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Total TRI Releases & Transfers for 1989
(measured in pounds)
Facility Name
Total TRI lbs.

Columbia Pacific Aluminum Corp., Pacific Extrusion (Ketema / Ametek)29,246
Dean Foods Vegetable Co. (Richard Shaw)NR
Hadco Corp., Tech Center II1,500
Norcal Crosetti Foods Inc.NR
Pacific Coast Producers Inc.NR
Pillsbury Co., Green Giant30,589
Salz Leathers Inc.23,376
Scotts Valley Circuits Inc.NR
Seagate Technology Inc., Scotts Valley27,137
Seagate Technology Inc., Watsonville57,779
Silicon Systems Inc.104
Spectra-Mat Inc.26,764
Vi-Tex Packaging Inc.11,141
Watkins-Johnson Co., Scotts Valley Plant27,412
West Coast Circuits Inc.30,055


"NR" means that no report was submitted by the facility.

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