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Progressive News, Views and Books

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The Raw Story - progressive news, arts and business reporting from around the world.

Grist Magazine - Gloom & doom with a sense of humor. - New Democrats Online Download their free ebook, "Global Solutions: An Internet Community Takes On Globalisation."

Veterans Against the Iraq War

Veterans for Common Sense

Veterans for Peace

Vietnam Veterans Against the War

Military Families Speak Out

Chickenhawk Database (consisting of hawks who deliberately avoided military service during times of war): - Physicians for Social Responsibility - Federation of American Scientists

Strangely Like War: The Global Assault on Forests by Derrick Jensen, George Draffan.

The Culture of Make Believe by Derrick Jensen.

Plan of Attack by Bob Woodward.

Against All Enemies: Inside the White House's War on Terror--What Really Happened by Richard Clarke.

House of Bush, House of Saud: The Secret Relationship Between the World's Two Most Powerful Dynasties by Craig Unger.

Fraud: The Strategy Behind the Bush Lies and Why the Media Didn't Tell You by Paul Waldman.

Terrorism and Tyranny: Trampling Freedom, Justice and Peace to Rid the World of Evil by James Bovard.

The Price of Loyalty: George W. Bush, the White House, and the Education of Paul O'Neill by Ron Suskind.

Bush at War by Bob Woodward.

Silent Scourge: Children, Pollution, and Why Scientists Disagree by Colleen F. Moore.

Thieves in High Places: They've Stolen Our Country--And Its Time to Take It Back by Jim Hightower.

Dude, Where's My Country? by Michael Moore.

Mad Cow U.S.A.: Could the Nightmare Happen Here? by Sheldon Rampton, John C. Stauber.

The Greatest Sedition Is Silence: Four Years in America by William Rivers Pitt.

Perversions of Justice: Indigenous Peoples and Anglo-American Law by Ward Churchill.

Silencing Political Dissent: How Post-September 11 Anti-Terrorism Measures Threaten Our Civil Liberties by Nancy Chang, Howard Zinn (foreword).

The Iron Triangle: Inside the Secret World of the Carlyle Group by Dan Briody.

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: An Investigative Reporter Exposes the Truth about Globalization, Corporate Cons, and High Finance Fraudsters by Greg Palast. Reviews & Excerpts.

Wealth and Democracy: A Political History of the American Rich by Kevin Phillips.

Inside Passage: A Journey Beyond Borders by Richard Manning.

Stupid White Men ... and Other Sorry Excuses for the State of the Nation! by Michael Moore. Reviews, New Bonus Chapter

Enough: Staying Human in an Engineered Age by Bill McKibben.

Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare by Leonard Horowitz. (Note: you may have to scroll down the page to find the book).

Agents of Repression: The Fbi's Secret Wars Against the Black Panther Party and the American Indian Movement by Ward Churchill, Jim Vander Wall.

Water Wars: Privatization, Pollution, and Profit by Vandana Shiva.

Earth Rising: The Revolution, Toward a Thousand Years of Peace by Nick Begich.

Dreaming War: Blood for Oil and the Cheney-Bush Junta by Gore Vidal.

Selling Out: How Big Corporate Money Buys Elections, Rams Through Legislation and Betrays Our Democracy by Mark Green.

Water Wars: Drought, Flood, Folly and the Politics of Thirst by Diane Raines Ward.

Struggle for the Land: Native North American Resistance to Genocide, Ecocide, and Colonization by Ward Churchill, Winona LaDuke.

The Cointelpro Papers: Documents from the Fbi's Secret Wars Against Dissent in the United States by Ward Churchill et al.

Silent Theft: The Private Plunder of Our Common Wealth by David Bollier.

Alternatives to Economic Globalization by John Cavanagh et al.

The War on Freedom: How and Why America was Attacked, September 11, 2001 by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed.

Blinded by the Right: The Conscience of an Ex-Conservative by David Brock.

Crashing the Party: Taking on the Corporate Government in an Age of Surrender by Ralph Nader.

The Eagle Bird: Mapping a New West by Charles F. Wilkinson (revised and updated).

The New Nuclear Danger: George W. Bush's Military-Industrial Complex by Dr. Helen Caldicott. Reviews.

Unequal Protection: The Rise of Corporate Dominance and the Theft of Human Rights by Thom Hartmann.

Five Past Midnight in Bhopal by Dominique Lapierre, Javier Moro - Recounts the 1984 Union Carbide chemical disaster.

When Smoke Ran Like Water: Tales of Environmental Deception and the Battle Against Pollution by Devra Lee Davis.

Shoveling Fuel for a Runaway Train: Errant Economists, Shameful Spenders, and a Plan to Stop them All by Brian Czech.

Deceit and Denial: The Deadly Politics of Industrial Pollution by Gerald E. Markowitz, David Rosner. Reviews.

Trust Us, We're Experts: How Industry Manipulates Science and Gambles With Your Future by Sheldon Rampton, John Stauber. Review.

Fatal Deception: The Untold Story of Asbestos - Why It Is Still Legal and Still Killing Us by Michael Bowker.

Earthsummit.Biz: The Corporate Takeover of Sustainable Development by Kenny Bruno and Joshua Karliner.

Blue Gold: The Fight to Stop the Corporate Theft of the World's Water by Maude Barlow, Tony Clarke.

Eating in the Dark: America's Experiment With Genetically Engineered Food by Kathleen Hart.

The Coming Storm: Extreme Weather and Our Terrifying Future by Bob Reiss. Review.

Global Spin: The Corporate Assault on Environmentalism (second edition) by Sharon Beder.

Toxic Deception: How the Chemical Industry Manipulates Science, Bends the Law and Endangers Your Health by Dan Fagin and Marianne Lavelle. Review.

When Corporations Rule the World, second edition by David C. Korten. Review.

Our Stolen Future: Are We Threatening Our Fertility, Intelligence, and Survival?-A Scientific Detective Story by Theo Colborn, Dianne Dumanoski, John Peterson Myers. Visit the website.

Living Downstream: A Scientist's Personal Investigation of Cancer and the Environment by Sandra Steingraber.

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Michael R. Meuser
Data Research & GIS Specialist is an independent firm specializing in GIS project development and data research. We created the first U.S. based interactive toxic chemical facility maps on the internet in 1996 and we have been online ever since. Learn more about us and our services.

Have a project in mind? If you have data, GIS project or custom shapefile needs contact Mike.

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