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REVIEW - Plague, Pestilence, and the Pursuit of Power by Steven Ransom.
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CLICK TO ORDER Plague, Pestilence, and the Pursuit of Power by Steven Ransom.

Book Description:

Almost every day it seems, we are hearing reports of some 'highly infectious' disease breaking out somewhere across the globe. Flu, tuberculosis and meningitis on the rise! BSE (mad cow), more BSE, swine fever, and foot and mouth…. What on earth is going on? Investigative reporter Steven Ransom, co-author of World Without AIDS, hangs out the dirty laundry of government fear tactics and industry special interests, revealing their links to an ambitious globalisation agenda. This book clearly shows how politics and disease make unsettling but expedient bedfellows, and shows how, through educating ourselves on the facts, we can break free of the fear of politically manufactured epidemics.

Press Release:

A must read for every single free-thinking and freedom-loving person on this planet.

Almost every day we are hearing reports of 'highly infectious' disease breaking out somewhere across the world – flu, tuberculosis, meningitis, BSE, poultry flu, swine fever, more BSE and now foot and mouth. One could be forgiven for thinking that we are quite literally surrounded by virulent illness.

But not everything is as it seems – not by a long way. You are about to discover the brazen world of the politically manufactured epidemic - the 'psycho-plague'.

Quite shockingly, the majority of 'epidemics' portrayed as 'needing swift state intervention' are nothing more than callous business ploys designed to boost pharmaceutical industries' revenue through our deep-seated fear of disease. Their coffers swell exponentially as we obligingly line up to receive the necessary 'cure'. With regard to the incessant number of livestock 'illnesses' weare witnessing, this is a particularly deceptive Trojan Horse. The UK government is one of many leaderships covertly supporting the intentional cull of livestock to conform to the EU's agricultural 'plan' for their interdependent new world. Small holder livestock farming in particular, is to be broken - by any means necessary. This is the true intention behind the current slaughter, despite the compassionate political rhetoric otherwise. At all levels we are being taught what to think …. but not how. And we are being dangerously misled. This book not only reveals the deception, but also the true nature of the beast - the much-heralded European Superstate.

Our battle is not so much against pathological disease, as against the corrupt desires of greedy man. This book contains all the supporting evidence necessary to make this case. You are invited to consider the evidence for yourself.

This book is dedicated to everybody, everywhere who is being affected by the foot and mouth crisis. But the dedication goes further - this book is relevant to a far wider audience than those who reside in the United Kingdom. The nature of what is being uncovered here makes this book relevant to every single free-thinking and freedom-loving person on this planet.

See also:
Health Wars: Why Is Our Technology Killing Us? by Phillip Day
Cancer: Why We're Still Dying to Know the Truth by Phillip Day


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