting services for newspapers and periodicals
7383 News syndicates
2621 News tablet paper-mitse-mfg
7383 News ticker services
2675 Newsboard, pasted-mfpm-mfg
2631 Newsboard-mitse-mfg
7313 Newspaper advertising representatives, not auxiliary to publishing
5192 Newspaper agencies-wholesale
2711 Newspaper branch offices, editorial and advertising-mfg
8999 Newspaper columnists
5963 Newspapers, home delivery: except by newspaper printers or publishers
2752 Newspapers, lithographed: not published-mfg
2759 Newspapers, printed: except lithographed or gravure (not publishing)-mfg
2754 Newspapers: gravure printing (not publishing)-mfg
2711 Newspapers: publishing and printing, or publishing only-mfg
2678 Newsprint tablets and pads-mfpm-mfg
2621 Newsprint-mitse-mfg
5994 Newsstands-retail
3951 Nibs (pen points): gold, steel, or other metal-mfg
2819 Nickel ammonium sulfate-mfg
3356 Nickel and nickel alloy pipe, plates, sheets, strips, and tubing-mfg
3691 Nickel cadmium storage batteries-mfg
2819 Nickel carbonate-mfg
2819 Nickel compounds, inorganic-mfg
3497 Nickel foil, not made in rolling mills-mfg
1061 Nickel ore mining
3339 Nickel refining, primary-mfg
3341 Nickel smelting and refining, secondary-mfg
2819 Nickel sulfate-mfg
2879 Nicotine and salts-mfg
2879 Nicotine bearing insecticides-mfg
5813 Night clubs
2341 Nightgowns: women's, misses', children's, and infants'-mfpm-mfg
2254 Nightgowns-mitse-mfg
2322 Nightshirts: men's and boys'-mfpm-mfg
5136 Nightwear, men's and boys'-wholesale
2322 Nightwear: men's and boys'-mfpm-mfg
5137 Nightwear: women's, children's, and infants'-wholesale
2341 Nightwear: women's, misses', children's, and infants'-mfpm-mfg
2254 Nightwear-mitse-mfg
3498 Nipples, metal pipe: except pressure and soil pipe-mfg
3321 Nipples, pipe: pressure and soil pipe-cast iron-mfg
3069 Nipples, rubber-mfg
2821 Nitrate resins: cellulose-mfg
2892 Nitrated carbohydrates (explosives)-mfg
2873 Nitric acid-mfg
2822 Nitrile type rubber-mfg
2822 Nitrile-butadiene rubbers-mfg
2822 Nitrile-chloroprene rubbers-mfg
2865 Nitro dyes-mfg
2865 Nitroaniline-mfg
2865 Nitrobenzene-mfg
2823 Nitrocellulose fibers-mfg
2821 Nitrocellulose plastics (pyroxylin)-mfg
2892 Nitrocellulose powder (explosives)-mfg
2834 Nitrofuran preparations-mfg
2873 Nitrogen solutions (fertilizer)-mfg
2813 Nitrogen-mfg
2892 Nitroglycerin (explosives)-mfg
2892 Nitromannitol (explosives)-mfg
2865 Nitrophenol-mfg
2865 Nitroso dyes-mfg
2892 Nitrostarch (explosives)-mfg
2892 Nitrosugars (explosives)-mfg
2869 Nitrous ether-mfg
2813 Nitrous oxide-mfg
3321 Nodular iron castings-mfg
2299 Noils, wool and mohair-mfg
5159 Noils, wool-wholesale
3842 Noise protectors, personal-mfg
3297 Nonclay refractories-mfg
6091 Nondeposit trust companies
3313 Nonferrous additive alloys, high percentage: except copper-mfg
3463 Nonferrous forgings, not made in hot-rolling mills-mfg
3366 Nonferrous foundries: brass, bronze, copper, and copper base alloy-mfg
3369 Nonferrous foundries: except aluminum, copper, and copper alloys-mfg
3369 Nonferrous metal foundries, except aluminum, copper, and die-castings-mfg
3369 Nonferrous metal machinery castings: except aluminum, copper, and die-castings-mfg
3341 Nonferrous metal smelting and refining, secondary-mfg
5051 Nonferrous metal, except precious: e.g., sheets, bars, rods-wholesale
5093 Nonferrous metals scrap-wholesale
3339 Nonferrous refining, primary: except copper and aluminum-mfg
3356 Nonferrous rolling, drawing, and extruding: except copper and aluminum-mfg
3339 Nonferrous smelting, primary: except copper and aluminum-mfg
5052 Nonmetallic minerals and concentrates, crude: except petroleum-wholesale
6512 Nonresidential buildings, operators of
7812 Nontheatrical motion picture production
2297 Nonwoven fabrics, except felt-mfg
2099 Noodles, fried (e.g., Chinese)-mfg
2099 Noodles, uncooked: packaged with other ingredients-mfg
2098 Noodles: egg, plain, and water-mfg
2869 Normal hexyl decalin-mfg
3769 Nose cones, guided missile-mfg
3842 Nose plugs-mfg
7389 Notaries public
6211 Note brokers
2678 Notebooks, including mechanically bound by wire, plastics, etc.-mfpm-mfg
5949 Notion stores-retail
5131 Notions-wholesale
2258 Nottingham lace-mfg
3499 Novelties and specialties, metal: except advertising novelties-mfg
3993 Novelties, advertising-mfg
3961 Novelties, costume: except precious metal and gems-mfg
3231 Novelties, glass: e.g., fruit, foliage, flowers, animals, made from purchased glass-mfg
3199 Novelties, leather-mfg
2679 Novelties, paper-mfpm-mfg
5199 Novelties, paper-wholesale
2499 Novelties, wood fiber-mfg
3999 Novelties: bone, beaded, and shell-mfg
2514 Novelty furniture, metal-mfg
3229 Novelty glassware: made in glassmaking plants-mfg
5961 Novelty merchandise, mail-order-retail
5947 Novelty shops-retail
2395 Novelty stitching, for the trade-mfg
3429 Nozzles, fire fighting-mfg
3432 Nozzles, lawn hose-mfg
3432 Nozzles, plumbers'-mfg
3499 Nozzles, spray: aerosol paint, and insecticides-mfg
3443 Nuclear core structurals, metal plate-mfg
2819 Nuclear cores, inorganic-mfg
9631 Nuclear energy inspection and regulation offices
2819 Nuclear fuel reactor cores, inorganic-mfg
2819 Nuclear fuel scrap reprocessing-mfg
2869 Nuclear fuels, organic-mfg
3829 Nuclear instrument modules-mfg
3844 Nuclear irradiation equipment-mfg
3462 Nuclear power plant forgings, ferrous: not made in rolling mills-mfg
3829 Nuclear radiation detection and monitoring instruments-mfg
1629 Nuclear reactor containment structure construction-general contractors
3559 Nuclear reactor control rod drive mechanisms-mfg
3823 Nuclear reactor controls-mfg
3443 Nuclear reactors, military and industrial-mfg
3443 Nuclear shielding, metal plate-mfg
7032 Nudist camps
3579 Numbering machines, office and store: mechanical-mfg
3953 Numbering stamps, with rubber type: hand-mfg
3625 Numerical controls-mfg
3541 Numerically controlled metal cutting machine tools-mfg
5999 Numismatist shops-retail
0831 Nurseries, forest
2514 Nursery furniture, metal-mfg
2511 Nursery furniture, wood-mfg
8351 Nursery schools
0181 Nursery stock, growing of
5261 Nursery stock, seeds and bulbs-retail
5193 Nursery stock-wholesale
7361 Nurses' registries
8049 Nurses, registered and practical: offices of, except home health care services
8059 Nursing homes except skilled and intermediate care facilities
8052 Nursing homes, intermediate care
8051 Nursing homes, skilled
8249 Nursing schools, practical
0173 Nut (tree) groves and farms
3429 Nut crackers and pickers, metal-mfg
0723 Nut hulling and shelling
2079 Nut margarine-mfg
3312 Nut rods, iron and steel: made in steel works or rolling mills-mfg
3523 Nut shellers (agricultural machinery)-mfg
5441 Nut stores-retail
8049 Nutritionists, offices of
2064 Nuts, candy covered-mfg
2068 Nuts, dehydrated or dried-mfg
2064 Nuts, glace-mfg
0722 Nuts, machine harvesting of
3452 Nuts, metal-mfg
3089 Nuts, plastics-mfg
5145 Nuts, salted or roasted-wholesale
5159 Nuts, unprocessed or shelled only-wholesale
2068 Nuts: salted, roasted, cooked, or canned-mfg
2221 Nylon broadwoven fabrics-mfg
2824 Nylon fibers and bristles-mfg
5131 Nylon piece goods-wholesale
2821 Nylon resins-mfg
2284 Nylon thread-mfg
2281 Nylon yarn, spinning of staple-mfg
2282 Nylon yarn: throwing, twisting, winding, or spooling-mfg
2252 Nylons, except women's full-length and knee-length-mfg
2251 Nylons, women's full-length and knee-length-mfg
2221 Nytril broadwoven fabrics-mfg

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