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DOWNLOAD SHAPEFILES: Canada FSA Postal - Zip Code - U.S. Waterbodies & Wetlands - Geographic Names - School Districts - Indian Federal Lands
Zip Code/Demographics - Climate Change - U.S. Streams, Rivers & Waterways - Tornadoes - Nuclear Facilities - Dams & Risk - 2013 Toxic Release Inventory TRI

Note that the EPA files marked with and * are no longer in the download. The addition increased the size of the file by 7 MB and are readily available at the EPA TRI 2004 website.

Thank you!

You should have downloaded two zip-compressed files. The contents of 
each file are listed below:


    Shapefile of your state(s) in the "shapefile" directory.
    your-state.xls - TRI data in spreadsheet format for your-state(s).
    EPA TRI Explorer report for your-state(s) in PDF format.
    RTK Net TRI data for your-state(s) in low level of detail.
    RTK Net TRI data for your-state(s) in high level of detail.


    Shapefiles of various nationwide base layers in the
     "shapefile-base-maps" directory. These include:
          U.S. state boundaries
        U.S. highways
        U.S. major rivers
        U.S. major cities
        U.S. major lakes

    EPA documents:
        * 2004_PDR_Charts_03-14-06.pdf
        * 2004brochure.pdf
        ALL-EPA TRI Explorer Report State Fact Sheet.pdf
        * 2004eReport.pdf
        * States_Doc_2004_v04.pdf
        * Workbook_Section_F_03-02-06.pdf
    NOT_MAPPED.xls - this is an Excel
    spreadsheet that contains the data records 
    that could not be mapped. Either the facility
    provided no longitude or latitude data at all
    or what was submitted was not in a form
    understandable to the GIS mapping program.

    fields.txt - this is a list of the EPA provided
    data field names and the names that we used when 
    converting the data files to GIS shapefiles.

A good resource for free map layers such as local streets, 
county boundaries, streams, census tracts and much more is:

Note: Be sure to print out the instructions on the download
page right before or after (or while) you download your files
as the url for this page may change.

We have a long list of shapefiles that we are creating. You can always
find the updated list of these at:
Also, if you are new to GIS, want to learn more and avail yourself
of a growing number of resources, please check out our Learn2map
GIS Tutorial and Atlas at:

Thanks so much for purchasing the map. If I can be of any
help at all, please contact me at [email protected]

* About Quality, Accuracy and Suitability - This data may come 
from a variety of U.S. government and self-reporting private 
sources. While we try to assure the accuracy of this material, 
we cannot promise that it is absolutely accurate. We do 
promise that using the map layer will be fun, entertaining or 
educational. Beyond this, we make no guarantee as to its suitability 
for any purpose. We assume no liability or responsibility for 
errors or inaccuracies. Please understand that you use these map 
layers at your own risk.

best regards,

Mike Meuser
[email protected]

copyright (c) 2006, Michael R. Meuser, All Rights Reserved.

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