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About MapCruzin.com
Why do visitors come to MapCruzin.com?
Why we now accept advertising
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May 20, 2000

About MapCruzin.com
Clary Meuser Research Network is a family owned and operated business with a rather long web presence. We launched our first website, the Santa Cruz Toxics Release Inventory in 1995. This was the first website in the U.S. dedicated to interactive pollution maps. In 1996 we registered the domain name, MapCruzin.com. Over the last five years we have gathered quite a following. Visitors to our site are interested in GIS and mapping, especially web mapping. Many are deeply involved in environmental issues, toxics, health, research, environmental justice and sustainability.

Why do visitors come to MapCruzin.com?
We are well known in the field for developing interactive webmaps and providing timely resources and analysis of Right-To-Know and pollution issues. Our early work provided the basis for our creating the interactive maps for EDF's Chemical Scorecard (first 2 years) and other
projects. From the beginning we have been dedicated to providing environmental and GIS information, news, and resources and we have found that growing numbers of folks come to MapCruzin.com for this reason. As of the end of April, 2000 our approximate numbers are as follows:

  • Daily Average Gross Hits: 11,140
  • Daily Average Page Views: 5,670
  • Daily Average Unique Visitors: 1,870

Why We Now Accept Advertising
In the past we have not accepted offers for advertising and sponsorship of MapCruzin.com. Our reasons for doing this included not wanting to "clutter" our pages and the possibility of being perceived as a website designed primarily to attract advertising. Five years without advertising and sponsorship clearly indicates two things. First, MapCruzin.com is designed for visitors -- content comes first. And second, MapCruzin.com is not dependent on advertising or outside investment for its survival.

The good news is that we have reconsidered. Though we do some consulting, our strength is in providing timely news and resources as well as a variety of interactive webmap and other projects. As a rather small family owned and operated enterprise we felt that we had two choices. We could either charge for access or, through advertising, have others pay the way. We really did not consider the first option because we could see that it would create an immediate barrier to access. This left us with the second option.

Advertising opportunities are limited and only available to clients who offer products, services, or information sources that are truly beneficial and are related to our goals and the interests and needs of our visitors. We offer a limited number of advertising "spots" as follows:

  1. Advertising is allowed on all MapCruzin.com pages. MapCruzin.com's homepage will have one banner at the bottom of the page. All other pages will have two banners; one at the top (placed like the one at the top of this page) and one at the bottom of the page. Smaller banners, links and buttons may be tastefully placed on any page (see item #4 below).
  2. We reserve the right to reject any advertising that is unrelated to the objectives and goals of Clary Meuser Research Associates or to the interests of our visitors.
  3. We reserve the right to reject any advertising banner that is overly distractive, garish, or simply does not fit the "feel" of our website.
  4. Advertising will be in the form of a standard banner (438x60 pixels). Please contact us to discuss other formats such as sponsor buttons and the like.
  5. Each client will "own" their page(s) so the number of available ownership "slots" is highly limited.
  6. Contact us about possible banner exchange arrangements.
  7. Advertising "slots" are available on a first come first served basis.
  8. We reserve the right to accept a limited number of free and or low-cost public service banners. Contact us with particulares.
  9. Also, we will provide free "storefront" pages for you. If these are used, a visitors click on your banner will direct them to this page. The page will include a paragraph describing you, a link to your website and contact information. If you opt not to take advantage of this free service, a visitor click on your banner will take them directly to your website.

Flat Rate Advertising on MapCruzin.com - Pay by June 30, 2000 and deduct 50%.
Advertising rates are as follows:

Homepage (bottom placement only). -
$25,000 per year/$2,500 per month.
Main Category Pages (bottom or top placement) including our projects,
Free: Your Own GIS, Free: GIS Data & Map Layers, Web Map Projects by Other Organizations, Data Resources, Environmental Justice Resources, Toxic Tort Resources, Global Environmental Risk Map Network, Global Right-To-Know Resources, Community-Based Research, Right-To-Know Issues & News, Feedback, and Environmental Books. -
$10,000 per year/$1,000 per month.
Pages linked from main categories listed above -
$5,000 per year/$500 per month.
Text links (homepage) -
$4,000 per year/$400 per month.
Text links (various other pages and dedicated links pages) -
$2,000 per year/$200 per month.

A note about text links. We place text links whenever we believe such a link would be of interest and benefit to our visitors irregardless of whether the link is paid for or not. We encourage and hope that you will support our work by paying for links.

Contact Us
If your are in the GIS, mapping, geodata, environmental, sustainability or related fields, please
contact us. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Thank You,

Michael R. Meuser
Clary Meuser Research Network
321 Cedar Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
[email protected]

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