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January 5, 1999: Ward Valley News

December 29, 1998: A Civil Action - Coming soon to a theater near you.

December 29, 1998: Chemical Industry Leaders Assess Y2K Plant Safety.

December 28, 1998: CBE slapps back at TOSCO.

December 23, 1998: Smoggier air for Bay Area blamed on lax refinery regs (forward by Denny, CBE).

December 22, 1998: New EPA Report: 1/3 of Americans live with substandard air quality.

December 18, 1998: Babbitt, Wilson Announce Revised Bay-Delta Report For Public Discussion.

December 15, 1998: Update on plutonium permit for Lowry Landfill.

December 10, 1998: Pass the Plutonium Please? (followup to November 30, 1998: Radioactive Sludge to go in Colorado Sewer). Updated with links to several articles.

December 8, 1998: Researchers See Global Warming Increasing Fire Danger Global Climate Change: Ill-Wind For California Wildfires
December 6, 1998: Low-Level Chemical Exposures:A Challenge for Science and Policy

December 6, 1998: Pollution hits new heights

December 5, 1998: New website: The Climate Change and Human Health Integrated Assessment Web

December 4, 1998: Frogs and salamanders - now penguins in decline

December 4, 1998: EPA plans to update air quality index used in local air pollution reporting

December 4, 1998: EPA proposes to minimize burden of overlapping air toxics regulation on industry, state and local governments

December 3, 1998: TOSCO refinery accident report (November 1998) available from EPA

December 3, 1998: Infoterra to make environmental information more accessible

November 30, 1998: EPA announces blue-ribbon panel to review use of MTBE and other oxygenates in gasoline

November 30, 1998: Radioactive Sludge to go in Colorado Sewer

November 29, 1998: Sustainable Development Series from Rachel's Environment and Health Weekly

November 29, 1998: Links to new articles on global climate change

November 25, 1998: DPR Schedules Workshops for Ground Water Protection

November 25, 1998: ALERT! Y2K and FDIC Monitoring of Your Banking Activities

November 22, 1998: EPA Funding Cuts!

November 22, 1998: Pesticide related sources of information.

November 21, 1998: New EPA Right-To-Know initiative will provide Americans with information on mercury.

November 14, 1998: UC Davis Report: Health and Environmental Assessment of MTBE available for download.

November 13, 1998: The 5th International Network for Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Conference - Monterey, California, November 16-20.

November 13, 1998: Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition "Sweet 16" anniversary and benefit.

November 10, 1998: Right-To-Know Letter to President Clinton. Sign on!

September 23, 1998: "Textbook Trash," a new Report on Environmental Education from the Center for the New West. Also See, "Report Criticizes Eco Ed", a related article from the Denver Post.

September 22, 1998: "Frog Force" to Focus on Amphibian Declines and Deformities.

September 19, 1998: Fears of Terrorism, Chemicals Clash as EPA Considers Web Site.

September 18, 1998: Groups Disclose "Secret" Worst Case Accident Zones at Chemical Plants.

September 18, 1998: Risk Reduction Imperiled by Proposed Disaster Secrecy.

September 17, 1998: Document from Arthur F. Burk, Senior Safety Fellow, DuPont Company on terrorism and chemical reporting.

September 17, 1998: Document from Pam Nixon, Accident Prevention Subcommittee member on terrorism and chemical reporting (Date: December 29, 1997).

September 16, 1998: United States Chamber of Commerce vice-president William Kovacs says, "the use of the Internet by extreme environmentalists and greater amounts of public disclosure law will create fear and allow the sabotage of industries."

September 15, 1998: EPA Data on Internet Will Increase Threat Of Terrorism, Industry- Sponsored Study Says

September 14, 1998: The Southern Organizing Committee for Economic & Social Justice (SOC) says, "Our Right-to-Know, and our very lives are at Stake ... The issue at stake goes far BEYOND Holtzclaw's individual rights ... The broader issue is the right of all of us in the public to KNOW what is being done to our air, water, and soil and to have ACCESS to the information that honest scientists like Holtzclaw can provide. If he can be punished for assisting our community groups, scientists with valuable information all over our country will be reluctant to speak up."

September 14, 1998: Email discussion and articles related to Y2K (year 2000 problem) and the environment.

September 8, 1998: International PRTR (Pollutant Release and Transfer Register) Conference, 9-11 September 1998, Tokyo, Japan.

September 4, 1998: EPA's PROVIDING SAFE DRINKING WATER report is now available.

May, 1998: Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition's (SVTC) new groundwater contamination and environmental justice map site.

April, 1998: WWW launch of EDF's Chemical Scorecard.

February, 1998: New Book - GOING LOCAL: CREATING SELF-RELIANT COMMUNITIES IN A GLOBAL AGE, New York: Free Press, 1998.

November, 1997: Sign on to the Brian Holtzclaw Whistleblower case by November 25, 1997 (NOW EXTENDED TO DECEMBER 10th).

September, 1997: CBE - Defending your Right to Know before the US Supreme Court.

September, 1997: Download OPPT's new human and ecological health risk ranking software.


September, 1997: Federal Register: Establishment of the Children's Health Protection Advisory Committee.

September 8-10, 1997: Right-To-Know Conference at the Renaissance Hotel, Washington DC.

May, 1997: EPA Administrator Carol M. Browner today reported for the first time on toxic-chemical releases into local communities since the Clinton Administration nearly doubled the number of chemicals that industry must make public under EPA's Right-to-Know program.

May, 1997: Federal Register: Addition of Dioxin and Dioxin-Like Compounds.

May, 1997: Industry Must Report Deadly Dioxin Under Community Right To Know Law. EPA proposal grants petition by Oil Refinery Network.

May, 1997: Addition of Facilities in Certain Industry Sectors; Revised Interpretation of Otherwise Use; Toxic Release Inventory Reporting; Community Right-to-Know; Final Rule.

April, 1997: Executive Order, Protection Of Children From Environmental Health Risks And Safety Risks.

April, 1997: Vice President Announces Executive Order To Reduce Environmental Health And Safety Risks To Children.

April, 1997: Remarks by President Clinton on 30% Increase in the Number of TRI Facilities.

April, 1997: "Who is Stealing Our Future: Industry's Toxic Addiction to Estrogen Mimickers & Endocrine Disrupters" by Pratap Chatterjee.

April, 1997: EPA Moves Toward Major Expansion of Community Right-To-Know Information About Chemical Use by Industry.

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