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ANWR Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; What is at stake; removed USFWS website; photos, maps, descriptions

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GIS Shapefile Store - for Beginners & Experienced GIS Users Alike. Geographic Names Information System, Nuclear Facilities, Zip Code Boundaries, School Districts, Indian & Federal Lands, Climate Change, Tornadoes, Dams - Create digital GIS maps in minutes.

Toxic Release Inventory TRI Shapefiles

Canada FSA Postal Code Shapefile

GNIS Shapefiles 2,000,000+ Points

Nuclear Energy Facilities in the U.S.

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Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Maps

Climate Shift - The effects of climate shift on the future of planet earth and its inhabitants.

Right to Know or Left to Wonder?

Hazardscapes - Toxic and Nuclear Risks in your backyard.

War & Environment

Worst Case Scenarios: Terrorism & industrial chemicals.

EPA Criteria Pollutants with Google Earth


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Data accompanying the maps include facility name and address, tons of pollutants released into the air, percent a particular facilities emissions account for total emissions and more (see data fields below for more information). This data was extracted by EPA August 2008. More information can be obtained from the EPA AirData website. See EPA's disclaimer.

Download the Maps

Click on the files below to save to your computer or run with Google Earth. Please feel free to use and distribute these in any manner that you see fit. Thanks!

CO (carbon monoxide)
NH3 (ammonia)
NOX (nitrogen oxides)
PM10 Particulate (size < 10 micrometers)
PM2.5 Particulate (size < 2.5 micrometers)
SO2 (Sulfur Dioxide)
VOC (volatile organic compounds)

Data Fields

Pollutant Emissions: Estimated annual criteria air pollutant emissions, in short tons, from a single source. (A short ton is 2000 pounds.)

An emissions estimate is based on the normal operating schedule of a source, and includes the effects of installed pollution control equipment and regulatory restrictions on operating conditions. This is called estimated emissions with rule effectiveness.

Percent of Total Emissions: Fraction (percentage) of the report's Grand Total emissions attributable to the entity represented by a row of the report -- a single source and year.

Emissions Year: The calendar year to which data pertain. This is the year for which pollutant emissions were estimated (calculated).

Facility Name: The name of a point source of air pollution emissions -- a particular industrial, commercial, or government facility.

Facility Mailing Address: Mailing address of the facility. The mailing address may not always correspond with the physical location of a facility. Use latitude, longitude coordinates when knowing the physical location is important.

County: Name of the county (or equivalent jurisdiction) in which a source is located.

State: Postal abbreviation for the state or territory in which a source is located. [ Details ]

Industry type (SIC): The Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) of the primary activity performed or product produced by a source.

The U.S. Office of Management and Budget publishes the list of Standard Industrial Classifications, which are identified by codes of 2 to 4 digits. The NEI database uses detailed classifications, which have 4-digit codes. AirData reports list both the SIC code and description.

Facility ID: The National Emission Inventory (NEI) database identification code for a point emissions source. A source identifier consists of:


County Code: Code for the county (or equivalent jurisdiction) in which a source is located, consisting of 2-digit FIPS state code and 3-digit FIPS county code. FIPS is the acronym for Federal Information Processing Standards, which defines codes used in most U.S. government information systems.

EPA Region: EPA region number in which a source is located. There are ten EPA regions. [ Details ]

Latitude/Longitude: Coordinates of the source location, in degrees. Negative values of longitude indicate locations west of the prime meridian. Blank if no value was provided.

EPA Disclaimer

Disclaimer: Information for this report comes from an extract of EPA's National Emission Inventory (NEI) database. Data were extracted in August 2005 (1999 emissions) and August 2008 (2002 emissions). NEI is an emissions database developed by EPA. It is based partially on emission data obtained from State and local agencies, but it is not a database of official State emissions data. Please contact the appropriate State agency to obtain information on a State's official emission inventory. Please contact EPA to report errors.

Readers are cautioned not to infer a qualitative ranking order of geographic areas based on AirData reports. Air pollution levels measured in the vicinity of a particular monitoring site may not be representative of the prevailing air quality of a county or urban area. Pollutants emitted from a particular source may have little impact on the immediate geographic area, and the amount of pollutants emitted does not indicate whether the source is complying with applicable regulations.

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