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DOWNLOAD SHAPEFILES: Canada FSA Postal - Zip Code - U.S. Waterbodies & Wetlands - Geographic Names - School Districts - Indian Federal Lands
Zip Code/Demographics - Climate Change - U.S. Streams, Rivers & Waterways - Tornadoes - Nuclear Facilities - Dams & Risk - 2013 Toxic Release Inventory TRI

ANWR Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; What is at stake; removed USFWS website; photos, maps, descriptions

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GIS Shapefile Store - for Beginners & Experienced GIS Users Alike. Geographic Names Information System, Nuclear Facilities, Zip Code Boundaries, School Districts, Indian & Federal Lands, Climate Change, Tornadoes, Dams - Create digital GIS maps in minutes.

Toxic Release Inventory TRI Shapefiles

Canada FSA Postal Code Shapefile

GNIS Shapefiles 2,000,000+ Points

Nuclear Energy Facilities in the U.S.

Download Zip Code with Demographics Shapefiles

Download U.S. Streams & Rivers Shapefiles

Download Water Body & Wetland Shapefiles

Download Zip Code Boundary Shapefiles

Download School District Shapefiles

Download Indian & Federal Land Shapefiles

Download Climate Change Shapefiles

Download Tornado Shapefiles

Download Dams & Risks Shapefiles

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Progressive Links

Federation of American Scientists

Physicians for Social Responsibility

Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility

Union of Concerned Scientists


Reader Supported News

Common Dreams


Huffington Post

Media Matters

Think Progress

Grist Environmental News

Climate Shift Blog

MapCruzin Consulting
Data Research and GIS Specialists.

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Of Interest

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Maps

Climate Shift - The effects of climate shift on the future of planet earth and its inhabitants.

Right to Know or Left to Wonder?

Hazardscapes - Toxic and Nuclear Risks in your backyard.

War & Environment

Worst Case Scenarios: Terrorism & industrial chemicals.

21st Century Warfare


On this page: News, Reports & Articles, Resources


The Project for the New American Century: Roadmap to Iraq and beyond.

U.S. Chemical Warfare - Over 1 Million Victims.

Shock and Awe. : Achieving Rapid Dominance by Harlan K. Ullman and James P. Wade with L.A. "Bud" Edney, Fred M. Franks, Charles A. Horner, Jonathan T. Howe, and Keith Brendley. This is the DOD document that explains it all. Some visitors report that the above link is problematic. We have provided an archived copy of this report for research and educational purposes. Click here to access the archive.

The Mother of All War Shows (The Black Commentator).

Rumsfeld: Dead Soldiers Count for Nothing (The Black Commentator).

War On Iraq - 1/2 million deaths. Mostly civilians.

U.N. cancels A-bomb exhibit in New York.

A Hole in Our Missile Defense System by Theodore A. Postol.

US Energy Supplies Vulnerable: Report Says Exposed Infrastructure, Oil Dependence to Blame - Scientists Counter President, Offer Responsible Energy Security Plan.

Corporate Terrorism? FBI Investigates Possible Financial Motive in Anthrax Attacks - The FBI is pursuing the possibility that financial gain was the motive behind the mailing of letters containing deadly anthrax bacteria and has conducted extensive interviews of personnel at two laboratories and possibly more, according to government officials.

Capitol Hill Anthrax Matches Army's Stocks: 5 Labs Can Trace Spores to Ft. Detrick.

Missile Defense System Canceled : Navy Program Woes Cause Bush Setback.

US Army Confirms Making Anthrax in Recent Years.

Bush to Pull Out of ABM Treaty. President Bush has decided to give Russia notice that the United States will withdraw from the 1972 nuclear treaty that bans testing of missile defense systems, U.S. government officials said Tuesday.

Pentagon Fires on Critical Scientist. Last year, Theodore Postol began distributing a report critical of a missile-defense system made by aerospace giant TRW.

What's good for the goose... United States Lawmakers Set to Strike Out at Global Tribunal. U.S. wants to exempt U.S. armed forces from prosecution by a proposed International Criminal Court and ban military aid for developing countries that ratify its creation.

CalPERS, Carlyle profit from Afghan war: Carlyle counts among its chieftains former Defense Secretary (and deputy CIA Director) Frank Carlucci, former Secretary of State James Baker and, most notably, former President George Bush.

Oil barons court Taliban in Texas (fact is far stranger than fiction).

Which America Will We Be Now? by Bill Moyers (The Nation).

Risky Business: the Probability and Consequences of a Nuclear Accident. New Greenpeace report (11/15/01). Links to executive summary, full report, and maps.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. speaks to war, peace, love, military defense, retaliation, brotherhood, revolution. Reflect on this when reading the article and report below.


Bush Orders Terrorist Trials by Military Tribunal.

Our Masters of Propaganda.

Post 9/11 Opportunism to the Max - National Defense Authorization Act of 2002. This could be the killer bill -- right-to-know, clean air, species, biodiversity, rivers -- you name it -- ALL are at risk. This may be the worst of the many shameful post 9/11 opportunistic actions so far.

It's Time to Ask "Borderless" Corporations: Which Side Are You On? by William Greider.

Jim Hightower: Bush's flag-waving cows progressives.

Better Killing through Chemistry: Buying chemical weapons material through the mail is quick and easy (Scientific American).

Bill Moyers on Greed, Government, Terrorism, Activism ... Read his speech to the Environmental Grantmakers Association, Brainerd, MN, October 16, 2001.

U.S. Nuclear Weapons Complex: Security At Risk October, 2001 report from the The Project On Government Oversight.



In Many Forms, Places, Hatred of America Lives. Millions worldwide see the U.S. as the enemy; some resent its political and economic powers, others oppose its troops on their soil.

The Wartime Opportunists.

Lax Airport Security is a Failure of the Market.

Washington's Hawk Trains Sights on Iraq - Deputy's desire for wider war adds tension to debate.

Nuclear Plants Called Vulnerable to Terrorist Attack.

Why the Attack May Have "Failed."

Was It Really Worth It, Mrs. Albright?.

Papers Link Pentagon to Easing Species Act.

Sharon's Plan for Mideast War Exposed.

500,000 Syrians march in support of Palestinians.

Water Wars: One in three people won't have access to sufficient water by 2025.

Governor Threatens to Bar U.S. Plutonium Shipments.

Bush's New 'Star Wars' Base a Radioactive Danger.

Millimeter-wave energy to be used in a weapon.

How Military Pain Beams Will Work by Kevin Bonsor.

Evicted by the US Military, The Inuit Prepare to Fight Star Wars.

M.I.T. Physicist Says Pentagon Is Trying to Silence Him.

Another Sham: Latest Star Wars Test Missile Was Guided by Beacon AGAIN!!.

Reports and Articles:

Weather As A Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025. Military Applications of Weather Modification.

Future Warfare - Vision 2020. "Joint Vision 2020 builds upon and extends the conceptual template established by Joint Vision 2010 to guide the continuing transformation of America's Armed Forces."

Star Wars is Back Win one for the Gipper - and Lockheed-Martin, Earth Island Journal.

Shield of Dreams: Why National Missile Defense Won't Work by Craig Eisendrath, Gerald E. Marsh, and Melvin A. Goodman.

Nuclear Weapons & Waste: In Depth: Report of The U.S. Nuclear War Plan by NRDC.

The Role of National Missile Defense in the Environmental History of Alaska.


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