Standard Industrial Code (SIC) INDEX - T
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2361 T-shirts, outerwear: girls', children's, and infants'-mfpm-mfg
2321 T-shirts, outerwear: men's and boys'-mfpm-mfg
2331 T-shirts, outerwear: women's, misses', and juniors'-mfpm-mfg
2253 T-shirts, outerwear-mitse-mfg
2322 T-shirts, underwear: men's and boys'-mfpm-mfg
2341 T-shirts, underwear: women's, misses', children's, and infants'-mfpm-mfg
2254 T-shirts, underwear-mitse-mfg
2253 T-shirts-mitse-mfg
3829 T-squares (drafting)-mfg
2892 TNT (trinitrotoluene)-mfg
3914 Table and kitchen cutlery, all metal-mfg
3269 Table articles, coarse earthenware-mfg
3263 Table articles, fine earthenware (whiteware)-mfg
3262 Table articles, vitreous china-mfg
2211 Table cover fabrics, cotton-mfg
7213 Table cover supply service
2258 Table covers, lace-mfg
3914 Table cutlery, all metal-mfg
3421 Table cutlery, except table cutlery with handles of metal-mfg
2211 Table damask, cotton-mfg
3645 Table lamps-mfg
5023 Table linens-wholesale
2392 Table mats, plastics and textiles-mfg
2079 Table oils-mfg
2541 Table or counter tops, plastics laminated-mfg
3292 Table pads and padding, asbestos-mfg
2299 Table pads and padding, felt: except woven-mfg
2392 Table scarves-mfpm-mfg
2426 Table slides, for extension tables: wood-mfg
3231 Table tops, made from purchased glass-mfg
3281 Table tops, marble-mfg
3469 Table tops, porcelain enameled-mfg
2392 Tablecloths, plastics-mfg
2392 Tablecloths-mfpm-mfg
2514 Tables, household: metal-mfg
2511 Tables, household: wood-mfg
3537 Tables, lift: hydraulic-mfg
2522 Tables, office: except wood-mfg
2521 Tables, office: wood-mfg
3841 Tables, operating-mfg
3545 Tables, rotary: indexing-mfg
3599 Tables, sludge-mfg
3949 Tables: billiard, pool, bagatelle, and ping pong-mfg
2678 Tablets and pads, book and writing-mfpm-mfg
3499 Tablets, metal-mfg
2834 Tablets, pharmaceutical-mfg
3262 Tableware, commercial: vitreous china-mfg
3229 Tableware, glass and glass ceramic-mfg
3089 Tableware, plastics: except foam-mfg
3263 Tableware: commercial and household-semivitreous-mfg
2761 Tabulating card set forms (business forms)-mfg
2675 Tabulating cards, printed or unprinted: die-cut from purchased paperboard-mfg
7374 Tabulating service, computer
5112 Tabulation cards-wholesale
3825 Tachometer generators-mfg
3824 Tachometer, centrifugal-mfg
2869 Tackifiers, organic-mfg
3429 Tackle blocks, metal-mfg
2499 Tackle blocks, wood-mfg
3949 Tackle, fishing: except nets, seines, and line-mfg
3399 Tacks, nonferrous metal (including wire)-mfg
3315 Tacks, steel: wire or cut-mfg
5072 Tacks-wholesale
1011 Taconite mining
2221 Taffetas-mfg
3812 Taffrail logs-mfg
2621 Tagboard, made in paper mills-mitse-mfg
2631 Tagboard-mitse-mfg
2752 Tags, lithographed-mfg
2679 Tags, paper: unprinted-mfpm-mfg
2759 Tags, printed: except lithographed or gravure-mfg
3647 Tail lights, motor vehicle-mfg
7219 Tailor shops, except custom or merchant tailors
2311 Tailored dress and sport coats: men's and boys'-mfg
3952 Tailors' chalk-mfg
2499 Tailors' pressing blocks, wood-mfg
3421 Tailors' scissors-mfg
3421 Tailors' shears, hand-mfg
5087 Tailors' supplies-wholesale
5699 Tailors, custom-retail
1499 Talc mining
3295 Talc, ground or otherwise treated-mfg
2844 Talcum powders-mfg
2861 Tall oil, except skimmings-mfg
2851 Tallate driers-mfg
2077 Tallow rendering, inedible-mfg
2076 Tallow, vegetable-mfg
3824 Tally counters-mfg
3824 Tallying meters: except electrical instruments, watches, and clocks-mfg
2032 Tamales, canned-mfg
3531 Tampers, powered-mfg
3531 Tamping equipment, rail-mfg
3489 Tampions for guns more than 30 mm. (or more than 1.18 inch)-mfg
2676 Tampons-mfpm-mfg
0174 Tangerine groves and farms
7699 Tank and boiler cleaning service
3489 Tank artillery-mfg
3255 Tank blocks, glasshouse: clay-mfg
7699 Tank cleaning, ship
3795 Tank components, specialized: military-mfg
3519 Tank engines and engine parts, internal combustion: military-mfg
3743 Tank freight cars and car equipment-mfg
3259 Tank liner brick, vitrified clay-mfg
3795 Tank recovery vehicles-mfg
2331 Tank tops, outerwear: women's, misses', and juniors-mfpm-mfg
2361 Tank tops: girls', children's, and infants'-mfpm-mfg
2321 Tank tops: men's and boys'-mfpm-mfg
2253 Tank tops-mitse-mfg
3443 Tank towers, metal plate-mfg
7699 Tank truck cleaning service
3824 Tank truck meters-mfg
3511 Tank turbines-mfg
**** Tanker fleets of oil companies, if separate-code in transportation
3731 Tankers (ships), building and repairing-mfg
5088 Tanks and tank components-wholesale
3443 Tanks for tank trucks, metal plate-mfg
3272 Tanks, concrete-mfg
3261 Tanks, flush: vitreous china-mfg
3728 Tanks, fuel: aircraft-mfg
3714 Tanks, gas: motor vehicle-mfg
3443 Tanks, metal plate: lined-mfg
3795 Tanks, military: including factory rebuilding-mfg
3585 Tanks, soda water-mfg
3443 Tanks, standard and custom fabricated: metal plate-made in boiler shops-mfg
2449 Tanks, wood: coopered-mfg
3861 Tanks: photographic developing, fixing, and washing-mfg
3111 Tanneries, leather-mfg
3559 Tannery machines-mfg
2869 Tannic acid-mfg
2819 Tanning agents, synthetic inorganic-mfg
2869 Tanning agents, synthetic organic-mfg
3999 Tanning and currying furs-mfg
2861 Tanning extracts and materials, natural-mfg
7299 Tanning salons
1061 Tantalite mining
1061 Tantalum ore mining
3339 Tantalum refining-mfg
5813 Tap rooms (drinking places)
3577 Tape cleaners, magnetic: computer peripheral equipment-mfg
7822 Tape distribution for television
3999 Tape measures-mfg
5064 Tape players and recorders, household-wholesale
3651 Tape players, household-mfg
3577 Tape print units, computer peripheral equipment-mfg
7812 Tape production, video or motion picture
7379 Tape recertification service
7622 Tape recorder repair
5731 Tape recorders and players-retail
3572 Tape recorders for data computers-mfg
3651 Tape recorders, household-mfg
7389 Tape slitting for the trade (cutting plastics, leather, etc. into widths)
3572 Tape storage units, computer-mfg
5735 Tape stores, audio and video-retail
3572 Tape transports, magnetic-mfg
3842 Tape, adhesive: medicated or nonmedicated-mfg
3292 Tape, asbestos-mfg
3652 Tape, audio magnetic: prerecorded-mfg
2672 Tape, cellophane adhesive-mfpm-mfg
3069 Tape, friction: rubber-mfg
2672 Tape, gummed: cloth and paper base-mfpm-mfg
3965 Tape, hook-and-eye and snap fastener-mfg
3695 Tape, magnetic recording: blank-mfg
2672 Tape, masking-mfpm-mfg
3069 Tape, pressure sensitive (including friction), rubber-mfg
2672 Tape, pressure sensitive: except rubber backed-mfpm-mfg
2679 Tape, telegraph: paper-mfpm-mfg
5131 Tape, textile-wholesale
2295 Tape, varnished: plastics and other coated: except magnetic-mfpm-mfg
5065 Tapes, audio and video recording-wholesale
5099 Tapes, audio prerecorded-wholesale
2241 Tapes, fabric-mfg
3829 Tapes, surveyors'-mfg
7822 Tapes, video, recorded-wholesale
2211 Tapestry fabrics, cotton-mfg
2221 Tapestry fabrics, manmade fiber and silk-mfg
1742 Taping and finishing drywall-contractors
2046 Tapioca-mfg
5084 Tapping attachments-wholesale
3541 Tapping machines-mfg
3643 Taps, current: attachment plug and screw shell types-mfg
3545 Taps, machine tool-mfg
3131 Taps, shoe: regardless of material-mfg
2821 Tar acid resins-mfg
2951 Tar and asphalt mixtures for paving, not made in petroleum refineries-mfg
2861 Tar and tar oils, products of wood distillation-mfg
2911 Tar or residuum, produced in petroleum refineries-mfg
2621 Tar paper, building and roofing-mitse-mfg
2952 Tar paper, roofing-mfpm-mfg
2672 Tar paper: except building or roofing and packaging-mfpm-mfg
1311 Tar sands mining
3312 Tar, derived from chemical recovery coke ovens-mfg
2865 Tar, product of coal tar distillation-mfg
3499 Target drones for use by ships, metal-mfg
3728 Target drones, aircraft-mfg
3949 Target shooting equipment, except small arms and ammunition-mfg
3949 Targets, archery and rifle shooting-mfg
3949 Targets, clay-mfg
3728 Targets, trailer type: aircraft-mfg
4731 Tariff consultant
4731 Tariff rate information service
2211 Tarlatan, cotton-mfg
2394 Tarpaulins, fabric-mfpm-mfg
2869 Tartaric acid and metallic salts-mfg
2869 Tartrates-mfg
2284 Tatting thread: cotton, silk, manmade fibers, and wool-mfg
7299 Tattoo parlors
5813 Taverns (drinking places)
6211 Tax certificate dealers
6099 Tax certificate sale and redemption agencies
7389 Tax collection agencies: collecting for a city, county, or State
6799 Tax liens: holding, buying, and selling
7291 Tax return preparation services without accounting, auditing, or bookkeeping services
7389 Tax title dealers: agencies for city, county, or State
9311 Taxation departments
7319 Taxicab card advertising
4121 Taxicab operation
3711 Taxicabs-mfg
5012 Taxicabs-wholesale
7699 Taxidermists
3824 Taximeters-mfg
8641 Taxpayers' associations
2393 Tea bags, fabric-mfpm-mfg
2099 Tea blending-mfg
3634 Tea kettles, electric-mfg
3229 Tea kettles, glass and glass ceramic-mfg
5812 Tea rooms
5499 Tea stores-retail
2514 Tea wagons, metal-mfg
2511 Tea wagons, wood-mfg
2086 Tea, iced: bottled or canned-mfg
5149 Tea-wholesale
0831 Teaberries, gathering of
9411 Teacher certification bureaus
7361 Teachers' registries
3699 Teaching machines and aids, electronic-mfg
3469 Teakettles, except electric: stamped metal-mfg
3999 Tear gas devices and equipment-mfg
2869 Tear gas-mfg
2261 Teaseling cotton broadwoven goods-mfg
2262 Teaseling manmade fiber and silk broadwoven fabrics-mfg
2835 Technetium products-mfg
3229 Technical glassware and glass products, pressed or blown-mfg
3231 Technical glassware, made from purchased glass-mfg
8222 Technical institutes
2741 Technical manuals and papers: publishing and printing, or publishing only-mfg
2341 Teddies: women's, misses', children's, and infants'-mfpm-mfg
5699 Tee shirts, custom printed-retail
8072 Teeth, artificial: made in dental laboratories to order for the profession
3843 Teeth, artificial: not made in dental laboratories-mfg
3531 Teeth, bucket and scarifier-mfg
3069 Teething rings, rubber-mfg
1731 Telecommunications equipment installation-contractors
4822 Telegram services
3661 Telegraph and telephone carrier and repeater equipment-mfg
4822 Telegraph cable services
5065 Telegraph equipment-wholesale
1623 Telegraph line construction-general contractors
3661 Telegraph office switching equipment-mfg
7389 Telegraph service, florists'
4822 Telegraph services
3661 Telegraph station equipment and parts, wire-mfg
2679 Telegraph tape, paper-mfpm-mfg
7389 Telemarketing (telephone marketing) service on a contract or fee basis
3663 Telemetering equipment, electronic-mfg
3823 Telemetering instruments, industrial process type-mfg
1731 Telephone and telephone equipment installation-contractors
3661 Telephone answering machines-mfg
7389 Telephone answering, except beeper service
7349 Telephone booths, cleaning and maintenance of
2542 Telephone booths, except wood-mfg
2541 Telephone booths, wood-mfg
3661 Telephone central office equipment, dial and manual-mfg
8322 Telephone counseling service
3661 Telephone dialing devices, automatic-mfg
2759 Telephone directories, except lithographed or gravure (not publishing)-mfg
2754 Telephone directories, gravure printing: not publishing-mfg
2741 Telephone directories: publishing and printing, or publishing only-mfg
5065 Telephone equipment-wholesale
1623 Telephone line construction-general contractors
7629 Telephone set repair
3661 Telephone sets, except cellular radio telephone-mfg
7389 Telephone solicitation service on a contract or fee basis
2511 Telephone stands, wood-mfg
3661 Telephone station equipment and parts, wire-mfg
5999 Telephone stores-retail
3663 Telephones, cellular radio-mfg
3661 Telephones, sound powered (no battery)-mfg
3661 Telephones, underwater-mfg
3575 Teleprinters (computer terminals)-mfg
3827 Telescopes-mfg
5999 Telescopes-retail
3827 Telescopic sights-mfg
2679 Teletypewriter paper, rolls with carbon-mfpm-mfg
4822 Teletypewriter services
3469 Television and radio chassis: stamped metal-mfg
1799 Television and radio stations, service and repair of-contractors
7313 Television and radio time, sale of: not auxiliary to television or radio broadcasting
4833 Television broadcasting stations
2519 Television cabinets, plastics-mfg
2517 Television cabinets, wood-mfg
3663 Television closed-circuit equipment-mfg
7922 Television employment agencies
7812 Television film production
3663 Television monitors-mfg
7922 Television programs (including commercials): live
5065 Television receiving and transmitting tubes-wholesale
3651 Television receiving sets-mfg
7359 Television rental and leasing
7622 Television repair shops
2721 Television schedules: publishing and printing, or publishing only-mfg
5731 Television set stores-retail
5064 Television sets-wholesale
7819 Television tape services (e.g., editing and transfers)
3441 Television tower sections, prefabricated metal-mfg
3663 Television transmitting antennas and ground equipment-mfg
1623 Television transmitting tower construction-general contractors
3229 Television tube blanks, glass-mfg
3671 Television tubes-mfg
5961 Television, mail-order (home shopping)-retail
4841 Television, subscription or closed circuit
4822 Telex services
1041 Telluride (gold) mining
3339 Tellurium refining, primary-mfg
3822 Temperature controls, automatic: residential and commercial types-mfg
3823 Temperature instruments: industrial process type, except glass and bimetal-mfg
3822 Temperature sensors for motor windings-mfg
3569 Temperature testing chambers-mfg
3231 Tempered glass, made from purchased glass-mfg
3211 Tempered glass-mitse-mfg
3398 Tempering of metal for the trade-mfg
3829 Templates, drafting-mfg
8661 Temples
3851 Temples and fronts, ophthalmic-mfg
7363 Temporary help service
7933 Ten pin centers
8641 Tenant associations, except property management
3731 Tenders (ships), building and repairing-mfg
3944 Tenders, baby (vehicles)-mfg
3743 Tenders, locomotive-mfg
7997 Tennis clubs, membership
7999 Tennis clubs, nonmembership
1629 Tennis court construction, outdoor-general contractors
7999 Tennis courts, outdoor and indoor: operation of, nonmembership
5941 Tennis goods and equipment-retail
3949 Tennis goods: e.g., balls, frames, rackets-mfg
7999 Tennis professionals
2253 Tennis shirts- mitse-mfg
3553 Tenoners (woodworking machines)-mfg
3829 Tensile strength testing equipment-mfg
2499 Tent poles, wood-mfg
7699 Tent repair shops
5999 Tent shops-retail
3792 Tent-type camping trailers-mfg
2211 Tentage-mitse-mfg
2394 Tents-mfpm-mfg
4013 Terminal and switching companies, railroad
4491 Terminal operation, waterfront
4581 Terminal services, coordinated: at airports
3643 Terminals and connectors for electrical devices-mfg
3575 Terminals, computer-mfg
4231 Terminals, freight trucking: with or without maintenance facilities
7342 Termite control
3312 Terneplate-mfg
5051 Terneplate-wholesale
3312 Ternes, iron and steel: long or short-mfg
2869 Terpineol-mfg
3259 Terra cotta, architectural: clay-mfg
5032 Terra cotta-wholesale
0919 Terrapins, catching of
3272 Terrazzo products, precast-mfg
1743 Terrazzo work-contractors
2211 Terry woven fabrics, cotton-mfg
2869 Tert-butylated bis (p-phenoxyphenyl) ether fluid-mfg
1799 Test boring for construction-contractors
8748 Test development and evaluation service, educational or personnel
1081 Test drilling for metal mining: on a contract basis
1481 Test drilling for nonmetallic minerals except fuel: on a contract basis
3825 Test equipment for electronic and electrical circuits and equipment-mfg
3423 Test plugs: plumbers' handtools-mfg
3825 Test sets, ignition harness-mfg
3231 Test tubes, made from purchased glass-mfg
3829 Testers for checking hydraulic controls on aircraft-mfg
5084 Testing and measuring equipment, electrical: except automotive-wholesale
3569 Testing chambers for altitude, temperature, ordnance, and power-mfg
5013 Testing equipment, electrical: automotive-wholesale
3829 Testing equipment: abrasion, shearing strength, tensile strength, and torsion-mfg
8734 Testing laboratories, except clinical
8071 Testing laboratories, medical: analytic or diagnostic
8748 Testing services, educational or personnel
2869 Tetrachloroethylene-mfg
2869 Tetraethyl lead-mfg
2892 Tetryl (explosives)-mfg
2621 Text paper-mitse-mfg
2732 Textbooks: printing or printing and binding, not publishing-mfg
2731 Textbooks: publishing and printing, or publishing only-mfg
5131 Textile converters except knit goods-wholesale
7389 Textile cutting service
7389 Textile designers
2843 Textile finishing agents-mfg
3552 Textile finishing machinery: bleaching, dyeing, mercerizing, and printing-mfg
7389 Textile folding and packing services
3229 Textile glass fibers-mfg
3269 Textile guides, porcelain-mfg
3199 Textile leathers: apron picker leather, and mill strapping-mfg
5084 Textile machinery and equipment-wholesale
3552 Textile machinery parts-mfg
3552 Textile machinery, except sewing machines-mfg
3953 Textile marking stamps, hand-mfg
2211 Textile mills, broad woven cotton-mfg
2221 Textile mills, broadwoven: silk, and manmade fiber including glass-mfg
2241 Textile mills, narrow woven fabric: cotton, wool, silk, and manmade fibers-including glass-mfg
2299 Textile mills: linen, jute, hemp, and ramie yarn, thread, and fabrics-mfg
5085 Textile printers' supplies-wholesale
3552 Textile printing machines-mfg
2843 Textile processing assistants-mfg
2655 Textile reels, fiber-mfpm-mfg
7699 Textile roll covering service
2843 Textile scouring compounds and wetting agents-mfg
2841 Textile soap-mfg
2655 Textile spinning bobbins, fiber (metal-end or all-fiber)-mfpm-mfg
3552 Textile turnings and shapes, wood-mfg
4226 Textile warehousing
2221 Textile warping, on a contract basis-mfg
5093 Textile waste-wholesale
3292 Textiles, asbestos: except packing-mfg
2297 Textiles, bonded fiber: except felt-mfg
7389 Textiles, sponging or shrinking: for tailors and dressmakers
5131 Textiles-wholesale
2824 Textured fibers and yarns, noncellulosic: made in chemical plants-mfg
2823 Textured yarns and fibers, cellulosic: made in chemical plants-mfg
2282 Textured yarns-mfpm-mfg
6512 Theater buildings (ownership and operation)
5021 Theater seats-wholesale
5812 Theaters, dinner
7833 Theaters, motion picture: drive-in
7832 Theaters, motion picture: except drive-in
7922 Theatrical booking agencies, except motion picture
7829 Theatrical booking agencies, motion picture
7922 Theatrical companies
2389 Theatrical costumes-mfg
7922 Theatrical employment agencies
7922 Theatrical equipment rental
2531 Theatrical furniture-mfg
7922 Theatrical lighting on a contract basis
7922 Theatrical production, except motion picture
3999 Theatrical scenery-mfg
7922 Theatrical ticket agencies
7996 Theme parks, amusement
2833 Theobromine-mfg
3829 Theodolites, surveying-mfg
8221 Theological seminaries
3844 Therapeutic X-ray apparatus and tubes: medical, industrial, and research-mfg
5047 Therapy equipment-wholesale
3826 Thermal analysis instruments, laboratory type-mfg
3826 Thermal conductivity instruments and sensors-mfg
3823 Thermal conductivity instruments, industrial process type-mfg
3674 Thermionic devices, solid-state-mfg
3676 Thermistors, except temperature sensors-mfg
3823 Thermistors, industrial process type-mfg
3829 Thermocouples, except industrial process, aircraft type, and glass vacuum-mfg
3823 Thermocouples, industrial process type-mfg
3822 Thermocouples, vacuum: glass-mfg
3674 Thermoelectric devices, solid-state-mfg
3629 Thermoelectric generators-mfg
2759 Thermography, except lithographed or gravure-mfg
3826 Thermogravimetric analyzers-mfg
3829 Thermohydrometers-mfg
3069 Thermometer cases, rubber-mfg
3823 Thermometers, filled system: industrial process type-mfg
3829 Thermometers, liquid-in-glass and bimetal types-mfg
2671 Thermoplastics coated paper for packaging-mfpm-mfg
2672 Thermoplastics coated paper, except for packaging-mfpm-mfg
3083 Thermoplastics laminates: rods, tubes, plates, and sheet, except flexible packaging-mfg
3083 Thermosetting laminates: rods, tubes, plates, and sheet, except flexible packaging-mfg
7699 Thermostat repair
3491 Thermostatic traps, heating: metal-mfg
3714 Thermostats, motor vehicle-mfg
3822 Thermostats: air-conditioning, refrigeration, comfort heating, appliance-mfg
3829 Thickness gauging instruments, ultrasonic-mfg
3259 Thimbles, chimney: clay-mfg
3429 Thimbles, wire rope-mfg
3674 Thin film circuits-mfg
2621 Thin paper-mitse-mfg
2843 Thin water (admixture)-mfg
2851 Thinner, lacquer-mfg
2851 Thinners, paint: prepared-mfg
0721 Thinning of crops, mechanical and chemical
2819 Thiocyanates, inorganic-mfg
2879 Thiocyanates, organic (formulated)-mfg
2869 Thioglycolic acid, for permanent wave lotions-mfg
2822 Thiol rubbers-mfg
3714 Third axle attachments or six wheel units for motor vehicles-mfg
1099 Thorium ore mining
2035 Thousand Island dressing-mfg
3545 Thread cutting dies-mfg
3545 Thread gauges (machinists' precision tools)-mfg
3552 Thread making machines (spinning machinery), textile-mfg
3542 Thread rolling machines-mfg
3292 Thread, asbestos-mfg
2241 Thread, elastic: fabric covered-mfg
5131 Thread, except industrial-wholesale
2241 Thread, fabric covered rubber-mfg
3069 Thread, rubber: except fabric covered-mfg
5131 Thread, sewing, except industrial-wholesale
2284 Thread: except flax, hemp, and ramie-mfg
2299 Thread: linen, hemp, and ramie-mfg
3541 Threading machines (machine tools)-mfg
3545 Threading toolholders-mfg
3545 Threading tools (machine tool accessories)-mfg
5084 Threading tools-wholesale
0722 Threshing service
3272 Thresholds, precast terrazzo-mfg
2282 Throwing, winding, or spooling of yarn: silk, wool and manmade fiber continuous filament-mfg
3829 Thrust power indicators, aircraft engine-mfg
3674 Thyristors-mfg
2834 Thyroid preparations-mfg
7922 Ticket agencies, theatrical
3579 Ticket counting machines-mfg
4729 Ticket offices, transportation: not operated by transportation companies
7999 Ticket sales offices for sporting events, contract
2752 Tickets, lithographed-mfg
2679 Tickets, pin: paper-mfpm-mfg
2759 Tickets, printed: except lithographed or gravure-mfg
2754 Tickets: gravure printing-mfg
2211 Tickings-mitse-mfg
3312 Tie plates, iron and steel-mfg
3714 Tie rods, motor vehicle-mfg
5611 Tie shops-retail
2241 Tie tapes, woven or braided-mfg
3315 Tie wires, made in wiredrawing plants-mfg
2449 Tierces (cooperage)-mfg
3496 Ties, bale: made from purchased wire-mfg
3599 Ties, form: metal-mfg
2323 Ties, handsewn-mfpm-mfg
5136 Ties, men's and boys'-wholesale
2491 Ties, railroad cross bridge and switch: treated-mfg
3272 Ties, railroad: concrete-mfg
2421 Ties, railroad: sawed-mfg
2339 Ties: women's, misses', and juniors'-mfpm-mfg
2253 Ties-mitse-mfg
2252 Tights, except women's-mfg
2251 Tights, women's-mfg
5211 Tile and brick dealers-retail
1752 Tile installation, asphalt-contractors
1743 Tile installation, ceramic-contractors
1799 Tile installation, wall: plastics-contractors
3559 Tile making machines-mfg
1743 Tile setting, ceramic-contractors
3296 Tile, acoustical: mineral wool-mfg
3253 Tile, ceramic wall and floor-mfg
3253 Tile, clay floor and wall: enameled-mfg
5032 Tile, clay or other ceramic: except refractory-wholesale
3255 Tile, clay refractory-mfg
3251 Tile, clay: structural-mfg
2499 Tile, cork-mfg
3259 Tile, filter underdrain: clay-mfg
3469 Tile, floor and wall: stamped metal-mfg
3292 Tile, floor: asphalt-mfg
3996 Tile, floor: supported plastics-mfg
3275 Tile, gypsum-mfg
3272 Tile, precast terrazzo or concrete-mfg
3259 Tile, roofing and drain: clay-mfg
3069 Tile, rubber-mfg
3299 Tile, sand lime-mfg
3259 Tile, sewer: clay-mfg
5032 Tile, structural clay-wholesale
3292 Tile, vinyl asbestos-mfg
2493 Tile, wall: fiberboard-mitse-mfg
2449 Till baskets, veneer and splint-mfg
2411 Timber (product of logging camps)-mfg
5099 Timber products, rough-wholesale
1629 Timber removal, underwater-contractors
0811 Timber tracts
0851 Timber valuation
2491 Timber, structural: treated-mfg
2411 Timbers, mine: hewn-mfg
2439 Timbers, structural: laminated lumber-mfg
3825 Time code generators-mfg
3823 Time cycle and program controllers, industrial process type-mfg
3821 Time interval measuring equipment, electric (laboratory type)-mfg
3429 Time locks-mfg
3822 Time program controls, air-conditioning systems-mfg
2675 Time recording cards, die-cut from purchased paperboard-mfg
7374 Time sharing, computer
3613 Time switches, electrical switchgear apparatus-mfg
5063 Time switches-wholesale
7389 Time-share condominium exchanges
6531 Time-sharing real estate: sales, leasing, and rentals
3579 Time-stamps containing clock mechanisms-mfg
3579 Time-stamps: containing clock mechanisms-mfg
3579 Timeclocks and time recording devices-mfg
3873 Timers for industrial use, clockwork mechanism only-mfg
3625 Timing devices, mechanical and solid-state, except clockwork-mfg
3621 Timing motors, synchronous: electric-mfg
0139 Timothy farms
3356 Tin and tin alloy bars, pipe, rods, sheets, strip, and tubing-mfg
5051 Tin and tin base metals, shapes, forms, etc.-wholesale
3339 Tin base alloys, primary-mfg
3411 Tin cans-mfg
2819 Tin chloride-mfg
2819 Tin compounds, inorganic-mfg
3497 Tin foil, not made in rolling mills-mfg
1099 Tin ore mining
2819 Tin oxide-mfg
5051 Tin plate bars-wholesale
5051 Tin plate-wholesale
3339 Tin refining, primary-mfg
3356 Tin rolling and drawing-mfg
2819 Tin salts-mfg
3341 Tin smelting and refining, secondary-mfg
3312 Tin-free steel-mfg
2834 Tinctures, pharmaceutical-mfg
3423 Tinners' handtools, except snips-mfg
3421 Tinners' snips-mfg
3312 Tinplate-mfg
3999 Tinsel-mfg
7699 Tinsmithing repair, except construction
1761 Tinsmithing, in connection with construction work-contractors
1799 Tinting glass-contractors
2899 Tints and dyes, household-mfg
5719 Tinware stores-retail
2396 Tip printing and stamping on fabric articles-mfg
1629 Tipple construction-general contractors
3545 Tips, cutting tool-mfg
3131 Tips, shoe: regardless of material-mfg
5531 Tire (automobile) dealers-retail
5014 Tire and tube repair materials-wholesale
3496 Tire chains, made from purchased wire-mfg
2296 Tire cord-mfg
2399 Tire covers-mfpm-mfg
5531 Tire dealers, automotive-retail
2296 Tire fabric-mfg
3559 Tire grooving machines-mfg
3563 Tire inflators, hand or compressor operated-mfg
7534 Tire recapping
7534 Tire repair shops
3559 Tire retreading machinery and equipment-mfg
3559 Tire shredding machinery-mfg
7534 Tire studding and restudding
3011 Tire sundries and tire repair materials, rubber-mfg
3714 Tire valve cores-mfg
5531 Tire, battery, and accessory dealers-retail
5014 Tires and tubes, new-wholesale
3011 Tires, cushion or solid rubber-mfg
3089 Tires, plastics-mfg
5014 Tires, used-wholesale
3011 Tiring, continuous lengths: rubber, with or without metal core-mfg
3089 Tissue dispensers, plastics-mfg
2621 Tissue paper-mitse-mfg
2676 Tissues, cleansing: mfpm-mfg
3264 Titania porcelain insulators-mfg
1099 Titaniferous-magnetite mining, valued chiefly for titanium content
3356 Titanium and titanium alloy bars, rods, billets, sheets, strip, and tubing-mfg
3369 Titanium castings, except die-castings-mfg
3364 Titanium die-castings-mfg
3463 Titanium forgings, not made in hot-rolling mills-mfg
3356 Titanium from sponge-mfg
3339 Titanium metal sponge and granules-mfg
1099 Titanium ore mining
2816 Titanium pigments-mfg
6541 Title abstract companies
6541 Title and trust companies
6361 Title insurance
6541 Title reconveyance companies
6541 Title search companies
3861 Titlers, motion picture film-mfg
7819 Titling of motion picture film
3826 Titrimeters-mfg
5064 Toasters, electric-wholesale
3634 Toasters, household: electric-mfg
5159 Tobacco auctioning and warehousing-wholesale
2211 Tobacco cloths-mitse-mfg
3523 Tobacco curers-mfg
0132 Tobacco farms
0723 Tobacco grading
3523 Tobacco harvesters-mfg
2421 Tobacco hogshead stock-mfg
2449 Tobacco hogsheads-mfg
3229 Tobacco jars, glass-mfg
3069 Tobacco pipe mouthpieces, hard rubber-mfg
3999 Tobacco pipes, pipestems, and bits: except hard rubber-mfg
3172 Tobacco pouches, regardless of material-mfg
3559 Tobacco products machinery-mfg
5194 Tobacco products, manufactured-wholesale
7389 Tobacco sheeting service on a contract or fee basis
5993 Tobacco stores-retail
2141 Tobacco thrashing (mechanical stemming)-mfg
4221 Tobacco warehousing and storage
5194 Tobacco, except leaf-wholesale
5159 Tobacco, leaf (including exporters)-wholesale
2141 Tobacco, stemming and redrying of-mfg
2131 Tobacco: chewing, smoking, and snuff-mfg
5993 Tobacconists-retail
3949 Toboggans-mfg
3131 Toe caps, leather or metal-mfg
2024 Tofu frozen desserts-mfg
2099 Tofu, except frozen desserts-mfg
3452 Toggle bolts, metal-mfg
3089 Toggle bolts, plastics-mfg
5122 Toilet articles-wholesale
3991 Toilet brushes-mfg
2844 Toilet creams, powders, and waters-mfg
3088 Toilet fixtures, plastics-mfg
3261 Toilet fixtures, vitreous china-mfg
3431 Toilet fixtures: enameled iron, cast iron, and pressed metal-mfg
3172 Toilet kits and cases, regardless of material-mfg
2676 Toilet paper-mfpm-mfg
2844 Toilet preparations-mfg
5122 Toilet preparations-wholesale
2499 Toilet seats, wood-mfg
5122 Toilet soap-wholesale
2621 Toilet tissue stock-mitse-mfg
3499 Toilet ware, metal: except silver, nickel silver, pewter, and plated-mfg
3914 Toilet ware: silver, nickel silver, pewter, and plated-mfg
5122 Toiletries-wholesale
7359 Toilets, portable: rental and leasing
3829 Toll booths, automatic-mfg
4785 Toll bridge operation
4785 Toll roads, operation of
3661 Toll switching equipment, telephone-mfg
2865 Toluene, made in chemical plants-mfg
2865 Toluidines-mfg
0161 Tomato farms
3523 Tomato harvesters-mfg
2033 Tomato juice and cocktails, canned-mfg
2033 Tomato paste-mfg
2033 Tomato puree-mfg
2033 Tomato sauce-mfg
0182 Tomatoes grown under cover
3281 Tombstones, cut stone: not including only finishing or lettering to order-mfg
3272 Tombstones, precast terrazzo or concrete-mfg
5999 Tombstones-retail
2865 Toners (reduced or full strength organic colors)-mfg
3861 Toners, prepared photographic, packaged-mfg
3423 Tongs, oyster-mfg
3842 Tongue depressors-mfg
3131 Tongues, boot and shoe: leather-mfg
2844 Tonics, hair-mfg
3841 Tonometers, medical-mfg
3469 Tool boxes, stamped metal-mfg
2441 Tool chests, wood-mfg
7389 Tool designers
3089 Tool handles, plastics-mfg
2499 Tool handles, wood: turned and shaped-mfg
7359 Tool rental and leasing
7699 Tool sharpening and repair shops
2599 Tool stands, factory-mfg
3312 Tool steel-mfg
5084 Toolholders (e.g., chucks, turrets)-wholesale
3545 Toolholders-mfg
3545 Tools and accessories for machine tools-mfg
3423 Tools and equipment for use with sporting arms-mfg
5013 Tools and equipment, automotive-wholesale
3843 Tools, dentists'-mfg
3423 Tools, edge: woodworking-augers, bits, gimlets, countersinks, etc.-mfg
3546 Tools, hand: power-driven-woodworking or metalworking-mfg
3423 Tools, hand: except power-driven tools and saws-mfg
3541 Tools, machine: metal cutting types-mfg
5084 Tools, machinists' precision-wholesale
5251 Tools, power and hand-retail
3533 Tools: drilling, etc.-for artesian, gas, and oil wells-mfg
3634 Toothbrushes, electric-mfg
5064 Toothbrushes, electric-wholesale
3991 Toothbrushes, except electric-mfg
5122 Toothbrushes, except electric-wholesale
2844 Toothpastes and powders-mfg
2499 Toothpicks, wood-mfg
3069 Top lift sheets, rubber-mfg
3131 Top lifts, boot and shoe-mfg
7532 Top repair, automotive
3069 Top roll covering, for textile mill machinery: rubber-mfg
1459 Topaz (nongem) mining
2311 Topcoats: men's and boys'-mfg
5145 Toppings, soda fountain-wholesale
3465 Tops, automobile: stamped metal-mfg
2675 Tops, bottle; die-cut from purchased paper or paperboard-mfg
3259 Tops, chimney: clay-mfg
2299 Tops, combing and converting-mfg
3466 Tops, jar: stamped metal-mfg
2299 Tops, manmade fiber-mfg
3714 Tops, motor vehicle: except stamped metal-mfg
3089 Tops, plastics (e.g., dispenser, shaker)-mfg
3713 Tops, truck-mfg
5159 Tops, wool-wholesale
2899 Torches (fireworks)-mfg
3489 Torpedo tubes (ordnance)-mfg
3483 Torpedoes and parts (ordnance)-mfg
2899 Torpedoes, railroad-mfg
2892 Torpedoes, well shooting (explosives)-mfg
3566 Torque converters, except motor vehicle-mfg
3621 Torque motors, electric-mfg
3493 Torsion bar springs-mfg
3829 Torsion testing equipment-mfg
2032 Tortillas, canned-mfg
2099 Tortillas, fresh or refrigerated-mfg
3824 Totalizing meters, consumption registering, except aircraft-mfg
3999 Toupees-mfg
4725 Tour operation (travel)
4724 Tourist agencies for the arrangement of transportation, lodging, and car rental
7999 Tourist attractions, natural wonder: commercial
7011 Tourist cabins
7011 Tourist camps
7011 Tourist courts
7999 Tourist guides
7389 Tourist information bureaus
4725 Tours, except sightseeing buses, boats, and airplanes
3728 Tow targets, aircraft-mfg
2299 Tow to top mills-mfg
7521 Tow-in parking lots
3731 Towboats, building and repairing-mfg
3261 Towel bar holders, vitreous china and earthenware-mfg
7213 Towel supply service, except wiping
7218 Towel supply service, wiping
2844 Towelettes, premoistened-mfg
2621 Toweling paper-mitse-mfg
2211 Towels and toweling, cotton: made in weaving mills-mfg
2299 Towels and towelings, linen and linen-and-cotton mixtures-mitse-mfg
2392 Towels, fabric and nonwoven textiles-mfpm-mfg
2676 Towels, paper-mfpm-mfg
5113 Towels, paper-wholesale
2259 Towels-mitse-mfg
3441 Tower sections, transmission: prefabricated metal-mfg
2499 Towers, cooling: wood or wood and sheet metal combination-mfg
3443 Towers, tank: metal plate-mfg
3443 Towers: bubble, cooling, fractionating-metal plate-mfg
3799 Towing bars and systems-mfg
7549 Towing service, automotive
4492 Towing services, marine
1521 Townhouse construction-general contractors
2836 Toxins-mfg
2836 Toxoids, except in vitro and in vivo-mfg
5945 Toy and game stores-retail
3612 Toy transformers-mfg
5092 Toys (including electronic)-wholesale
3942 Toys, doll-mfg
3069 Toys, rubber: except dolls-mfg
3942 Toys, stuffed-mfg
3944 Toys: except dolls, bicycles, rubber toys, and stuffed toys-mfg
2879 Trace elements (agricultural chemicals)-mfg
3483 Tracer igniters for ammunition more than 30 mm. (or more than 1.18 inch)-mfg
3952 Tracing cloth (drafting material)-mfg
2211 Tracing cloth, cotton-mfg
3949 Track and field athletic equipment, except apparel and footwear-mfg
5051 Track spikes-wholesale
4899 Tracking missiles by telemetry and photography on a contract basis
5082 Tracklaying equipment-wholesale
3743 Trackless trolley buses-mfg
3842 Traction apparatus-mfg
7699 Tractor repair
5082 Tractor-mounting equipment-wholesale
5083 Tractors, agricultural-wholesale
3531 Tractors, construction-mfg
5082 Tractors, construction-wholesale
3531 Tractors, crawler-mfg
3537 Tractors, industrial: for use in plants, depots, docks, and terminals-mfg
5084 Tractors, industrial-wholesale
3524 Tractors, lawn and garden-mfg
3531 Tractors, tracklaying-mfg
3711 Tractors, truck: for highway use-mfg
5012 Tractors, truck-wholesale
3523 Tractors, wheel: farm type-mfg
8611 Trade associations
2789 Trade binding services-mfg
9611 Trade commissions-government
2721 Trade journals, publishing and printing, or publishing only-mfg
8249 Trade schools
7389 Trade show arrangement
8631 Trade unions, local or national
6221 Traders, commodity contract
6211 Traders, security
6799 Trading companies, commodity contract
7389 Trading stamp promotion and sale to stores
7389 Trading stamp redemption
2752 Trading stamps, lithographed-mfg
2759 Trading stamps, printed: except lithographed or gravure-mfg
2754 Trading stamps: gravure printing-mfg
8748 Traffic consultants
1721 Traffic lane painting-contractors
3669 Traffic signals, electric-mfg
1629 Trail building-general contractors
1629 Trailer camp construction-general contractors
3799 Trailer hitches-mfg
7033 Trailer parks for transients
7519 Trailer rental
3523 Trailers and wagons, farm-mfg
3799 Trailers for automobiles, except travel and mobile home-mfg
5012 Trailers for passenger automobiles-wholesale
3799 Trailers for transporting horses, except fifth-wheel type-mfg
5012 Trailers for trucks, new and used-wholesale
3799 Trailers, boat-mfg
3792 Trailers, camping-mfg
3715 Trailers, fifth-wheel type: for transporting horses-mfg
3792 Trailers, house: except as permanent dwellings-mfg
5084 Trailers, industrial-wholesale
3715 Trailers, motor truck-mfg
3537 Trailers, truck: for use in plants, depots, docks, and terminals-mfg
5599 Trailers, utility-retail
3743 Train cars and equipment, freight or passenger-mfg
3728 Training aids, aircraft: except electronic-mfg
0752 Training horses, except racing
7812 Training motion picture production
0752 Training of pets and other animal specialties
2341 Training pants (underwear) except rubber or rubberized fabric: children's and infants'-mfpm-mfg
7948 Training racehorses
8361 Training schools for delinquents
3944 Trains and equipment, toy: electric and mechanical-mfg
7999 Trampoline operation
4119 Tramways, aerial: except amusement and scenic
2834 Tranquilizers and mental drug preparations-mfg
3663 Transceivers-mfg
3845 Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators (TENS)-mfg
3679 Transducers for use in measuring and testing instruments and equipments-mfg
3829 Transducers, pressure-mfg
6289 Transfer agents, securities
2672 Transfer paper, gold and silver-mfpm-mfg
2752 Transferring designs (lithographing)-mfg
2752 Transfers, decalcomania and dry: lithographed-mfg
3999 Transformations, hair-mfg
3548 Transformers (separate) for arc-welders-mfg
3612 Transformers, electric power-mfg
5063 Transformers, electric: except electronic-wholesale
3677 Transformers, electronic types-mfg
5065 Transformers, electronic-wholesale
3612 Transformers, for electronic meters-mfg
3612 Transformers, ignition: for use on domestic fuel burners-mfg
3612 Transformers, instrument: except portable-mfg
3825 Transformers, instrument: portable-mfg
3612 Transformers, reactor-mfg
3677 Transformers: power supply electronic type-mfg
7221 Transient photographers
3674 Transistors-mfg
5065 Transistors-wholesale
7319 Transit advertising
9621 Transit systems and authorities-nonoperating
3829 Transits, surveying-mfg
7389 Translation service
4923 Transmission and distribution of natural gas
3612 Transmission and distribution voltage regulators-mfg
3199 Transmission belting, leather-mfg
5063 Transmission equipment, electrical-wholesale
2992 Transmission fluid-mfpm-mfg
3714 Transmission housings and parts, motor vehicle-mfg
1623 Transmission line construction-general contractors
4911 Transmission of electric power
4922 Transmission of natural gas
7537 Transmission repair, automotive
3441 Transmission towers-mfg
3728 Transmissions, aircraft-mfg
7537 Transmissions, automotive: installation, repair, or sale and installation
3594 Transmissions, hydrostatic drives-mfg
3714 Transmissions, motor vehicle-mfg
3663 Transmitter-receivers, radio-mfg
3823 Transmitters of process variables, standard signal conversion-mfg
5065 Transmitters-wholesale
3663 Transmitting apparatus, radio and television-mfg
3671 Transmitting electron tubes-mfg
3523 Transplanters-mfg
4731 Transport clearinghouse
3731 Transport vessels, passenger and troop: building and repairing-mfg
4731 Transportation brokerage
9621 Transportation departments-government
5088 Transportation equipment and supplies, except motor vehicles-wholesale
4449 Transportation of freight on bays and sounds of the oceans
4731 Transportation rate services
9621 Transportation regulatory agencies-government
2754 Transportation schedules, gravure printing-mfg
2752 Transportation schedules, lithographed-mfg
2759 Transportation schedules, printing: except lithographed or gravure-mfg
4011 Transportation, railroad: line-haul
3949 Trap racks (clay targets)-mfg
1429 Trap rock, crushed and broken-quarrying
1411 Trap rock, dimension-quarrying
0971 Trapping carried on as a business enterprise
3496 Traps, animal and fish: made from purchased wire-mfg
3931 Traps, drummers'-mfg
3432 Traps, water-mfg
7999 Trapshooting facilities, except membership clubs
2673 Trash bags, plastics film, foil, and coated paper-mfpm-mfg
3639 Trash compactors, household-mfg
3089 Trash containers, plastics-mfg
3443 Trash racks, metal plate-mfg
4724 Travel agencies
4724 Travel bureaus
3792 Travel trailer chassis-mfg
5561 Travel trailers, automobile: new and used-retail
8322 Traveler's aid centers
6099 Travelers' check issuance
3161 Traveling bags, regardless of material-mfg
3671 Traveling wave tubes-mfg
1422 Travertine, crushed and broken-quarrying
1411 Travertine, dimension-quarrying
2298 Trawl twine-mfg
3731 Trawlers, building and repairing-mfg
2599 Tray trucks, restaurant-mfg
2441 Trays, carrier: wood-mfg
3229 Trays, glass-mfg
3272 Trays, laundry: concrete-mfg
3496 Trays, made from purchased wire-mfg
3861 Trays, photographic printing and processing-mfg
3089 Trays, plastics: except foam-mfg
3069 Trays, rubber-mfg
3634 Trays, warming: electric-mfg
3914 Trays: silver, nickel silver, pewter, stainless steel, and plated-mfg
2499 Trays: wood, wicker, and bagasse-mfg
3011 Tread rubber (camelback)-mfg
3949 Treadmills-mfg
3069 Treads, stair: rubber-mfg
3446 Treads, stair: fabricated metal-mfg
9311 Treasurers' offices-government
7218 Treated mats, rugs, mops, dust tool covers, and cloth supply service
3999 Treating clock and watch dials with luminous material-mfg
2491 Treating wood products with creosote or other preservatives-mfg
0811 Tree farms
0173 Tree nut groves and farms
0831 Tree seed gathering, extracting, and selling
3523 Tree shakers (nuts, soft fruits, and citrus)-mfg
0783 Tree trimming for public utility lines
3999 Trees, Christmas, artificial-mfg
0721 Trees, orchard: cultivation of
0721 Trees, orchard: planting, pruning, bracing, spraying, removal, and surgery
0783 Trees, ornamental: planting, pruning, bracing, spraying, removal, and surgery
2431 Trellises, wood-mfg
3531 Trenching machines-mfg
1629 Trenching-contractors
1622 Trestle construction-general contractors
2491 Trestles, wood: treated-mfg
2823 Triacetate fibers-mfg
2869 Trichloroethylene-mfg
2869 Trichlorophenoxyacetic acid-mfg
2869 Trichlorotrifluoroethane tetrachlorodifluoroethane isopropyl alcohol-mfg
2258 Tricot fabrics-mfg
2869 Tricresyl phosphate-mfg
3944 Tricycles, children's-mfg
2869 Tridecyl alcohol-mfg
3465 Trim and body parts, automobile: stamped metal-mfg
1751 Trim and finish-contractors
3442 Trim and molding, except automobile: metal-mfg
5031 Trim, sheet metal-wholesale
2431 Trim, wood and covered wood-mfg
2869 Trimethyltrithiophosphite (rocket propellants)-mfg
3421 Trimmers, hedge: except power-mfg
3524 Trimmers, hedge: power-mfg
2299 Trimming felts, except woven-mfg
3999 Trimmings for canes, umbrellas, etc.: except precious metal-mfg
5131 Trimmings, apparel-wholesale
2396 Trimmings, fabric: auto, furniture, millinery, dress, coat, and suit-mfpm-mfg
3999 Trimmings, feather-mfg
2371 Trimmings, fur-mfg
2396 Trimmings, hat: men's-mfg
3911 Trimmings, precious metal: e.g., for canes, umbrellas-mfg
3131 Trimmings, shoe: leather-mfg
2241 Trimmings, textile-mitse-mfg
3429 Trimmings, trunk: metal-mfg
2892 Trinitrotoluene (TNT)-mfg
2013 Tripe-mfpm-mfg
2869 Triphenyl phosphate-mfg
3827 Triplet magnifying instruments, optical-mfg
3861 Tripods, camera and projector-mfg
1499 Tripoli mining
3291 Tripoli-mfg
3612 Tripping transformers-mfg
3841 Trocars-mfg
3743 Trolley buses, trackless-mfg
3643 Trolley line material, overhead-mfg
4111 Trolley operation, except amusement and scenic
3931 Trombones and parts-mfg
1474 Trona mining
3499 Trophies, metal: except silver, nickel silver, pewter, and plated-mfg
3914 Trophies: silver, nickel silver, pewter, and plated-mfg
5094 Trophies-wholesale
2499 Trophy bases, wood-mfg
5999 Trophy shops-retail
0273 Tropical aquarium fish farms
0179 Tropical fruit farms
3699 Trouble lights-mfpm-mfg
3444 Troughs, elevator: sheet metal-mfg
3443 Troughs, industrial: metal plate-mfg
3523 Troughs, water-mfg
3634 Trouser pressers, electric-mfg
2211 Trouserings, cotton-mfg
2231 Trouserings: wool, mohair, and similar animal fibers-mfg
2325 Trousers (separate): men's and boys'-mfpm-mfg
5136 Trousers, men's and boys'-wholesale
2253 Trousers-mitse-mfg
0273 Trout farms
3423 Trowels-mfg
1541 Truck and automobile assembly plant construction-general contractors
3713 Truck beds-mfg
3713 Truck bodies, motor vehicle-mfg
3713 Truck cabs for motor vehicles-mfg
3792 Truck campers (slide-in campers)-mfg
3625 Truck controls, industrial battery-mfg
8249 Truck driving schools
7538 Truck engine repair, except industrial
0161 Truck farms
6159 Truck finance leasing
7513 Truck leasing, except industrial trucks and finance leasing: without drivers
7513 Truck leasing, without drivers: except finance (equity) leasing
7359 Truck rental and leasing, industrial
4212 Truck rental for local use, with drivers
7513 Truck rental, except industrial: without drivers
7212 Truck route laundry and drycleaning, not operated by laundries or cleaners
5541 Truck stops-retail
5014 Truck tires and tubes-wholesale
3713 Truck tops-mfg
3711 Truck tractors for highway use-mfg
5012 Truck tractors-wholesale
3537 Truck trailers for use in plants, depots, docks, and terminals-mfg
3715 Truck trailers-mfg
5012 Truck trailers-wholesale
4731 Truck transportation brokers
7542 Truck washing
3273 Truck-mixed concrete-mfg
4212 Trucking logs
4213 Trucking rental with drivers, except for local use
4231 Trucking terminals, freight: with or without maintenance facilities
4212 Trucking timber
4213 Trucking, except local
4212 Trucking, local: without storage
4214 Trucking, local: combined with storage
3537 Trucks, industrial (except mining): for freight, baggage, etc.-mfg
5084 Trucks, industrial-wholesale
3711 Trucks, motor: except off-highway-mfg
3531 Trucks, off-highway-mfg
5012 Trucks-wholesale
0182 Truffles grown under cover
3931 Trumpets and parts-mfg
3429 Trunk hardware, including locks-mfg
2441 Trunk slats, wood-mfg
5948 Trunks, luggage-retail
3161 Trunks, regardless of material-mfg
3443 Truss plates, metal-mfg
2439 Trusses, laminated lumber-mfg
2439 Trusses, wood-mfg
3842 Trusses: orthopedic and surgical-mfg
6021 Trust companies (accepting deposits), commercial: national
6022 Trust companies (accepting deposits), commercial: state
6091 Trust companies, nondeposit
6153 Trust deeds, purchase and sale of
6733 Trustees: except for educational, religious, or charitable trusts
6733 Trusts except educational, religious, and charitable: management of
6732 Trusts, charitable: management of
6732 Trusts, educational: management of
6733 Trusts, personal investment: management of
6732 Trusts, religious: management of
3492 Tube and hose fittings and assemblies, fluid power: metal-mfg
3354 Tube blooms, aluminum: extruded-mfg
3498 Tube fabricating (contract bending and shaping); metal-mfg
3469 Tube fins, stamped metal-mfg
3492 Tube fittings and assemblies, fluid power: metal-mfg
3547 Tube mill machinery-mfg
3679 Tube retainers, electronic-mfg
3312 Tube rounds-mfg
3679 Tube spacers, mica-mfg
3825 Tube testers-mfg
3679 Tube transformer assemblies used in firing electronic tubes-mfg
3354 Tube, aluminum: extruded or drawn-mfg
2836 Tuberculins-mfg
8069 Tuberculosis and other respiratory illness hospitals
3671 Tubes for operating above the X-ray spectrum (with shorter wavelength)-mfg
3844 Tubes, X-ray-mfg
3671 Tubes, cathode ray-mfg
3499 Tubes, collapsible: for viscous products-tin, lead, and aluminum-mfg
3671 Tubes, electron-mfg
5065 Tubes, electronic: receiving and transmitting, and industrial-wholesale
2655 Tubes, fiber or paper (with or without metal ends)-mfpm-mfg
2655 Tubes, for chemical and electrical uses: impregnated paper or fiber-mfpm-mfg
3069 Tubes, hard rubber-mfg
3011 Tubes, inner: airplane, automobile, bicycle, motorcycle, and tractor-mfg
3312 Tubes, iron and steel: made in steel works or rolling mills-mfg
3671 Tubes, klystron-mfg
3083 Tubes, laminated plastics-mfg
3264 Tubes, porcelain-mfg
3317 Tubes, seamless steel-mfpm-mfg
3671 Tubes, television receiving type: cathode ray-mfg
3082 Tubes, unsupported plastics-mfg
3353 Tubes, welded: aluminum-mfg
3317 Tubes, wrought: welded, lock joint, and heavy riveted-mfpm-mfg
3299 Tubing for electrical purposes, quartz-mfg
3292 Tubing, asbestos-mfg
3351 Tubing, copper and copper alloy-mfg
3599 Tubing, flexible metallic-mfg
3229 Tubing, glass-mfg
3317 Tubing, mechanical and hypodermic sizes: cold-drawn stainless steel-mfpm-mfg
5051 Tubing, metal-wholesale
2211 Tubing, pillow-mitse-mfg
3069 Tubing, rubber: except extruded and lathe-cut-mfg
2211 Tubing, seamless: cotton-mfg
3312 Tubing, seamless: steel-mfg
2295 Tubing, textile: varnished-mfg
3312 Tubing, wrought: made in steel works or rolling mills-mfg
3356 Tubing: lead magnesium, nickel, titanium, zinc, and their alloys-mfg
3431 Tubs, laundry and bath: enameled iron, cast iron, and pressed metal-mfg
3089 Tubs, plastics (containers)-mfg
3088 Tubs, plastics: bath, shower, and laundry-mfg
2449 Tubs, wood: coopered-mfg
1741 Tuck pointing-contractors
2395 Tucking, for the trade-mfg
3552 Tufting machines-mfg
4492 Tugboat service
3731 Tugboats, building and repairing-mfg
3229 Tumblers, glass-mfg
3089 Tumblers, plastics: except foam-mfg
3471 Tumbling (cleaning and polishing) of machine parts, for the trade-mfg
2091 Tuna fish, canned-mfg
0912 Tuna, catching of
3651 Tuners, FM and AM-mfg
2076 Tung oil-mfg
3356 Tungsten basic shapes-mfg
3291 Tungsten carbide abrasives-mfg
3313 Tungsten carbide powder by metallurgical process-mfg
2819 Tungsten carbide powder, except abrasives or by metallurgical process-mfg
1061 Tungsten ore mining
7699 Tuning of pianos and organs
1622 Tunnel construction-general contractors
3674 Tunnel diodes-mfg
3537 Tunnel kiln cars-mfg
3443 Tunnel lining, metal plate-mfg
4785 Tunnel operation, vehicular
1241 Tunneling, anthracite mine: on a contract basis
1241 Tunneling: bituminous coal, anthracite, and lignite on a contract basis
3443 Tunnels, vacuum: metal plate-mfg
3443 Tunnels, wind-mfg
3823 Turbidity instruments, industrial process type-mfg
3826 Turbidometers-mfg
3462 Turbine engine forgings, ferrous: not made in rolling mills-mfg
3823 Turbine flow meters, industrial process type-mfg
3511 Turbine generator set units, complete: steam, gas, and hydraulic-mfg
3824 Turbine meters, consumption registering-mfg
3724 Turbines, aircraft type-mfg
3511 Turbines: steam, hydraulic, and gas-except aircraft type-mfg
3724 Turbo-superchargers, aircraft-mfg
3564 Turboblowers, industrial-mfg
3511 Turbogenerators-mfg
3523 Turf equipment, commercial-mfg
0782 Turf installation, except artificial
0253 Turkey egg farms and ranches
0253 Turkey farms and ranches
2843 Turkey red oil-mfg
2015 Turkeys, processed: fresh, frozen, canned, or cooked-mfg
2015 Turkeys: slaughtering and dressing-mfg
7299 Turkish baths
3429 Turnbuckles-mfg
2499 Turned and carved wood (except furniture)-mfg
3541 Turning machines (lathes)-mfg
2426 Turnings, furniture: wood-mfg
7373 Turnkey vendors, computer systems
3829 Turnstiles, equipped with counting mechanisms-mfg
3651 Turntables, for phonographs-mfg
2861 Turpentine, produced by distillation of pine gum or pine wood-mfg
5169 Turpentine-wholesale
1499 Turquoise mining
3541 Turret lathes, metal cutting-mfg
3728 Turret test fixtures, aircraft-mfg
3728 Turrets and turret drives, aircraft-mfg
3489 Turrets, gun: for artillery more than 30 mm. (or more than 1.18 inch)-mfg
0919 Turtles, catching of
8299 Tutoring
7299 Tuxedo rental
2311 Tuxedos-mfg
2211 Twills, cotton-mfg
2221 Twills, manmade fiber-mfg
2298 Twine-mfg
5085 Twine-wholesale
5084 Twist drills-wholesale
2282 Twisting yarn: silk, wool, and manmade fiber continuous filament-mfg
3069 Type, rubber-mfg
3555 Type: lead, steel, brass, copper faced, etc.-mfg
3555 Typecases, printers'-mfg
3555 Typecasting, founding, and melting machines-mfg
2791 Typesetting for the printing trade-mfg
3555 Typesetting machines: intertypes, linotypes, monotypes, etc.-mfg
2791 Typesetting, computer controlled-mfg
7699 Typewriter repair, including electric
2211 Typewriter ribbon cloth, cotton-mfg
2221 Typewriter ribbon cloth, manmade fiber-mfg
3955 Typewriter ribbons, cloth or paper-mfg
5999 Typewriter stores-retail
3579 Typewriters-mfg
5044 Typewriters-wholesale
7338 Typing service
2791 Typographic composition-mfg
3555 Typographic numbering machines-mfg
1094 Tyuyamunite mining

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